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A Common Dilemma

          Tell It Like It Is!:   The ancient marriage act is the only valid marriage under GOD:   Yes, sex with a virgin is instant marriage.   Under GOD there are no unwed mothers.   Again, the first man to enter a virgin is that maiden's husband for eternity.   Both are married under GOD whether they like it or not.   Tell young girls the consequences of giving up their virginity to just anybody and then living in whoredom with another.   For three files on "GOD'S Marriage Laws" start here":


          Social Power and Religious Power's marriage license and "blessings" are really meaningless falderal and cannot change a thing nor can they sanctify whoredom.   Again, marriage under GOD is permanent and whoredom has consequences.   The betrothal is a temporary (conditional) marriage until the loss of the maiden's virginity makes the marriage permanent (Matthew 19:6; Mark 10:9).

          The Problem:   A common scenario starts with parents who don't know.   They were never told by their religious leaders; so, they couldn't tell their children about GOD'S laws (John 7:49; Psalm 19:7-11; Isaiah 8:16,20).   Eventually, their daughter while doing her thing was unaware that she actually got married without recognizing that "sex with a virgin is instant marriage!"   Yes, it was her legitimate marriage under GOD.   Note: she did not "throw away" her virginity ... she got married for eternity.   And, under GOD, she was automatically defiled to all other males.   So, big things happened in an instant, but the parties involved were largely unaware of what actually happened.   Again, their religious leaders never told them.

          Subsequently, as a result of still not knowing, she then did her thing in whoredom with others.   Thus, she now clearly threw it all away (i.e. her true husband, a righteous family, and legitimate children:   all under GOD).   The moment when that second male entered her she automatically became unclean (defiled) even unto her true husband just as she was to all other males.   Yet, she still is of the lineage of her true husband.

          Belshazzar's Wise Ones:   Practically every young person and older people too have heard, "Don't do it until marriage!"   But no one explains why.   Thus, few pay heed nor are they aware that it is the marriage act.   Again, "sex with a virgin is instant marriage!"   It's the consummation (making permanent) of a marriage.   The betrothal is a temporary, conditional marriage under GOD.   The consummation then follows.

          Nothing changes simply because the Four Great Powers, as beasts (destroyers) before the Throne of GOD, have muddled their versions of GOD'S laws with their substitutions, denials, and outright perversions (Ezekiel 20:24-26).   Today anyone can turn on the idiot box and listen to myriad false prophets, Belshazzar's wise men (and women) (Ezekiel 14:9-10; Daniel 5).   When speaking of GOD'S laws they readily tell people, "That's all done away with!" and "The Grace of GOD solves everything!" etc.   Yet, Scripture reiterates that they don't speak the truth (Isaiah 8:20; 9:17).   They don't tell the truth simply because they never took time to learn.   Many prefer to follow a murderer and "... no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him" (I John 3:15).   Why do they not follow Moses and Jesus (Deuteronomy 30:1-3; Revelation 19:12-13)?   Most went to branches of Satan's Stupidity U. and got degrees in stupidity, lying, blindness, story telling, disobedience, money raising, the gift of gab, etc.

          Few of Belshazzar's wise ones understand that this has been Satan's world and he runs the show (Luke 4:5-7; Daniel 2:28,37-38; Jeremiah 25:11).   Yes, all are subjected to his evils until The Firstfruits escape and enter into the Congregation under the Right Hand of GOD (Psalm 110:1-2).   Until then GOD essentially has turned His back on disobedient humanity (Deuteronomy 28:36; 29:28; 31:16-21,28-29; 32:16-31; Jeremiah 18:17).

          GOD'S Laws Have Never Changed:   O.K., asking the question, "How can one restore one's virginity and start over?" is like saying, "I quit smoking; so, will GOD bless me so I can start over?"   His response would probably be, "What brand do you want?"   That is, if someone wants to disobey, "Have at it!   You'll have 1,000 years or far more to figure things out."   The question should have been, "How can I obey?" rather than, "How can I get around GOD'S plain and simple laws?"

          Another question that may come to mind, "GOD'S Marriage Laws are they Old Testament or New?"   The answer is:   Both!   And they even include admonitions in the Koran that warn readers to pay heed to the Torah, the Gospels, and not to make a distinction among the Prophets (i.e. treat then all equally).   That is, the Word has been around from the beginning and has never changed.   Remember, all humanity has been warned not to add to nor detract from GOD'S Word (Deuteronomy 4:2; Proverbs 30:5-6; Matthew 5:17-19; Luke 16:17; Revelation 22:18-19).   This would include no substitutions either.

