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LIFTING THE VAIL (Isaiah 25:7-8) puts Brian's Study in perspective.   If you haven't seen it make this your first stop.

Remember:  Never try to eat a "whole watermelon" at one sitting.   So, bookmark this page.   Eat a few slices then come back again and again.   That way it's most enjoyable.

A PROPHECY DISCIPLE'S HANDBOOK: Prophecy Come True (History), Evolving Prophecy, Prophecy Future.


Basic Considerations

THE LORD'S DAY:  THE NEW MILLENNIUM:  What's going on.   A brief message to send to friends.   Use this message to:  "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations..." (Matthew 28:19-20).

PRAYING FOR ONE'S OWN DEMISE:  Many will not be amongst the Firstfruits; but, the wise will know and understand what's happening and act accordingly.

THE FIRSTFRUITS KNOW AND ARE READY:  The Turning Point Evolves:  All has been foretold from ancient times.   Scripture even provides precise details as to the coming of the Messiah; yet, no one knows when he comes for them.   Why the apparent contradiction?

WISDOM:  What is wisdom?   Why is wisdom "... better than rubies; and all things that may be desired are not to be compared to it?"

BEWARE OF THOSE SPREADING LIES AND HALF-TRUTHS:  Scripture lambastes and identifies false prophets.

GOD'S RESPONSES:  What did GOD promise to give this disobedient world?

BIBLICAL SIGNS EVERYWHERE:  Know to recognize basic signs and avoid deceptions.


Answering Questions Re:

WHY ONLY A LITTLE FLOCK?   A thousand years before the Main Harvest The Firstfruits form the nucleus of the Kingdom of GOD, the dominion of Jesus, under the Right Hand of GOD.   And despite the false prognostications of the Religious Beast that everyone is "Saved", "True Believers", or "Israel" this initial group is only a Little Flock, a Remnant.   This brief text now explains why?

WISDOM: MORE PRECIOUS THAN FINE GOLD provides a quick summary of material available on Brian's web sites.

MARRIAGE & FAMILY:  Understanding GOD'S Marriage Laws helps lift the vail spread over all peoples and all nations (Isaiah 25:7-8).

TWO LINEAGES:  Traces "The Seed Of Man" And "The Seed Of The Beast."   Individuals serving the Beast become one with the Beast; Whereas, individuals cleaving to the Right reap special rewards as The Firstfruits.

PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE:  Provides background for the Hidden Treasures document.

HIDDEN TREASURES:  Uncovers secrets of history as it offers several intriguing sites to choose from.

LOCATING THE TEMPLE: Authority to relocate the Temple becomes obvious when the deliberate mistake is understood.   Thus, the decision to relocate the future Temple was made in Solomon's day.

GOD'S HOLY ARKS AND THE TEMPLES:  Where are they today?  Where can more information be found?

TOWER OF SILOAM (LUKE 13:4) AND TEMPLE TIDBITS:   This site describes the collapse of the three separate Temples of common design and what happened to Hadrian's pagan Temple built atop the traditional mount.

WHAT IS SACRED AND HOLY?:  Can you answer this question?

BOSPORUS CURRENTS:  A unique double decker river system, two rivers one directly atop the other, are flowing in opposite directions.   The dynamics of this unique waterway help explain the existence of underground fresh water rivers and how oil supplies are constantly being replenished.   The impossible is often common sense when one gains understanding.

THE HUMAN SHEPHERD'S WIVES AND HIS QUEEN OF QUEENS:  A fantastic opportunity open to all young maidens who know and understand GOD'S Marriage Laws and the Scriptures.

A COMMON DILEMMA explains the consequences when a maiden gives her virginity to one male (who becomes her true husband) and then lives in whoredom with another.   Remember, the male marries the virgin when he goes into the maiden.

THE ORIGINAL HOLY ARK AND FLOOD SURVIVORS: Scripture conceals some matters and offers choices for understanding others.   Two significant items demonstrate vivid examples of matters that occurred many years ago yet seriously impact people in the present and future.

HOW DID NATIVE AMERICANS GET TO AMERICA?  History and legends are intertwined with The Biblical Chronology Of Man.   The common origin of humanity, a very long separation, and an historic reunion that went unrecognized.

ILLICIT GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: US Senate admitted being aware of corruption in 1974 but took no corrrective actions; so, how has the battle progressed?

WHAT IS INSTORE FOR ALL HUMANITY?  Three most important time bridges provide a unique skeletal outline.

THE FIRSTFRUITS SHALL ENJOY The Restoration Of Youth, Health, And Well-being.   Text provides a list of related Biblical references.

LIFTING THE BURDEN FROM THE FIRSTFRUITS:  When will the promised blessings commence for the Firstfruits?

FAST OF THE NEW MOONS:  What are the New Moons all about?   "And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before Me, saith the LORD" (Isaiah 66:23).

A PRACTICAL VIEW:   This narrative discusses Creation unto the midst of the Eighth Millennia.   Topics discussed include:   Creation Week, Preterism (before Creation), Location of Heaven and Hell, Resurrections of the dead, The Harvest or transfer of world dominion to the Right, The meaning of the rending of the Temple veil, Signs of the times, The pool of humanity from which the Eternal Kingdom emerges.

