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†††††††††††To What Church Or Organization Do We Belong?†† None of the above and all of the above.†† That is, if all obeyed the Scriptures, the Koran, etc. all would be one.†† Instead, there are several major religions each with myriad subordinate groups or flocks.†† And each sees a different piece of the whole (Revelation chs. 2 and 3).†† So, our websites are not associated with any entity other than the two of us and we have no gathering nor following except for anonymous individuals worldwide who may search out our websites.†† If people understood the Word and obeyed the Word this world would be altogether different.†† Instead, it's Satan's world until the Firstfruits are brought forth and even then he still reigns over all who don't enter the Congregation.†† And his dominion continues until the Latter Harvest 1,500 years into the future (Daniel 7:25; 11:36; 12:6-7; etc.).†† So, why belong to Dagon's high place?†† And who answers the prayers of the disobedient (Proverbs 28:9; Isaiah 1:15-20)?

†††††††††††O.K., Ezekiel was instructed to eat his bread "with dung that cometh out of man (man's mouth)..." (Ezekiel 4:12-15).†† And today with TV that dung is very, very plentiful.

†††††††††††Are We Antigovernment?†† No, however, we are against blatant corruption in government including the corrupt worldwide governments operating largely behind-the-scenes that have existed ever since Solomon and can be expected to continue throughout Satan's reign.†† Revelation 17:10-11 speaks of them as the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Kingdoms of the North.

†††††††††††Thus, the Left and Right hands of GOD (the North and the South) (Psalm 28:5; Isaiah 5:12) should become very obvious once the Firstfruits are brought forth.†† Also, the Four Great Powers before the Throne of GOD should also become more obvious.†† Today even High School students recognize: (1) Social Power, (2) Religious Power, (3) Spirit Power, and (4) Political-economic Power.†† But very few preachers want to recognize the Four Great Powers as "beasts" (destroyers) while serving the Left (Daniel 7:3-7; etc.).†† However, when the Firstfruits enter the Congregation elements of the Four Great Powers become "carpenters" (builders) serving the Right (Zechariah 2:18-21).†† Until then everyone is stuck in the North!

†††††††††††You Mentioned The Bible Being True, etc.†† Beware, it is the two edged sword (Revelation 1:16; Hebrews 4:12; Genesis 3:24), the abomination (astonishment) that maketh desolate (Daniel 11:31; 12:11), it's Peter's sheet containing both the clean and unclean (Acts 10:11-12), even Paul says beware (I Corinthians 11:25-29), no murder hath eternal life abiding in him (I John 3:15) and a murderer speaks throughout the New Testament and even warns people that he speaks not after the LORD (II Corinthians 11:17).†† Remember, GOD promised: false prophets (Ezekiel 14:3-11 espec 14:9-10), phony laws (Ezekiel 20:24-26), and stumbling blocks (Isaiah 66:4; I Peter 2:6-8; Jeremiah 6:21; II Thessalonians 2:11) ... so, where did He put them?†† Compare the description of the Image in Daniel 10:5-6 versus the True (Revelation 1:12-16).†† Yes, Satan himself speaks in the Scriptures (Luke 4:5-7; Daniel 2:28,37-38), he even sent Jacob down into Egypt (Genesis 46:1-3), and Satan induced David to number the people when GOD said not to number them (II Samuel 24:1,10; I Chronicles 21:1, 5-8).

†††††††††††Note certain signs or clues.†† For example: ten Old Testament and three New Testament words are translated vision(s).†† In the O.T. the Hebrew mar'‚h is also translated "lookingglasses" (Exodus 38:8).†† And in a mirror one sees the Image, the opposite or reverse of the True.†† Therefore, everywhere one sees the mar'‚h, Scripture identifies a vision(s) of the Image, i.e. Satan or Satan's servants.

