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Subj: Sink The Congressional Sacrifice

Ref: 21 December 1998 ltr.
Regaining Lost Donkeys
(Political Support)

14 January 1999

Vernon: You may wish to provide a copy of this to Billy C. as we doubt if we get past the mail readers.

"The Sacrifice of the people" (Congress) today in the high place (Capitol Hill) is progressing just as I Samuel 9:12 said. And, the whole world knows who the sacrificial "goat" is.

Samuel, of course, is to bless "the sacrifice" (I Samuel 9:13). That is, the LORD told Samuel to anoint Saul Captain over the people (I Samuel 9:15-16).

Now, after Samuel anoints Saul (I Samuel 10:1), Saul holds his own sacrifice (I Samuel 10:8). Smile!

Saul then is proclaimed King by the people (I Samuel 10:24); but, the children of Belial (the opposition) were not too happy (I Samuel 10:27).

That's when Saul gets his dander up and demands obedience (I Samuel 11:6-7). The people again proclaim Saul King (I Samuel 11:15; 12:13). But, "the King" is still only anointed Captain, a limited or conditional position.

In the second year of Saul's reign as Captain, Saul routes the Philistines (I Samuel 13:1-7). Saul then holds another sacrifice without waiting for Samuel (I Samuel 13:8-10). Even GOD'S Holy Ark will be brought forth (and much more) in Saul's second year (I Samuel 14:18). Nevertheless, at the end of the second year Samuel is instructed to anoint Saul to be King (I Samuel 15:1).

The rest is academic ... it's all up to Saul. And Saul, the first King of the Israelites, prefigures the first King of the Seventh Kingdom.

George D. Brown

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