Recognizing What's Happening

        Brian's Theatre Plans A Potpourri Of Topics As The Great Battles Progress.   Nevertheless, The Forces Of Good Triumph Over The Forces Of Evil Before These End Times Climax.   And People Everywhere Will Recognize Those Who Come To The Aid Of The LORD Against The Mighty (Judges 5:23; Exodus 23:20-25).

Brian's Theatre


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THE OPTIONS:  Entering Brian's Fabulous Estate:  (1) Brian's House, (2) Brian's Annex, (3) Brian's Theatre (you are here), or (4) Brian's Study.


Diagrams Of End Times Schedule

          At the end of each text a diagram reflects a portion of The End Times Schedule and Layout Of Events.   These diagrams, labeled Figure "  X  " of Several, are bonuses for visitors to each page.

Fig. 1:  Know Where You Are In Humanity's Great Journey.

Fig. 2:  The Second Great Exodus.

Fig. 3:  The Final 42 Year-Hour.

Fig. 4:  The Escape Route.

Fig. 5:  The Past Mirrors The Future.

Fig. 6:  The Third "Time" Has Begun.

Fig 7:  The Fiery Furnace Is Heating Up.

Fig. 8:  Daniel's 70 Years.

Fig. 9:  A Few Time Bridges.

Fig. 10a:  A Very Special "Day."

Fig 10b: Josiah's Birth.

Fig 10c: Josiah's 18 Years.

Fig 10d: Steps To Josiah's Birth.

Fig 10e: The Burden Of Arabia.

Fig 10f: Isaiah And Jeremiah's 70 Years versus Daniel's 70 Years.

Fig 10g: How Will You Know?

Fig 11:  Knowing The Day And Hour.

Fig 12:  Hallow The Fiftieth Year.

Fig 13:  Liberty Has Been Proclaimed.

Fig 14:  GOD'S Holy Days.

Fig 15:  The Severe Tribulations And Layout Of The Severe Tribulations.

Fig 16:  Confirming The Count Of Years (Part I):  Jesus' Age 30 In Tiberius' 15th Year.

Fig 17:  Confirming The Count Of Years (Part II):  Comparing Events.

Fig 18:  Confirming The Count Of Years (Part III):  Reaffirming The Calendar Conversion Factor (4004 For AD Years).

Fig 19:  Calendar Conversion Standards.

Fig 20:  The Great Escape.

Fig 21:  Flee Babylon (This Unrighteous World).

Fig 22:  Voices Of The Seven Thunders Speak.

Fig 23:  Looking Back And Ahead.

Fig 24:  The End Of These Wonders.


The End Is Near
Another View Of The Fantastic
46 Year Turning Point In
The History Of Humanity

SERVING EVIL HAS CONSEQUENCES:  National Leaders and other individuals are not immune from GOD'S wrath.   Fig. 1:  Know Where You Are In Humanity's Great Journey.

LETTER TO ALL NATIONS:  The End Is Near.   This basic letter is expanded in three additional parts that all people (young and old, male and female, leaders and elders) might very carefully consider their ways and choose the right path.   Thus, as GOD'S promises come to pass in these End Times, perhaps many more may avoid the dire fate of the inhabitants of Al-Judi.   Fig. 2:  The Second Great Exodus.


Dishonesty By World Leaders

LEBENSRAUM CONTINUES:  The Great Double Cross.   The foundation of continuing troubles in the Middle East.   The double-crossers exposed.   Fig. 6:  The Third "Time" Has Begun.


Catching Up With Evildoers
Evening The Score
The Evolution Of Events

RECOGNIZE THE WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING:  Getting Ready For The Fiery Furnace.   The wolf unmasked.   Cease protecting the wolf.   Destroy the destructive wolf.   Evict the wolf from the UN.   Punishment of unrepentant evildoers.   Fig 7:  The Fiery Furnace Is Heating Up.

STUPENDOUS EVENTS EVOLVING WHILE THE WORLD SLEEPS ON:  Watching The Fantastic Evolution.   Review And Preview.   A series of significant events occurring as the End Times progress.   Fig. 8:  Daniel's 70 Years.

THE SURPRISE OF SURPRISES:  Amazing Revelations.   Perhaps The Gathering Of The Eternal Congregation Gathers Over A 1,500 Year Period.   The great tribulations for the lost and for wicked nations also encompass 1,000 or 1,500 years or far more.   Anyone experiencing a 70 year life-time of tribulations will readily attest:  it won't be fun for the Tares.   Fig. 9:  A Few Time Bridges.


The Eternal Congregation
The 1,000 Years Are Underway

THE SOUTHLANDThe True Rebirth:  A momentous new world has been emerging before humanity's very eyes.   People can see and experience the vast advancements and changes in technologies.   So, what awaits humanity in the years ahead?

RESURRECTING THE DEAD:  Who, How, Why, and When.   The resurrections defined.   What to expect.   Discusses both the first and second resurrections.


The Battle
As Goliath Struggles To Regain
Lost Powers

THE BATTLE:  Powers Enjoyed By The Sixth Kingdom Now Reside With The Seventh World Kingdom.   The sceptre has changed hands but those behind-the-scenes struggle to regain powers from GOD.   Yet, force and deceit will not profit them.   Fig 11:  Knowing The Day And Hour.


Getting More Wisdom
Wisdom Is Knowledge With Understanding

UNDERSTANDING THE END TIMES:  Answers The Question:  What are the roles of Jewry, Christianity, Islam, and all other peoples in End Times prophecy?


Passing The Word
To People Everywhere

TWO BIBLICAL SLIDE SHOWS:   (totaling 108 slides) describe Biblical History And Prophecy leading up to and encompassing "The End Of These Wonders."   Special emphasis is on the final 42 Year-Hour and the creation of the promised Eternal Kingdom to assemble in three castes over a 1,500 year interval before The Tares are added as eternal outcasts, the workers and menial servants (their lake of fire).

THE CURSED CANAANITES ARE NOT ISRAEL: (Part I and Part II)    The Scriptures expose evildoers.

REAPING WHAT ONE SOWS: "... as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee...."

BEING LEFT OUT WILL BE A DREADFUL EXPERIENCE: reiterates that serving evildoers is expensive indeed as it compares promises for the disobedient versus promises for the more obedient.

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