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          Wisdom is knowledge with understanding.   That is, true knowledge combined with proper understanding represents true wisdom.   However, if falsehoods and errors are accepted as knowledge, then they provide a false foundation to produce invalid understanding and false wisdom, a pretext of wisdom.

          "For wisdom is better than rubies; and all things that may be desired are not to be compared to it."

Proverbs 8:11; 2:6; 3:13-15; 4:5-13
Isaiah 33:6

          Caution:  if one's knowledge is based upon falsehoods then one's understanding of the matter would be false.   Also, half-truths are the worst form of lies, for hearers (or readers) cannot readily distinguish the true from the false; the hearers (or readers) are left with multiple choices, none of which may be correct.   Thus, when seeking wisdom, the wise endeavor to acquire true knowledge upon which true understanding can be established.


          Which came first, the hen or the egg?   The answer might be "the rooster" for without the rooster neither the hen nor egg could reproduce.   However, without the hen there would be no egg and the rooster couldn't reproduce either.   Speculation is not reliable fact or truth!

          The same general mystery concerns:  Elements, Molecules, and Dynamic Laws.

          Scripture speaks of green plant life being created on the third day of the sabbath (a period of time divided into seven equal parts).   The sunlight necessary for green plant life to survive and the mechanism for our 24 hour-day clock were created on the fourth day of Creation Week.   Man, of course, was created on the sixth day; but, Scripture doesn't say how old Adam was upon creation.   Thus, if Adam were created as a 20 or 30 year old man, he was older than planet earth when he was created.   The same rational holds true for rocks, animals, plants, sea life, etc.   When initially created, each undoubtedly exhibited characteristics much older than planet earth.

          So, if geologists, for example, claim that a specific rock or item exhibits characteristics of being 30 million years old, they may be perfectly correct.   Conversely, while citing the Biblical Chronology, Creationists may point out that planet earth entered the year 6001 from Creation in the spring of 1996 AD (Northern Hemisphere).   And, they too would also be correct.

          If evolutionists were to identify day one of a theoretical life of earth, they too would be faced with a "big bang" theory at some point after infinity past.   Thus, we're back to the time honored question of the hen, the egg, and the rooster.

          Also, where did the dynamic laws come from?   They govern the whole universe and everything in it.   And, what maintains their precise existence?


          What difference does it make if Creation Week occurred during 4005 BC or millions of years ago?

          Actually, the difference is astounding.   That is, when humanity entered the Seventh Millennium in the spring of 1996 AD, it marked the beginning of The LORD'S Day.   Events of The Final 42 Year-Hour, The Second 40 Year Exodus, The 35 Years Of Severe Tribulations, etc. were already well underway.   Humanity had clearly entered a time when "...many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased" (Daniel 12:4; Nahum 2:3-4).   Today women are even plucking off their own breasts for fear of cancer (Ezekiel 23:34).

          These events surround the gathering of the first group (the Little Flock or Lambs) to enter the Kingdom of GOD (Revelation 7:4-8; 14:1-5; Luke 12:32; Isaiah 49:5-6; etc.); whereas, the next group to come out from amongst the unbelievers and disobedient to enter the Kingdom of GOD must endure another 1,000 years of waiting; others will not enter the more righteous kingdom for 1,500 years; and, still others will never enter therein (Daniel 11:32-35; 7:25; 12:7; Revelation 12:14; 7:9).   Therefore, people everywhere ought to be concerned.

          If the false philosophy of millions of years were true then The Seventh Millennium, The LORD'S Day, etc. certainly came and went millions of years ago without a trace.   And, somehow, everyone has been left far behind.   Today, the sudden advent of:  the automobile, the aircraft, space exploration, the computer age, and other modern technologies would be a grand mirage.   All would have happened millions of years ago.   Even the Kingdom of GOD would have materialized millions of years ago.   However, it's all happening now as humanity just entered The Seventh Millennium, exactly as prophesied!

          O.K., if one recognized Creation Week, the arrival of The LORD'S Day, and that events described for the LORD'S Day are exactly the same as those prescribed for The Third millennial day from the 5 BC Birth of Christ ... then perhaps people have valid grounds for finding out what's going on, why is Biblical prophecy coming true, and what else does it say?   What are the four great beasts versus the four carpenters (the four great powers)?   What are the three kingdoms of this world ... the Sixth, the Seventh, and the Eighth?   What is the Kingdom of GOD all about?   And, in addition to events of The 46 Year Turning Point now underway, what events are to transpire throughout the next 1,500 years?   If Bible prophecy accurately describes today's events, then what it says about the future must also be valid.

          Yes, true wisdom is being able to take what exists, put it all in context, and derive proper understanding.   Those without understanding will be shown no favor (Isaiah 27:11).


          Isaiah speaks of a vail, a covering to obscure or conceal, being cast over all people and all nations:

          "And he (the LORD of hosts:  Jeremiah 51:19) will destroy (swallow up or remove) in this mountain (the kingdom of GOD, the strong people that glorify GOD:  Isaiah 25:3) the face of the covering cast over all people, and the vail that is spread over all nations."

Isaiah 25:7

          Whereas, the Book of Daniel also speaks of matters being sealed and hidden until "the time of the end."   Why would matters be hidden, concealed?

          "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end:  many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

Daniel 12:4; 8:26
Isaiah 44:18
Revelation 10:4

          Whereas, John described that on The LORD'S Day, wherein we now dwell, this vail would be lifted (Revelation 1:3,10; 22:10).

          So, today people are traveling to and fro with ease (the horse and buggy and sailing ships are history) and knowledge has been increased.   Now, the Scriptures are being unsealed.   Therefore, why exercise caution?   Well, check out "Beware Of Those Spreading Lies And Half-Truths" as Scripture lambastes and identifies false prophets.


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