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          Sorry, we avoid critiquing other people's works and entering debates but prefer to explain what Scripture says while describing what is and what is to come.   To help we have an extensive slide show of Biblical History And Prophecy encompassing 7,500 years.


          To begin, Scripture lays out a seven millennial day week from Creation plus an eighth millennial day; and, a three and a half millennial day interval from the 5 BC Birth of Jesus.   See Part One of the slide show.

          Creation Week is described as seven equal intervals or days described as a sabbath of time.   And as a sabbath each interval must be equal.   Also of significance, green plant life was created on day three and essential sunlight on day four.   Day four also formed the basis for the earth's orbit and 24 hour clock.   Again, those seven days appear to be in the order of our 24 hour days and being a sabbath of days each interval was equal.

          Adam and Eve were created on day six.   Now if each "day," for example, were a year, or month, or even weeks in duration then most green plant life would not have survived without sunlight.   In addition, Scripture does not refer to any changes in the earth's orbit nor rotational status.

          Thus, Scripture refers to a finite interval of time past with a promised infinite future of eternal life extending well beyond the midst of the eighth millennium described as "the end of these wonders" and the conclusion of a time, times, and the dividing of time (Daniel 12:6-7; 7:25; Revelation 12:14).

          So, what happened, or what existed, or what GOD did, or where did GOD come from before Creation Week ... that's nothing more than pure unsupportable conjecture.   Consider, for example, how old was Adam when he was created?   He obviously was not an infant and therefore apparently had all the attributes of a grown man of 20, or 30, or 40, or more years old.   Yet, the world was only 5½ days old and that included Adam.   The same was true with Eve.   The same was also true with the rocks, minerals, atoms, trees, etc.   Everything had a degree of apparent age when created.   What would something look like with zero age?   Even molecules formed from existing atoms display some degree of age.

          O.K., who created or ordained the precise unchangeable dynamic laws governing chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, the behavior of atoms and electrons, the myriad other sciences, etc.?   All are very, very precise; nothing has been left to happenstance.   Conversely, if evolution were the route taken then the precision and uniformity could not exist.

          Therefore, the truth with respect to preterism (before Creation) is nonexistent for humanity other than "no mortal knows."   Furthermore, if someone defines infinity past then consider, what happened before that?   Then there must be a new infinity before that and another before that.   Smile!

          The picture that should concern humanity began in 4005 BC (zero reference) and extends for 7,500 years including the next 1,500 years that commenced in the spring of 1996 AD (i.e. the start of 6001 from Creation).   Again, the next 1,500 years should be of extra special concern.   See Part One of the slide show.

          The next point:   Heaven and Hell are nothing more than this world.   Those in Heaven will enjoy youth, health, happiness, peace, harmony, modern conveniences, and an abundance of GOD'S bounties, His Seven Spirits (Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Honors, Glory, and Blessings).   Then add the Four Great Powers (Social Power, Religious Power, Spirit Power, and Political-economic Power) as Carpenters (builders) who support and protect all in the more righteous Kingdom Of GOD called Heaven (Deuteronomy 28:1-14).   See Part Six of the slide show.   Also, examine Revelation 11:19 which describes John's vision of GOD'S Holy Ark being in the Temple of GOD on earth.   That is, an atmosphere with moisture is necessary for lightnings, thunderings, and hail and an earthquake requires an earth to quake.   Thus, the Temple of GOD which John saw "in heaven" was actually seen on this earth (i.e. Heaven for the Firstfruits, etc.).

           Conversely, Hell is the absence or converse of the above.   Add items such as fears, turmoil, pain, infirmities, cold, disease, thievery, hatreds, anxieties, famine, wars, adverse weather phenomena, etc.   Even the Four Great Powers as Beasts (destroyers) along with the cursed Canaanites will be free to afflict.   Thus, the wrath of GOD will be obvious (Deuteronomy 28:15-68).   Indeed, the absence of GOD'S bounties should be very obvious.   For example, visualize a worse case scenario:   surviving in the wilderness with nothing:   no modern clothes, no shoes or boots, no tent, no matches or lighters, no nothing.   Pretty soon even fiddler ferns and tips of evergreens (both abundant in vitamin C) become a luxury.   You'll even pick black berries in the bear's patch while the rattlesnakes harass the mice that come for a few berries.   Later, when the temperature drops to minus 10 degrees fahrenheit and snow and ice are everywhere ... Hell becomes even more of a reality.   Conversely, try Florida's Everglades and the saltwater (brackish) 10,000 islands.   There the cactus pears and pads, coconut palms, and even fresh water sources become a luxury.   That's if you don't eat fish, gators, snakes, coons, etc.   Survival becomes the name of the game and that hot water shower is wonderful.   Oh, and don't forget the bug spray.