†††††††††††Understanding GOD'S marriage laws and applying them to the Testimony throws another whole new wrinkle into matters.†† Unfortunately, if the Religious Beast (Belshazzar's wise men and women) were given a simple open book quiz relative to who's who in Scripture, probably more than 90 percent would flunk.†† It's amazing!

†††††††††††Check Daniel 12:11-12: The Koran was the culmination of the Scriptures as it completed the texts given unto the two witnesses, Christianity and Islam.†† That is, the Koran marks the end of the 1290 years and the start of the 1335 years unto when The LORD'S Day began.†† The Koran admonishes readers to pay heed to the Torah, to the Gospels, and not to make a distinction between the Prophets, i.e. treat them all equally (put the Word in context).†† It goes on to say that no one can change the Scriptures, i.e. the sense remains the same even though the Scriptures are translated into many languages.†† Unfortunately, many Moslems don't believe much of the Koran.†† For example, when the Koran says that Jesus is not the Son of GOD, it is saying that GOD did not come and have intercourse with Mary.†† GOD simply willed that Mary be with child and she was.†† So when an unlearned Moslem proclaims that Jesus is not the Son of GOD just ask, "Are we not all children of GOD be we good or evil?"†† Then, if we are children of GOD, Jesus certainly must be the Son of GOD.†† Thus, many Moslems are much like Christians who have thrown out or substituted whatever for key elements of the Old Testament.†† Therefore, the two false witnesses (Matthew 26:60-61; Mark 14:57-59) become very, very real and because of unbelief they're dead in the streets when it comes to entering the Congregation as part of the Firstfruits.†† Consequently, it behooves all people to learn what the Word of GOD, Jesus Christ, says (Revelation 19:12-13).

††††††††††(Confirmation is in the Scriptures that even the Koran tells readers to heed: Sura 2:54,87,98,101,136,174,285; 10:37; 18:27; 46:12).

†††††††††††Gaining Understanding:†† When walking along railroad tracks people should be aware of the existence of trains that can kill especially if they ignore them.†† Similarly, in journeying through life the Bible repeatedly forewarns people to beware of hidden dangers.†† In previous paragraphs we pointed out several.†† Today multitudes are sleeping on the tracks while pretending that "trains" don't exist.

†††††††††††Beware, an half-truth is the worst form of a lie because several hearers may each view matters differently.†† Thus, when half-truths are involved the hearers wrest (struggle) to place matters in context to derive an understanding right or wrong.†† That's one reason why there are more than 300 different religions in this nation alone.†† Most teach opposing doctrines.

†††††††††††Whereas, since wisdom is knowledge with understanding, then falsehoods including half-truths produce false understanding and false (erroneous) wisdom.†† For example, if a person studying for a doctorate were taught falsehoods and erroneous wisdom then that doctorate would be virtually useless except for acquiring false credentials.†† This is how the myriad false prophets and other charlatans support the Religious Beast.

†††††††††††Peter describes a situation involving each of the above and advises people to beware:

†††††††††††"... Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you;

†††††††††††"As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other Scriptures, unto their own destruction.

†††††††††††"Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before (i.e. you've been warned), beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness."

II Peter 3:15-17

†††††††††††Now let's apply a little common sense.†† (1) Does Jesus blind people and make them backslide?†† No!†† Saul was a malicious murderer who backslid off his horse and was blinded.†† So, who blinded Saul?†† And, who rewarded and memorialized him as Paul in the Scriptures along with the righteous Prophets (Luke 4:5-7)?†† Remember, Satan is a pro when it comes to lying and deception.†† And no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him (I John 3:15).†† So, let's put matters in context!

†††††††††††O.K., (2) Would you go to Satan or to his servants to be healed?†† No!†† Oh, yes, we are instructed to go to the medical profession of this world.†† But, in the case of Saul, why was he sent to the house of Judas (the betrayer) to get healed (Proverbs 28:9; Isaiah 1:15-20)?†† That's not where Jesus dwells.†† Remember, GOD sent people to the righteous Job to pray for them because their prayers would not be accepted (Job 42:7-10).

