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The Kingdom Of GOD

Soon There Will Be Time No Longer (Revelation 10:6-7): Remember, white robes were passed out to early volunteers before The LORDíS Day began. Thereafter, the Gleanings are those who must die for their beliefs (Jeremiah 29:10-14; Revelation 6:11,17). However, today most people donít even care when the door of Salvation closes. They, of course, still naively praise and enjoy the myriad eloquent false prophets despite "Obvious Signs" and pending consequences for disobedience (Ezekiel 14:9-10). Oh, yes, Ezekiel was instructed to listen to the myriad false prophets, to eat the "dung that cometh out of (the mouths of) manÖ" (Ezekiel 4:12-17). That is, Ezekiel was admonished to know whatís going on. But GODíS requirement for obedience was never diminished (Deuteronomy 4:2; Proverbs 30:5-6; Matthew 5:17-19; Revelation 22:18-19).

Everyone Has A Choice: Those who missed out on white robes have three choices: (1) To enter now as part of the Gleanings of the Firstfruits; or, (2) To read up on the new covenant to be made with all who donít enter the Firstfruits (Jeremiah 31:31-34); or, (3) To do their thing and suffer the consequences as part of the Tares while they can still gain what Satan will give them. In the end even the Tares either obey or suffer immediate consequences. That is, the sooner people heed the admonition to "come out of her (the land of the North)Ö" (Revelation 18:4; Jeremiah 51:6; Zechariah 2:6), the sooner they enter the Kingdom (the Southland) and the higher the caste to be enjoyed in the Kingdom.

Children who died young, before the age of reason, may share the fate of their father. If he enters the Kingdom as part of the Firstfruits, they should also. However, if the father is not amongst the Firstfruits or the child was conceived in whoredom, the child should have 1,000 years or longer to determine his or her own fate Ö the Main Harvest, the Latter Harvest, or remaining amongst the Tares. But again, the Tares will number as "the sand of the sea" (Revelation 20:8).

What Is Obedience: Obedience begins with heeding the Ten Commandments, all of them (Exodus 20:1-17; Deuteronomy 5:6-21; 30:1-3). Then there are GODíS Statutes and Judgments.

At this point it also should be recognized that GOD promised disobedient humanity phony laws that are not good to lead the disobedient unto their desolations (Ezekiel 20:24-26). And, if GOD has promised to provide such negative laws and rules Ö yes, you guessed right Ö He put them right in the Scriptures and in the mouths of the false prophets (Ezekiel 14:3-11) and even in the mouth of the murderer (I John 3:15; II Peter 3;14-17). So, obedience refers to abiding by GODíS righteous laws and rejecting the phony laws, the false prophetís falsehoods, the murdererís misleading amenities, and the myriad substitutions for His Word.

Also, God established four great powers over this world (Social Power, Religious Power, Spirit Power which has dominion, and Political-economic Power). And up until the Firstfruits were to be gathered these powers were termed "beasts" (destroyers). They, of course, continue serving Satan at the left hand of GOD until the end of these wonders (Jeremiah 25:11; Daniel 12:6-7; 11:36; Revelation 20:11). However, when the Firstfruits are being gathered, elements of these four great powers begin serving Jesus at the right hand of GOD as "carpenters" (builders) (Zechariah 1:18-21).

People must also realize that the Holy Spirit, the Will of GOD, works at both the right and left hands of GOD; so, now you know where the false prophets et al get their lying miracles, words of knowledge, etc. even though the false prophets totally disregard GODíS righteous laws (Isaiah 8:16,20; Psalm 19:7-11; 28:9,5; Isaiah 5:12; I Kings 22:19-23).

Remember, GODíS Seven Spirits (Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Honors, Glory, and Blessings) were given unto Satan to give to whomsoever he wished, to whomsoever would serve him (Luke 4:5-7; Daniel 2:28,37-38; Revelation 5:6,12; 7:12).

Thus, tithing and other donations to false prophets and to others serving Satan whether for political or religious reasons is just that, tithing or donating to Satanís coffers. It wonít buy anyone a foot in the door of the more righteous Kingdom Of GOD. Yes, this has been Satanís world until the Firstfruits are established and then dominion will be divided. Meanwhile, people have been blinded by the myriad false prophets and most people will remain blinded until Salvation closes (Isaiah 25:7-8). Then, if they are not a part of the Firstfruits now forming, they will be stuck for 1,000 or more years in Satanís dominion.

The Keys For Entering The Kingdom: Yes, obedience to GOD and GODíS righteous Commandments, Statutes, and Judgments should be of very serious concern. Thus, when people lament over GODíS righteous laws and GODíS requirement to obey, GOD has given people whatever their heart desires to more or less satisfy their lusts. The end result has been continued disobedience and only a Little Flock out of perhaps 15 billion souls enter the Firstfruits.

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