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Sex With A Virgin
Is Still Instant Marriage

          Who Has Legitimate Claims To The Holy Lands? The correct and honest answer is "everyone and no one." The most obvious claimants to the lands of Palestine are the families that have dwelt in the lands for the last 400 or more years.   Whereas, the least of the claimants are those who have seized properties through bloodshed, killing, theft, coercion, warfare, coveting, etc.   Those supporting and protecting them are equally guilty.

          One must distinguish between the false and the true, the great charade and the true.   Yes, we can all see the great charade being acted out by real people and events.   We can see it not just in the Middle East and in the United Nations but also around the world.

          People making false claims and those supporting them are all part of the great charade.   Actually, the whole world is involved; whereas, few people have taken time to learn the Truth that's largely hidden from humanity.

          Marriage Laws And Children: To begin: In the true all peoples have been integrated as one (i.e. no one knows who's who) (Jeremiah 31:27; Amos 9:9).   Thus, today there is no true Israel and there is no true Ishmael.   Everyone is dwelling in "the land of the North" wherein the true has been well hidden.   This integration becomes obvious by examining GOD'S Marriage Laws versus humanity's practices and the Biblical Testimony.   Whereas, under man's laws, for example, the true wife of 'A' could bear children from the seed of 'A', 'B', or others and all would be legitimate under man's laws provided the man and woman were married under man's laws.   However, under GOD, if 'A' were dead then the legitimate children of the seed of 'B', would still belong to 'A'.   Yes, they would be A's sons and heirs.   Conversely, if 'A' still lived then children from the seed of 'B' or others would produce fatherless children (mamzers) (Genesis 38:8-9; Ruth 4:10).   Thus, under GOD, biology, genealogy, race, ideology, beliefs, and religion would play no part in determining legitimate claims to the Holy Lands.   Whereas, man's laws differ considerably; therefore, no one truly knows who is who!

          One very significant demonstration of GOD'S Marriage Laws involves Uriah the Hittite ('A'), Bathsheba (Uriah's wife), David ('B') who provided seed first in whoredom while Uriah still lived and later when Uriah was dead to produce Solomon the legitimate son and heir of Uriah the Hittite (Heth son of the cursed Canaan) (II Samuel 11:1 thru 12:25; Genesis 38:8-9; Ruth 4:10).   Thus, Solomon and Solomon's children are of the lineage of the cursed Canaan.

          An earlier very famous demonstration of GOD'S Marriage Laws involves Mahlon ('A') of the lineage of Ephraim (Joseph's youngest son), Ruth wife of Mahlon, Boaz ('B') the seventh generation of Pharez (Judah and Tamar's illegitimate twin mamzer off-spring), and Obed the seed of Boaz given unto Ruth to raise heirs unto the deceased Mahlon (Ruth 1:1-2; 4:10).   In turn, Obed begat Jesse "that Ephrathite" (I Samuel 17:12) and Jesse begat David of the lineage of Ephraim via Mahlon.   Subsequently, one of David's legitimate heirs was Nathan the Prophet (Luke 3:31-32).

The Role Of The Concubine to bring up heirs unto the deceases

          O.K., David was King of Judah (this unrighteous world) but David was of the lineage of Ephraim and NOT Judah who had no legitimate heirs (Malachi 2:11-12).   In turn, Jesus Christ was of the lineage of Ephraim via Mahlon-David-Nathan-Joseph (husband of Mary the betrothed wife of Joseph) (Luke 3:23-31).   Note, the official lineage under GOD is determined by the male not the female who joins her husband's lineage upon marriage.   Thus, Jesus is obviously not a descendant of Judah nor a Jew playing the role of the antiShemite or antiChrist.

          Furthermore, Jesus is the "Lion (within) the tribe of Judah" (those who call themselves Judah) (Revelation 5:5).

          "... and as a young lion among the flocks of sheep: who, if he go through, both treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver."

Micah 5:8

          Again, Jesus is (the Christ) not a Jew (the antiChrist) and Scripture reveals that He will tear the antiChrist to shreds.   So, the antiChrist and those standing with the antiChrist should beware.

          So, What Are The True "Holy Lands"? Are the lands of Palestine including the bloody city of Jerusalem Holy?   Or, is the true Holy Land a group of people, "The Southland," to be assembled over a 1,500 year interval (Jeremiah 16:14-15; 23:7-8; 51:6; Zechariah 2:6; Revelation 18:4)?   This "Southland," of course, is to be composed of: (1) the Firstfruits (Remnant or Little Flock); (2) 1,000 years later, a Main Harvest; and (3) 1,500 years after the Firstfruits, a Latter Harvest.   Then the Tares numbering as the "sand of the sea" (Revelation 20:8) also come under the jurisdiction of "The Southland." But as outcasts (the have-nots) the Tares will not fully enjoy the bounties of GOD.

          GOD owns the whole world so what makes Palestine any Holier than anywhere else?   GOD'S Holy Ark was removed from amongst the people and placed in the inner recesses of the Solomonic Temple only to be visited one day a year by the High Priest.   Later, before the Solomonic Temple was destroyed the Holy Ark was removed and placed in a cave by the Prophet Jeremiah (Jeremiah 43:8-10; II Maccabees 2:4-8).   So, the Holy Ark had been totally removed from amongst people (Isaiah 14:2).

          Therefore, the false Israel coveting and occupying the lands of Palestine while oppressing and killing Palestinians, seizing and occupying the properties of others ... then consider the theft, deceit, bloodshed, and tyranny involved, matters certainly violate the dictates of GOD (Jeremiah 22:1-9; Exodus 20:1-17; I Kings 9:1-9).

          Remember, Solomon and Solomon's children were given David's throne over this disobedient world (Jeremiah 22:2).   As such, Revelation describes Solomon's long lasting kingdom as the Sixth Kingdom (called Judah)(Revelation 17:10-11).   Then, in these latter days, the Canaanites gave it all up when they took GOD'S Holy Ark captive (Zechariah 5:4; Genesis 49:1,10; Joshua 7:1-26).   That happened in 1985 and GOD started withdrawing His support.   Jeremiah reiterates matters as happening at the end of Jeremiah's 70th year which occurred in the Spring of 1988 (Jeremiah 25:12).   And the King of ancient Babylon referred to in Jeremiah 25:12 is not Saddam Hussein.

          Even the Quran refers to Solomon's demise.   For example,

          "And when We had decreed his death, they did not know that he was dead until they saw a worm (Jacob the Human Shepherd, Isaiah 41:14) eating away his staff.   And when his corpse fell down, the Jinn realized that had they had knowledge of what was hidden they would not have continued in their abject servitude."

Sura 34:14

          An Historic Consideration: The Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu, or other religions have not been lifted above GOD'S laws as GOD'S laws apply equally to all (Deuteronomy 30:1-3; Isaiah 56:1-8; Psalm 19:7-11).   And three or four generations back in time or earlier no one truly knows if a union truly complied with GOD'S marriage laws, or if the off-spring were legitimate or not, and if the correct surname were given unto the male off-spring.   Remember, under man's laws virginity has not been a prerequisite but under GOD'S laws, "sex with a virgin is still instant marriage."

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