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The Biblical Chronology Of Man
Part V

The Second Day

GOD'S Response To Disobedience:  The tentacles of sin (the transgressors of GOD'S laws) remained spread forth across the earth.   So, GOD cleansed the earth with water and then reestablished both the obedient and the disobedient lineages of mankind; while again He reasserted His laws through Noah.

Noah and his sons represented people from the four river regions that came to build Noah's Ark -- a great floating city 2,000 cubits on a side (Genesis 6:15 gives only partial measures).   The builders or craftsmen were the occupants of the city and survived with Noah (Genesis 4:20-22).

During Noah's earth girdling journey the "Raven" and "Dove" disembarked early to populate the Americas.   Then when the Ark landed in Arabia, the Sabeans rejected Noah and fled South and West into Africa.   Other Sabeans went to the Indus and Euphrates regions.   Noah's followers then went Northwest to rebuild Kirjath Arba now known as Hebron.

The Great Flood (1655-1656):  Great earthquakes and flood waters inundated preflood cities while Noah's Ark, a floating city, departed from Eden (now beneath the Red Sea) and returned to near Tayma', Saudi Arabia.   The Sabeans (the beasts) returned to their respective river regions while Noah and his more righteous followers went to Kirjath Arba (Hebron).   Later, in the days of Peleg (c.1988 i.e. c.2017 BC), GOD dispersed those with Noah to be the rulers over the three other river regions.   Those rulers are known as the Hyksos, Akkadian, and Aryan Rulers (Genesis 10:25,32).

An example of these rulers involved Terah, the ninth generation after Noah, as Terah went from Arba (Hebron) to Ur where his sons Abram, Nahor, and Haran were born.   Thus, Terah apparently was a chief amongst those identified as Akkadians who arrived in Mesopotamia approximately 333 years after The Flood ended.   Later, when Haran died, Terah went to the City of Haran with Abram, Lot, and others where Terah died.   GOD then appeared to Abram and sent Abram on to Canaan (but that, including Abram's birth in Ur, occurred in the Third Day) (Genesis 11:25-32; 12:1-8).


GOD'S Promise Fulfilled

The Antediluvian
World Flourishes
In Sin

Repopulation Of
Post-Flood World

Americas (Raven And Dove)


Eden (Pison River)
Jordan River Extended
377 Days

Middle East (Kirjath Arba)

Noah And Followers
Chanoch (City Built By Cain)

East Of Eden

Egypt (Gihon River)

Nile River

Mesopotamia (Euphrates River)

Tigris & Euphrates Rivers

India (Hiddekel River)

Indus River

c.2017 BC/c.1988







3005 BC
2505 BC2350 BC2005 BC


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