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Explaining Revelations

The Beginning Of Sorrows (Summary)

Chapter 1:   Introduction:   Revelation speaks to the seven churches (all religious entities) and is from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness.   It's related via John who was in the Spirit (in vision) on The LORD'S Day (the Seventh Millennial Day).   Therein, John gives a description of Jesus Christ.

Chapters 2 and 3:   The Seven (All) Religious Entities are described as each sees a different portion of Jesus (the Word:   Revelation 19:12-13) and exhibits different conduct.

Chapters 4 and 5:   The Throne Of GOD:   The Throne room scene:   The 24 elders were seated before the throne as were four great powers (Social Power, Religious Power, Spirit Power, Political-economic Power) called "beasts" when serving the Left; the seven lamps represent the 7,000 years from Creation; and the sea of glass is the people.   All are before the Throne of GOD.   Jesus was then given the Book of Life (the Scriptures) to break (open or loose) the Seven Seals thereon.   And, even the Seven Spirits of GOD (Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Honors, Glory, Blessing) are described.

GOD'S Schedule ... It's All Happening

Chapter 6:   Describes The Opening Of The First 6 of 7 Seals   that began in 1982 and this opening process encompassed 14 years while the seals describe events evolving throughout 35 years (Spring 1982 thru Spring 2017 AD:   5987-6021 FC) (See Leviticus 26:14-33 for another view of the 35 year special tribulation).   Chapter 6 ends with the beginning of the LORD'S Day (Spring 1996 AD) as the Seventh Seal is about to be opened.

Chapter 7:   The Eternal Kingdom:   Describes The Firstfruits as 144,000 that are sealed (accepted).   They are to be followed by a Great Multitude and Latter Harvest which come out of the great 1,500 year tribulation.

Chapter 8:   Describes The Opening Of The 7th Seal (the Seven Trumpets) which extends for 21 years (the half an hour) from Spring of 1996 unto Spring 2017 AD (6001-6021 FC).

Chapter 9:   The First Two Of Three Woes are the 5th and 6th Trumpets.   The four angels (protectors) are loosed (they are also called the four carpenters of Zechariah 1:18-21).

Chapter 10:   The Human Shepherd Introduced:   The mystery of GOD (i.e. the Word) is made plain.   The little book which he consumes is the Book of Daniel.   Note:   The Human Shepherd first entered the scene (was anointed) 40 years before the Solemn Assembly and experiences a 40 year learning period (Micah 7:15).   Even John spoke to him in vision (Revelation 22:6,8-9,16).   Chapter 10 speaks of the time when the Seven Thunders commence to speak.   Then, when the voice of the Seventh Thunder begins to sound, salvation closes (Daniel 9:26) and the vail is to be lifted (Isaiah 25:7-8; 44:18).

Chapter 11:   Measuring The Temple Of People, the Eternal Kingdom.   The two witnesses (Christians and Moslems) are introduced.   Jesus officially receives His Kingdom (His Betrothed Bride) during the sounding of the Seventh Angel (i.e. during the Seven Thunders).   Note:   Each New Moon prefigures Atonement Year when the True overtakes the Image.

Chapter 12:   Satan Is Cast Out:   He comes to harass the world (the Tares) not yet in the Eternal Kingdom until a time, times, and half-time (i.e. until the midst of the Eighth Millennium).   Salvation is now come for the Firstfruits as they form the nucleus of the Eternal Kingdom.

Chapter 13:   The Left Hand Of GOD, Satan's dominion, is described as being under the Left hand of GOD as opposed to GOD'S Right.   The Four Great Powers serving him are described as "beasts".   Satan's extensive powers are described.   His Sixth and then Seventh Kingdoms are introduced.   Note:   The powers under GOD require people through which they function.

Chapter 14:   The Firstfruits Are Redeemed as the Seventh Trumpet (called the third woe and the Seven Thunders) gets underway.   Now the false Messiah commences his harvest (See Revelation 12:4; 14:14-16).

Chapter 15:   Introduces The Seven Plagues (also called the Seventh Thunder).   The sea of glass (the disobedient people) are mingled with fire (troubles).   Note:   Salvation will have been closed when the Plagues commence.

Chapter 16:   The Seventh Thunder (The Seven Plagues) are described.   Note:   The Seven Plagues are in addition to the Seals, Trumpets, and Thunders (See Leviticus 26:14-33).

GOD Almighty, His Right And Left

Chapter 17:   The Judgment Of The Great Whore (under the Left Hand of GOD).   The Seven Heads are the Seven Spirits of GOD; the Ten horns (powers) are the Ten Tribes; The Scarlet colored beast is this world; The Seven Kings are:   (1) Satan, (2) Social Power, (3) Religious Power, (4) Spirit Power (which has dominion), (5) Political-economic Power, (6) Sixth Kingdom, (7) Seventh Kingdom, and (8) The Eighth Kingdom under Satan's dominion.  As "beasts" these are the Kings of the East (meaning away from GOD) serving Satan (ch. 16:12).    Note:   the Eighth is of the seven.   Whereas, the Ten Horns (Powers) are the Ten Tribes serving the "beast" who give their Kingdom unto the "beast" (Satan) until "the end of these wonders" (Daniel 12:6-7).   The great harlot is the whole evil system (including people) serving the Left.

Chapter 18:   Babylon Is Fallen:   The Sixth Kingdom (Great Babylon:   Daniel 4:30-31), this world, is fallen in one hour (1/24 X 1,000 = 42 years).   People have been warned to "Come out of her, My people..." to "Deliver thyself..." (Revelation 18:4; Zechariah 2:6-7; Jeremiah 51:6).   Misery is promised for this world (Deuteronomy 28:15-68).   Thus, the Sixth Kingdom, the Seventh Kingdom, and the Eighth Kingdom are all prefigured by Great Babylon as each collapses.

Chapter 19:   Solemn Assembly:   Salvation is fully come for The Firstfruits.   Their marriage supper commences celebrating the consummation as special blessings emerge for The Firstfruits.   Jesus' name is the Word of GOD.   The Tares (those who didn't make it) now suffer their consequences.   Whereas, the Right hand of GOD is described as Saints arrayed (depicted) in fine white linen.

Chapter 20:   The Formation Of The Eternal Kingdom:   The sequence begins with The Firstfruits, then the 1,000 year wait for the Main Harvest, 500 years later the Latter Harvest's troubles end, and the Tares soon realize that their eventual "lake of fire" is to be life as eternal servants.

Chapter 21:   The New World (All Under GOD'S Right) Has Arrived:   It's described as a great city, a utopian city.   Conversely, those organizations under the Left hand of GOD are now totally abolished.   Now "... all dominions shall serve and obey Him (Jesus)" (Daniel 7:27).

Chapter 22:   Stupendous Living Conditions With GOD And His Righteous Shepherd.   Summary of matters.   Sending forth of Jesus' messenger is described with a warning not to add to nor detract from The Word.

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