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Spirit Rulers
Exercising Dominion Over The World


          As humanity neared the end of their 6,000 year sojourn through life, promised blessings upon Manasseh showered the world with fantastic technological advancements, humanity's double portion on the Sixth Day.   Therein humanity rocketed from the horse and buggy era and on into space age progress in less than 70 years (1900-1970 AD).   Today, everyone can readily see the results of this amazing leap forward in technologies.

          However, as humanity's stupendous progress (the blessings upon Manasseh) came forth, this whole world still remained under the dominion of Satan and his servants at the left hand of GOD.   So, what has been going on and what will the future bring forth?


          A name is an identifier that distinguishes one from another.    Names are used for people, roads, bridges, buildings, town, cities, states, nations, etc.    An address then helps to further identify an entity.

          For example, "Brown" is an inherited family surname; whereas, "George" is a given name that identifies a specific member of the Brown family.    But, for example, since there are millions of Browns descended from Alexander Brown, the Belfast linen merchant and commodity dealer that founded a significant British banking empire, and since there are myriad George Browns within that family … an address is quite essential to distinguish one from another.

          O.K., GOD also has a family surname, "Jehovah," to which several given names are recorded in Scripture.    Thus, there is one GOD Almighty and several related entities that are identified by the surname Jehovah and their respective given names.

      JAH (Psalm 68:4).

      Jehovah (Exodus 6:3; Psalm 83:18; Isaiah 12:2; 26:4).
                Jehovah was a name unknown to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

      Jehovah Jireh (Genesis 22:14).
                The LORD will see to it (He keeps His promises).

      Jehovah Shalom (Judges 6:24).
                The LORD sends peace (initially to the Firstfruits).

      Jehovah Tsidkenu (Jeremiah 23:6; 33:16).
                The LORD is our righteousness.

      Jehovah Nissi (Exodus 17:15).
                The LORD is my banner.

      Jehovah Shammah (Ezekiel 48:35).
                The LORD is thither (i.e. not here, He's over there).

          So, who are the heirs of the surname "Jehovah" and the given names of Jireh, Shalom, Tsidkenu, Nisssi, and Shammah?

          Remember, GOD has both a right hand and left and it behooves everyone to know the operation of both of GOD'S hands, His Right and His Left (Isaiah 5:12; Psalm 28:5; I Kings 22:19-23).

The Names of Jehovah


          GOD Almighty, of course, is still the Supreme Being in command over the entire universe and beyond which includes everything therein.   The Scriptures explain that He has both a Right and a Left whose operations all people have been admonished to consider or else (Isaiah 5:12; Psalm 28:5; I Kings 22:19-23; Job 23:9).   The omnipotent powers of GOD are further explained (Exodus 4:11; I Samuel 2:6-10; Psalm 75:7; 104:1-35; Proverbs 16:4; Isaiah 44:24-28; 45:5-12; 54:16; Ezekiel 14:9-10; Daniel 2:20-22; Deuteronomy 32:39).


          David's LORD has been waiting at the right hand of GOD until Jesus' enemies are made as His footstool (Psalm 110:1; Matthew 22:44; Mark 12:36; Luke 20:42-43; Acts 2:34-35).   This process extends even unto the midst of the Eighth Millennium.

          Events include: (1) The initial gatherings, the Firstfruits, that become as Priests unto GOD and as Kings under GOD.   They, of course, will soon commence to enjoy special blessings bestowed upon Ephraim, Joseph's youngest son.   (2) A thousand years later, after The LORD'S Day has ended, the Main Harvest enter the Congregation as Princes under GOD.   However, they will be a step down from the Firstfruits.   (3) Even later, five hundred years later, the Latter Harvest enter the Congregation as still a lower caste; and, finally, (4) The Tares, the outcasts who failed to enter the more righteous kingdom of GOD, now remain as eternal servants (their lake of fire).


          Satan, "the tree of knowledge of good and evil" in Eden (Ezekiel 31:1-18), eventually acquired world dominion when David's throne was given unto the Canaanites.   At that time, GOD'S Holy Ark was removed from the Tent of the Tabernacle where it had dwelt amongst the people.   Then, when the Ark of GOD was placed in the inner recesses of the Solomonic Temple, it was removed from amongst the people and visited only once each year on Atonement by the High Priest.   Therein, within the Holy of Holies, instead of dwelling in the West and facing East, the Holy Ark was reversed and was situated in the East and faced West as the Solomonic Temple (contrary to popular belief) faced West.   Thus, the positions of the two Cheribim were reversed and the North assumed the position of the South.   Therefore, due to humanity's continued disobedience, Satan's reign prospered unto when GOD'S Holy Ark was taken captive in early 1985 AD (Zechariah 5:4,9-11; Nahum 2:7; Jeremiah 43:10-13; Ezekiel 12:3-7; etc.).   That fateful event marked the withdrawal of GOD'S powers from the Sixth Kingdom (Daniel 4:30-31; Jeremiah 17:1-4; etc.).

          Subsequently, even before the Firstfruits are fully gathered, Satan will be cast down from his heavenly position to come to earth as man.   He, of course, will retain certain powers and dominion over the Tares, all who have not yet entered the Congregation.   Initially, he comes as a false Messiah to seduce even a third of the Congregation.   Nevertheless, as ruler over his Eighth Kingdom he still retains dominion over the Tares even unto the midst of the Eighth Millennium when the Great White Throne Judgment sits (Revelation 20:11).   Daniel describes that period as "the end of these wonders" (Daniel 12:6-7).

          Even then the Tares still number as "the sand of the sea" (Revelation 20:8) and live on as the lowest caste, the outcasts serving the eternal Congregation.


          Now an unbelievable 46 year turning point has been evolving wherein the promised more righteous kingdom began to materialize under Jesus at the right hand of GOD.

          Thus, humanity has been experiencing and/or witnessing events of a second 40 year Exodus which overlaps a special 42 year-hour.   Therein all sorts of intriguing events have been evolving.   For people interested, Biblical references pertaining to about 70 such events are included in "The 46 Year Turning Point".   It provides a general sequence or tabulation of prophetic Biblical events during this unique historical turning point now evolving.


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