          Thus, it's easy to see the value of GOD'S bounties:   Food, shelter, transportation, communications, utilities, recreation, education, health and medical facilities, family and children, wealth, well-being, happiness, harmony, peace, tranquility, etc.   The consequences for the Tares (the disobedient to become the lowest caste) will suffer Hell on earth as GOD'S bounties are withdrawn.   The Tares, of course, will serve the higher castes whose highest caste will enjoy an overflowing cup of bounties while the Tares lose it all.   Their Hell will be their lake of fire and it won't be nice.

          O.K., next are the resurrections.   Farmers normally have a new harvest each year.   Thus, each year there is a firstfruits, a main harvest, a latter harvest or gleanings, and the usual crop of weeds or tares.   Each year prefigures the next.   Similarly, Scripture provides a preview in Matthew 27:51-53 of a far greater harvest to encompass a 1,500 year interval.   Actually, this great harvest is three harvests in one and each of the three harvests will have four parts:   (1) a Firstfruits, (2) a Main Harvest, (3) a Latter Harvest, and (4) the Tares.   And during each of the three harvests within the great harvest, the dead have been promised to be resurrected to insure that no one misses out on the "fun."   Part Four of the slide show sets forth Biblical details of the promised resurrections:   who, what, when, why, etc.

          But the very idea of mass resurrections of the dead defies human logic.   However, since other fantastic events described in Scripture have occurred, why not the miracle of the dead resurrecting?   After all, GOD created this very precise world, why not the miracle resurrections too!

          So enjoy the slide show.   Then choose your path and watch it all happen.

          An interesting consideration is to observe the multitudes.   Some claim to be the children of Solomon and Israel ... two opposites while killing and afflicting their fellow man, coveting their homes and properties, etc.   Others claim to be saved while thumbing their noses at GOD, His Holy Days, etc. while celebrating myriad gôy holidays.   Still others claim to be true believers while believing the myriad false prophets' lies and deceptions.   Multitudes wear very obvious signs that declare the very obvious:   the balded heads and shaven faces of the Moabites promised for these latter days, why do men everywhere remove their male facial hair to assume the hair of women; why do some wear the mustache, the covering of the upper lip with the shaven face ... the sign of the leper; still others wear the goatee, the sign of the goat and everyone knows who the goat represents.   Yet, all scoff at those who pay heed to Leviticus 19:27 while claiming to be Priests unto GOD (or candidates for Priesthood) as they ignore Leviticus 21:5 which reiterates 19:27.   Practically all recognize that gôy has been translated "peoples, nations, gentiles, and heathen" throughout the KJV and other translations but few have taken time to examine the application of gôy throughout Scripture.   If they did they might realize that gôy refers to everyone dwelling in this unrighteous world, the land of the North.   Even ancient Israel has been included.   Smile, it's not really funny.

          Eventually everyone enters the Congregation under Jesus Christ, as all will be placed under His dominion at the Right hand of GOD (Psalm 110:1-4).   The only question is WHEN!   A Little Flock or Remnant forms the Firstfruits to become as Kings over this world and Priests unto GOD.   And a Little Flock refers to very, very few relative to the estimated 12 billion or more souls to have dwelt upon this earth.   Then, a thousand years later, a Main Harvest becomes as princes under the Firstfruits to form the next lower caste.   Five hundred years later the Latter Harvest escapes or separates from the Tares who form the lowest caste, the menial servants or have-nots whose choice will have been to ignore GOD'S pleadings to "Come out of her, My people...."

          Why do women everywhere paint their nails and lips blood red?   Is it not for the same reason a red carpet is rolled out to greet VIPs?   Does the blood red represent the bloodshed of people?   GOD'S instructions not to eat the blood are mocked by the blood red lips and bloody claws.   Yes, "Thou shalt not kill!" has been a command graven in stone by the hand of GOD.   Indeed, even the nations of this world, Satan's world, were spawned through bloodshed despite GOD'S commands.   But people have been dwelling under the dominion of Satan until the escapees enter the Congregation under Jesus.

          Herod's Temple, like Solomon's and the first postexilic Temple, had been built within one quadrant of a great amphitheatre whose covering was a great dome sometimes described as a twirling skirt of a ballerina or veil.   The amphitheatre, the seating for the people, was in three tiers or levels and the great dome represented the covering or protection for the people.   Thus, the symbolism of the dome (veil) being rent by the great earthquake upon Jesus' death on the cross was that the covering or protection for the people was destroyed or removed.   And, ever since then, the three tiers (the three harvests) have been on their own at the mercy of Satan.   That covering, of course, will be restored as people enter the kingdom under Jesus (Psalm 23:1-6; 91:1-16).


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