          Relations Between Wives And Husbands:   Remember, the wife is the wife of one husband just as the husband is the "wife" (property) of either Jesus or Satan ... not both.   And, like Jesus will have many "wives," the husband also may enter more than one virgin and thus have multiple wives under GOD.   Check out Abraham, Jacob, Gideon, David, etc.   All had multiple wives and concubines.

          Today, many men have multiple wives but due to secular laws and ignorance of GOD'S marriage laws many wives are living in whoredom with others and don't realize it.   However, for every male dwelling in whoredom there's a female and vice versa.   It takes two to tango.

          The Consequences:   Is it any wonder that The Firstfruits are to be only a Little Flock, a Remnant?   All others disregarding GOD'S laws will remain outside the Congregation for 1,000 or 1,500 years and multitudes will endure an eternity amongst the Tares to form the lowest caste.   That's the seriousness of the problem.   The choice is between a few more years stuck in Satan's land of the North now versus 1,000 or 1,500 years in his horrible Eighth Kingdom and maybe even an eternity as part of the Tares, the lowest or outcasts.   Yes, in the end even that great city of Nineveh will be spared (Jonah 4:5,11).   But pause a minute and consider what Nineveh is to be spared for.   Scripture explains that the Tares will be the servants, laborers, menial workers, etc. (Isaiah 14:2; 61:5; Psalm 2:8).

          What Does One Do?   Nevertheless, back to our hypothetical but very real dilemma:   The maiden got married under GOD without realizing what she was doing and then defiling herself to her true husband by doing her thing with others.   Similarly, men everywhere have been living with wives of others as they "married" non-virgins married to another under GOD.


First:   There will be no marrying and giving in marriage in heaven as the unrepentant harlots and whoremongers will be in Hell, i.e. amongst the Tares.   Whereas, those in heaven, beginning with The Firstfruits, will have wives, husbands, and children and there will be no hanky-panky.


Second:   Everyone has been given an opportunity to follow that straight and narrow path that leads through that open door to Salvation.   It has been opened by the Grace of GOD, Grace merited by people willing to follow that straight and narrow path (Matthew 7:13-14; Isaiah 1:15-20; Deuteronomy 30:1-3).


Third:   Upon marriage the wife becomes the property of her husband; therefore, if the husband enters the Congregation as part of The Firstfruits (as a "wife" to Jesus), the door to Salvation should be opened for faithful wives and minor children of the husband as well.   Thus, it behooves faithful wives to help their husbands enter the GODly Eternal Kingdom early.


Fourth:   Conversely, as a wife is as property of her husband, what happens to the wife whose husband rejects her or she rejects him or her husband doesn't make it?   An example involves Achan who stole from GOD; therefore he and all his property were destroyed.   This is a rather fearful worst case situation (Joshua 7:15,20,24-26).   Nevertheless, the Tares still number as the sand of the sea when Salvation closes for good 1,500 years in our future (Revelation 20:8).


Fifth:   Everyone should strive to put on that wedding garment regardless of past omissions.   GOD has promised to restore all to those who do so (Revelation 19:7-9; 21:1-7; Isaiah 52:1-6; 62:4-5; 4:2-6; 1:15-20; Zephaniah 3:14-20; Jeremiah 23:3-8; etc.)

          Remember, the multitudes freely adhere to and practice all sorts of substitutions and traditions but readily scoff at GOD'S positive laws.   That's why The Firstfruits are only a Little Flock, a Remnant, and the Tares will be as numerous as the sand of the sea (Revelation 20:8).

          Getting Into The Meat Of Things:   Anyone interested in what's happening might visit the slide show of Biblical History and Prophecy at:


GOD'S MARRIAGE LAWS:  These laws differ considerably from humanity's practices and understanding.   Yet, these laws even outline events of these end times and have never been abolished.

  • PART I:   Marriage & Family:  The prerequisites for marriage under GOD.

  • PART II:   GOD'S Betrothal & Marriage Laws:  Biblical references.

  • PART III:   Beware Of Living In Whoredom:  Whoredom under the cloak of marriage has its consequences.

A COMMON DILEMMA explains the consequences when a maiden gives her virginity to one male (who becomes her true husband) and then lives in whoredom with another.   Remember, the male marries the virgin when he goes into the maiden.


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