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The Biblical Chronology Of Man
Part IV

The First Day

Getting Started:  In the beginning GOD put perfection in the Edenic Valley and set forth His laws for all mankind.   In addition, He gave man a free will, a personal judgment center, to guide each individual's own actions.   However, when temptations were placed before the people, man disregarded and subverted GOD'S laws to defile both the land of Eden and their respective river regions.   Thus, on the First Day man adopted a disobedient behavior pattern that would prevail for six thousand years (i.e. six 1,000 Year-Days).

The ancient Nuzi Map depicts the region now occupied by the Red Sea as the Edenic Valley.   It also shows a city to the East of Eden which should be the city of Chanoch built by Cain following his eviction from Eden.   To view a redrawing of the Nuzi Map, bookmark this page and visit our Page Directory re:  Noah's Ark, City Built By Cain, and Edenic Valley Exploration (EVE):  http://BriansEstate.com/briansannex/inarabia.html#pgdir


People Disperse Throughout
The Antediluvian World

Two Vines were planted and flourished ... the seed of man and the seed of the beast.   And the seed of man was given dominion (Gen. 1:26); but both were to be accepted if each obeyed GOD (Genesis 4:7; Deuteronomy 30:1-10; Isaiah 56:1-8).

Man Originated In The Edenic Valley:   Cain was evicted.   Thereafter, people migrated to the three other primary river regions (Genesis 4:9-16) (Note "east of Eden" means "away from the Glory of GOD").

Preflood Migrations
And Settlements

(Specific years of initial migrations are unknown)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Creation Week

Eden (Pison or Jordan River Extended)

Chanoch (City of Cain East of Eden)

Egypt (Gihon or Nile River)

Mesopotamia (Euphrates and Tigris Rivers)

India (Hiddekel or Indus River)

4005 BC
3505 BC3005 BC


7000 Years
From Creation Thru The LORD'S Day
0The Millennial Sabbath

6000 Years
120 Jubilees
0120 Cycles X 50 Years/Cycle = 6000 Years
Prefigured By The First Six Days Of Each Week

The Preflood Earth:   Prior to the Great Flood the earth was flat, flat like an orange, without extensive mountain ranges, deep valleys, and ocean depths.   The known preflood land mass extended from West of the Nile River to East of the Indus River and from about Northern Turkey to the Indian Ocean.   The remainder of the earth was mostly covered with one vast shallow ocean.   (Books of Enoch; Genesis 1:6-12; 2:8-14).

In the preflood era the Jordan River extended Southward through the Gulf of Aqaba to the region now occupied by the Red Sea which was then the Edenic Valley.   The Jordan, as the Pison River, continued Southward through the Edenic Valley, through the Strait of Bab al Mandab (the Gate of Mandab), and Eastward to empty into the Indian Ocean via the Sea of Reeds (now the Gulf of Aden).   The Sea of Reeds in the preflood era was a great salt marsh.   See the most ancient clay map (the Nuzi Map) in the Iraqi Museum, Baghdad and the journey of Abraham as documented in ancient writings, the Ancient Books of the Bible.   The latter mixes pre and post flood descriptions as the traveler, described as Abraham, journeys clockwise around the Arabian peninsula.

Ancient Whirlpools:  Note also, there apparently were deep holes in the rather uniformly shallow oceans.   These holes led to natural distillation plants and underground river systems that supply fresh waters for springs, water tables, surface rivers, etc.

An example of this fresh water system is described in Chanoch's Water Supply which can be easily recognized today.   That is, in view of the visible abundance of river waters flowing into the Black Sea (even the Bosporus Strait has an onbalance flow into the Black Sea) there has to be extensive subsurface drain holes.   Thus, the Black Sea, even today, has deep holes leading to subterranean distillation plants feeding fresh water subterranean rivers.   It is such deep holes that generated the legendary whirlpools that swallowed ancient seafarers, etc.

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