JOB EXPLAINS PROPHECY:  Job and his four friends elaborate on events progressing during the early stages of The LORD'S Day and for sometime thereafter.


Useful Links Help Explain Matters

VIEWING THE WORD without rose colored glasses.   The Scripture warn readers to beware of stumbling blocks setup to mislead the disobedient.

CLEANING UP GOVERNMENTS:  Key considerations include knowing what's going on and the powers operating behind-the-scenes.   Links to other pages help explain matters.

SEX WITH A VIRGIN IS STILL INSTANT MARRIAGE:  Defines who is who behind-the-scenes of world government and groups of people.   The role of the concubine helps define who is who in ancient times and GOD'S Marriage Laws versus Man's Marriage Laws and practices reveal that today true lineages have been obscured so that no one truly knows their true lineage (Jeremiah 31:27).

THOU SHALT SURELY HELP ... OR ELSE!:  Reiterates humanity's responsibility to help one's fellow man in time of troubles and need.

GROWING WORLD TURMOIL:  Explains that promised blessings and curses are upon humanity.   Anyone can see these blessings and curses if they realize what's happening all around them has been foretold in Scripture (Deuteronomy 30:1-3).

SPIRIT RULERS EXERCISING DOMINION OVER THE WORLD:  Explains the hierarchy beneath GOD as it impacts the whole world.

ENTERING THE KINGDOM OF GOD:  Obedience is the key to Salvation according to Scripture.   Beware of man's dung that comes out of his mouth.


FORGET THE RAPTURE:   A narrative of events that focuses on the identity of the Firstfruits, their Betrothal, and the consummation of their marriage.   It explains the makeup of the 42 Year-Hour as it forms a template for the two subsequent "hours" to evolve for Saints in the Eighth Millennium, the role of GOD'S Holy Days, and the arrival of both the false and true Messiah as events transpire right here on earth.

WHY DELAY ONE'S TRANSITION:   Eleven significant points are backed by more than 100 Biblical References re: GOD'S Left and His Right, Humanity being cast under GOD'S Left, GOD turning His back and hiding His Face from disobedient humanity, now only a Little Flock form the Eternal Kingdom to reap abundant blessings.   Yet, today, everyone has a choice. Others must wait 1,000 years for their next opportunity to enter the Eternal Kingdom (Revelation 20:4-7).


Biblical Chronology

HISTORY AND PROPHECY CONDENSED:  The ongoing Regeneration summarized.   Two pages: (1) The Overall Picture and The Overall Schedule, (2) Adventures In Prophecy For Firstfruits, Texts Explain.   Both pages provide links to mini texts that provide substantial backup:   The Chronology, Time Bridges, Ongoing Prophecy, and Panorama Unveiled.

THE CHRONOLOGY OF HUMANITY:  History and Prophecy focused on the Middle East provides a record and guide for all people.   This Chronology places events in perspective as the long awaited prophetic Regeneration gets underway.

BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST:  Scripture provides an adequate explanation to determine the correct year for the birth of the Messiah.

TIME BRIDGES:  Link the Ancient and Modern.   These essential links tie events together to lock the First Portal (42 Year-Hour) in place.   Time Bridges link "The Chronology Of Humanity" with "Mapping Ongoing Prophecy" below.

MAPPING ONGOING PROPHECY:  Explains how the First 42 Year-Hour Portal is put together.   The component parts form layers that depend on and support each other.   That is, a multitude of pieces confirm each other.

THE PANORAMA UNVEILED:  The world around us and how it functions:   why things happen as they do.   The causes behind the results are often amazing.   But even hidden causes become very obvious when one examines matters.

HUMANITY'S SOJOURN THROUGH HISTORY AND PROPHECY, TRAVERSING THE FIRST PORTAL:  Explains several significant points as Heaven and Hell materialize here on earth: (1) Understanding prophecy requires knowledge of humanity's chronology, (2) How the prophetic 42 solar year hours fit in the big picture, (3) False doctrines that delay multitudes from entering the Eternal Kingdom, (4) Reasons why this world cannot expect peace, (5) Immediate events to evolve in 6010 FC (i.e. 2005-2006 AD Spring to Spring), and (6) The identity (gathering) of the Firstfruits in preparation for the glorious Solemn Assembly (Zephaniah 3:18).

MESSAGE FOR CARPENTERS:  (Book One) Prepare for restoration of youth, health, wellbeing, and eternal life here on earth for Firstfruits.

SYNOPSIS OF THE FUTURE:  (Book Two) Tomorrow's world kingdom: Humanity's choice, the Regeneration via four groups: Which are you in?

THE BIBLICAL CHRONOLOGY OF MAN:  Biblical history and prophecy is set forth by layers and by millennial days.   Thus, data encompasses the seven days plus an eighth day from Creation and the three and an half days from the 5 BC Birth of Jesus.


Handy Biblical References

THE 46 YEAR TURNING POINT:  Provides Biblical references for 75 items relative to the unique turning point now underway. (multiple files).

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