†††††††††††Let's look at matters from a different aspect: Jesus Christ, whose name is "The Word Of GOD" "that no man knew" (Revelation 19:12-13), speaks in parables.†† The reason is that the disobedient will not know nor understand The Word; whereas, the more obedient will know and understand.†† That is, the more righteous will gain wisdom and wisdom is more precious than anything that can be desired (Proverbs 3:13-15; 4:5-13; 8:10-11).†† Those who get wisdom will gain more while those who don't will think it's foolishness (Matthew 13:10-17).

†††††††††††Peter explained that Paul's half-truths when viewed in the wrong light are leading people unto their desolations.†† Yes, when viewed in the wrong light they actually contradict the Word Of GOD.†† Therefore, people must go back to the Law and to the Testimony for proper understanding (Isaiah 8:16,20; Psalm 19:7-11; Deuteronomy 30:1-3).†† Then they must also realize that GOD'S righteous laws and His Testimony never change (Deuteronomy 4:2; Proverbs 30:5-6; Matthew 5:17-19; Revelation 22:18-19).†† Whereas, a new covenant will be given to those who don't make it amongst the Firstfruits (Jeremiah 31:31:34).†† Thus, they'll get another try after waiting 1,000 years in Satan's domain.

†††††††††††Unfortunately, Belshazzar's wise men (and women) and their followers will soon wake up to realize that Salvation for the Firstfruits has closed and that they have locked themselves out of the Kingdom for at least 1,000 years.†† Yes, some have promoted and preached their false prophet's errors for 50 years or longer without ever paying heed to the whole Word of GOD (Ezekiel 14:9-10).

†††††††††††Again: Beware! Beware! Beware! GOD promised disobedient humanity: false prophets, phony laws, stumbling blocks, parables, and even a false Messiah to "save" the disobedient for hell and damnation in Satan's Eighth Kingdom (Ezekiel 13:22; Jeremiah 23:14).†† GOD even promised blindness for the disobedient (Isaiah 25:7-8; Deuteronomy 28:28-29).†† And it's all explained in the Good Book.

†††††††††††Furthermore, GOD promised to send "Elijah," a human Shepherd like John, "before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD" which began in the Spring of 1996 AD (Malachi 4:5).†† And beware of him too (Exodus 23:20-25)!

†††††††††††The Raging Battle: When Aaron and Hur helped Moses by supporting Moses' arms as Joshua fought the battle, Joshua prevailed.†† However, when Aaron and Hur didn't support Moses, Amalek prevailed against the Israelites (Exodus 17:8-16).†† So, a word to the wise, help the Human Shepherd in his battle against the mighty (Judges 5:23; Psalm 94:16).

†††††††††††Unfortunately for many, Scripture reveals that Amalek prevails as The LORD'S Day progresses.†† Only a Little Flock enter the Southland as the Firstfruits.†† All others will endure a 1,000 year war with Amalek.

†††††††††††Why is this possible?†† People have been blinded by the words of the murderer into believing in a mythical rapture (Isaiah 52:12), that they don't have to obey GOD'S Commandments, that they will be wafted away to a fictional world in space, etc.†† Whereas, if they heeded admonitions throughout Scripture to obey, obey, obey they too might be amongst the Firstfruits to enjoy the great day of the LORD'S rest right here on planet earth under the protection and love of GOD (Psalm 23:1-6; 91:1-16; Zephaniah 3:14-20; Jeremiah 23:3-8; Zechariah 2:5; etc.).

†††††††††††So, again: Beware! Beware! Beware!†† The Scriptures warn of dangers set forth right in the Bible.†† And don't forget to check out the mar'‚h in the O.T., GOD'S Holy Days, GOD'S Marriage Laws, etc.†† Dagon's rich high places and King Belshazzar's wise ones are very, very real.†† And they fail to teach the truth because they don't know it.

Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits
Matthew 7:16,20



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