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Illicit Government

See Scams 1 thru 5:

          "Have read with great interest your information and insights.   Pray tell what has been the results of your information sharing with the United States Senate Committee on Government Operations Chief Counsel?

          "Most likely nothing as they are a big part of the problem."

          The US Senate Admitted Being Aware Of Corruption:  The 30 January 1974 US Senate Subcommittee response acknowledged serious conclusions re: corruption in the nation's markets (Isaiah 10:13-14; See Scam 2).   However, thereafter those conclusions elicited dead silence from the US Government thereafter but rather violent responses from International Organized Crime and their agents within Government.

          Nixon-Agnew apparently tried to use the conclusions for personal gain ... perhaps blackmailing I.O.C.'s leaders.   So, Agnew got the ax and the organization "Watergated" Nixon.

          Henry "Scoop" Jackson, the US Senate subcommittee Chairman, died of a heart attack, probably brought on by a little cyanide complements of the FBI, a chief protector of I.O.C.'s operations (See Scam 1 and your wallet for obvious evidence).

          The Battles Continue:  Several volumes could be written re:  battles with the powers that be.   That 1974 episode was only another drop added to the overflowing bucket of battles that began filling many years earlier.   Actually, in retrospect my whole life has been one big educational program not always of my choosing.

          "The Battles" (See Brian's Theatre) are follow-ups sent to various government entities in 1998-1999.   That is, earlier, in 1993, the Clinton Administration was made aware of material set forth in the Scams.   Clinton apparently made deals with I.O.C. not to upset the economic apple cart on his watch.   Clinton's impeachment followed.   But it fell apart after Starr and Congress received a few of "The Battles."   Since then Congress put blocks on e-mail from outside their home districts.   They're acting like the three monkeys ... the blind, deaf, and dumb!   But they all know what's going on.   And, all have been protecting the thievery.   Again, See "The Battles" in Brian's Theatre.   But back to 1970-1978.

          In-depth Research:  After (1) completing investigations into the world's corrupted markets the next step was (2) ecomomics.   That is, if the markets were corrupted I.O.C. had to be able to control a nation's economy.   When that manuscript was finished, there had to be (3) an organization behind-the-scenes.   That was easy as people have written whole libraries on that subject.   Then came (4) the corruption of the nation's laws and control of the US Senate which gave I.O.C. virtual control over all aspects of government (See Scam 4).   After that, the next logical step was (5) corrective measures but that all went sour, a mysterious total turn off!   That was early 1978 when people suddenly started asking me to explain (6) the Biblical Book of Revelation but at that time I didn't understand a word of it.

          The Scriptures Explain It All:  Then on the night of 10-11 June 1978 I had a strange 3 hour long experience that taught me what "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom" is all about (Psalm 111:10; 25:14; Proverbs 9:10; Isaiah 33:6; etc.).   Thereafter, the Scriptures came to life and began putting it all together:  the right versus the left;  The Seven Spirits of GOD given unto the left; the promises of GOD to cast all humanity under the dominion of the left until these latter days; the afflictors; the false prophets; the phony laws; the stumbling blocks; how the Holy Days layout the schedule of events; moving the dial first back then ahead; the 35 years of tribulations (the beginning of sorrows) that introduce the great tribulations (the wrath of GOD) extending upwards of 1,500 years; the gathering or formation of a more righteous kingdom over the 1,500 year interval; a human shepherd that guides the more righteous Congregation much like Moses ... he's called Elijah, David, Job, and other names; etc.

          Following the 10-11 June 1978 experience all sorts of things began happening:  for example, all references (except for a few gaps) of the 6000 years of Biblical Chronology were acquired in three days and three nights while working around the clock with brief cat naps.   But it took a couple of years to put it all together.   The Temple locations and design criteria were searched out.   And the locations of GOD'S Holy Arks, the Edenic Valley, Noah's Ark, the ancient city of Jebus, etc. were all revealed.

          Humanity's Sojourn Continues:  The whole show is like an unreal dream, a phenomenal fantasy ... but, so far, it's all very, very real.   Will the future evolve according to prophecy?   If it does, a Little Flock will be extremely blessed while others including the doubting Thomases will endure 1,000 or 1,500 or far more years of curses.   Even the dead are to be resurrected (Deuteronomy 28:1-14 versus 28:15-68).

          Smile, the thieves and other wrongdoers including the thieves' protectors in the White House, the US Congress, and others will surely regret their actions and inactions ... especially people serving and protecting those holding GOD'S Holy Arks captive (Zechariah 5:4; See Scam 5).

          For those interested click here for a two page ".doc" Word Document titled "Know What's Happening" and "Tax Relief."   They are printable copy that explain matters with a few URL's for friends and whoever.

          The Great Trumpet Is Sounding:  Therefore, in 1998 we began putting things on the Internet, that great trumpet being heard loud (around the world) and sounding long (being heard 24 hours a day) (Exodus 19:11-19).   Those who help clean things up may be blessed while those who decline or otherwise avoid getting involved may find themselves on the wrong side of the fence (Exodus 23:20-25; Judges 5:23; Jeremiah 30:16-17; Psalm 89:23; Zechariah 2:8; Isaiah 54:14-17; 60:12).

          Actually, since the powers of GOD have ordained years of tribulations, I seriously doubt that mortals can countermand the will of GOD.   However, if we sit back and enjoy life in Sodom and Gomorrah, isn't it like becoming one with the harlot (I Corinthians 6:16)?

          Remember, the prophets of old and even Jesus were sent to confront wrongdoers (Jeremiah 1:4-10; Isaiah 49:1-12; 1:2-10; Psalm 110:5-6; Revelation 6:2).   Ezekiel was admonished that if he did not warn people he was in deep trouble, but if he did warn them he delivered his own soul regardless of what they did (Ezekiel 3:17-21,27).   Yet, Ezekiel was forewarned that the rebellious would not obey (Ezekiel 3:7-9).

          Today, Washington DC, Chicago, London, and New York City are amongst the prime gathering places for the rebellious and the wicked ... big thieves and their protectors.   And, of course, the Media have a history of protecting wrongdoers and their servants (Isaiah 10:13-14; Daniel 8:23-25).   So, the years ahead should prove rather interesting as people realize they've missed the boat.   Yet, it's still only "the beginning of sorrows" as the Great Trumpet is sounding loud and long.


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