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To All Nations

Subj:  The End Is Near
             (Part I)  

Everyone Has A Choice



          Both the Old and New Testaments and The Koran speak of a Final 42 Year-Hour.   The Koran also admonishes readers to pay heed to the Old and New Testaments.   And, The Koran, of course, refers to this fantastic hour as "The Hour Of Doom" (Dawood Translation).   Therein, a whole host of events are now underway.   Nevertheless, people supporting falsehoods and abominations ought to wakeup and seek after righteousness.   Yes, it's wakeup time.


          Actually, the End Times wherein we now dwell are the End of an era and not the End of the world as the world will continue to spin on and on.   However, a great division has been foretold ... a division of humanity wherein the more righteous will be segregated from the more disobedient.   And, the more righteous people will come from all walks of life, from all creeds, all colors, all languages, etc. as they form the Eternal Congregation.

          Meanwhile, the vast multitudes of the more disobedient will have separated as the Tares, the lost.   Their troubles, to materialize in the remaining years of The Hour Of Doom, only preview 1,500 years of more troubles, strife, hopelessness, and misery awaiting them in the Seventh and Eighth Millennia.


          Today, the great Trumpet (the Internet) is sounding around the world exactly as foretold.   But the amazing progress of today will soon become tomorrow's antiquities.   And, myriad promises set forth in Scripture more than 2500 years ago are obviously coming true.

          Whoever dreamed of humanity's great leap forward from the horse and buggy era and on into the space age in less than 70 years (1900-1970 AD).

          People everywhere scoffed when beginning 7 January 1929 the John F. Dille Company introduced Dick Calkins' new science fiction strip.   That is, Calkins took readers 500 years into the future, into the year 2429 AD, to travel in space with Astronaut Buck Rogers.   Children of the 1930's may also recall reading "The Big-Little Books" (i.e. about 3" x 4" x 1˝") which included Buck Rogers' adventures.

          Little did people realize that within less than 40 years, yes only 40 years, some of those very children reading that "outlandish" science fiction would be physically walking on the moon and whirling around the earth in giant silver cylinders and in space capsules.   Meanwhile, others would be sending unmanned vehicles exploring deep space and millions of others would be advancing technologies or otherwise making it all possible.

          In 1929 Ford's "Tin Lizzie," the Model T (1908-1928), was being replaced by the Model A.   Earlier, in 1903, the Wright Brothers had made the first powered flight in a heavier-than-air craft.   Then in 1927 the 25 year old Charles A. Lindbergh completed the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic.

          But then, in 1929, Dick Calkins' adventures of Buck Rogers in space still appeared very unreal and quite ridiculous to most people.   However, again, in less than 40 years Calkins' science fiction had become reality.   The Space Age had arrived!

          Now, the future offers fantastic advancements.


          It behooves all peoples world-wide to make sure that they are on the "right side of the fence" as matters progress.

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The Final 42 Year-Hour
(1/24 X 1000 Year-Day:  II Peter 3:8)


Spring 1982 AD
Spring 2024 AD
|42 Year-Hour |


Hour Of Doom

Sura 6:31,41; 7:187; 15:85;
18:21,36; 20:15; 22:1,8,55;
25:12; 30:13,15,55; 33:63;
34:4; 40:59; 43:60,66,85;
45:27,33; 47:18; 54:1,45.

The LORD'S Day
Spring 1996 AD

Genesis 2:2-3
Exodus 20:8-11


Hour Of Desolations

Revelation 1:10; 17:12;
John 2:4; 5:25
Matthew 24:50-51

This Is Only
The Beginning Of Sorrows
For The Disobedient

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