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          We do our own research, etc. and remain independent using the Scriptures and ancient writings as a basis for our work.   We avoid the mystical realm and the works of others most of which are very erroneous.   Our material has been posted on the web and is free to everyone who visits our sites.   Nothing is for sale!   We start with Creation Week in the beginning and continue unto the "end of these wonders" in the midst of the Eighth Millennium.   With respect to the Biblical Chronology only the overall or top layer is posted on the web excepting the Seventh and Eighth Millennial Days which are rather complete in the slide show.   Subsequent layers will be posted later as many people tend to help themselves and call it their own work without giving credit where credit is due.   But without details the plagiarists cannot justify their claims so most pervert it by changing dates, etc. to conceal what they are doing without the least concern for truth.

          Most notable historical Biblical sites documented, located, and described by us include:   (1) The Edenic Valley now beneath the Red Sea.   (2) The City of Chanoch, the home of Cain, East of Eden.   (3) The Location Of Noah's Ark North of Tayma', Arabia.   (4) The identity of the Exodus crossing point.   (5) The Location of the preserved portion (the inner Temple) of the Solomonic Temple West of the Hinnom (Jeremiah 19:2 KJV) and two subsequent Temples (three different sites but none on the phony traditional mount).  Also, the detailed design and layout of the Levitical City and the Altar Base exterior to the Temples have been explained in detail but the design criteria for the Temple has been withheld until people reenter the preserved ruins of the Solomonic Temple.   (6) The historic Stone of Abel whereupon the ancient Altar of Ebenezer rests (Isaiah 19:19-20).   This stone (a mountain of rock) and the Altar of Ebenezer (a bound stone) were key for locating the Altar before the Solomonic Temple and the hiding place of GOD'S Holy Arks.   (7) The hiding place of GOD'S Holy Ark was visited in Hebron.   However, details provided on the web only lead from Ebenezer to Beth Zur (the location of the House on the Rock) a key place to begin looking.   Actually, the three Shemesh's (Beth-, Ir-, and En-) form a unique triangle to point the way.   The Holy Ark will be brought forth when people get interested and appropriate conditions are met.   Meanwhile, great troubles continue for those who took GOD'S properties captive (Zechariah 5:4).

          Additional material on the web includes:   (1) An extensive slide show of Biblical History And Prophecy:   Schedule Of Events (275 slides at last count).   (2) Chanoch's Water Supply provides evidence of saltwater marine distillation units that provide fresh water (and crude oil as a by-product).   This fresh water is then distributed via underground river systems to emerge via springs and form surface rivers, lakes, and underground water sources for water tables.   Outlets in the seas appear as blue holes in the shallows and even supply the fresh water (unfrozen) deep beneath ice caps in polar regions that then freezes to form mountains of fresh water ice whose out flows (rivers of ice) eventually break off to form ice bergs.   (3) Chanoch's Water Supply includes the mechanism for and operation of the two-way river system wherein two rivers, one directly atop the other, flow in opposite directions in the Bosporus.   This phenomena remained an historic mystery until explained on this web site.   (4) Corruption in Government:   Five serious ongoing Scams rip off:   (a) national treasuries,   (b) the citizenry and their corporations,   (c) an international loan scam, ripping off nations,   (d) the mechanism for controlling U.S. Congressional legislation,   (e) the theft of GOD'S Holy Arks ... all on behalf of International Organized Crime.   This whole corrupt world system and the consequences for serving it are described in Scripture.   (5) GOD'S Holy Periods that foreshadow and layout GOD'S schedule of events.   (6) GOD'S Marriage Laws that help explain who's who in Scripture.   (7) Texts that help explain what's happening in this world provide essential background for understanding the Scriptures.   And, (8) much more is set forth in our web site Brian's HATS:   Brian's House, Brian's Annex, Brian's Theatre, and Brian's Study.   Enjoy.


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