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The Great Double Cross

Lebensraum Continues


          If Jewry were truly Israel would not GOD have given them the entire Holy Lands and more without extensive bloodshed, constant fear, and turmoil that has continued day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year for more than 50 years?


"... and the cup was found in Benjamin's sack."

Genesis 44:12

          The Hebrew "'amtachath" translated "sack" (i.e. a bag) actually means "something expansive" from the Hebrew root "mâthach" meaning "to stretch out" (i.e. to spread out).

          Thus, "'amtachath" would appear to apply equally to Hitler's expansionism (lebensraum -- living space) and to Jewry's endeavors to seize Egyptian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, and Jordanian lands.


          A series of interviews by Zola Levitt, aired nation-wide in the USA o/a 10-12 June 1996 on "Zola Levitt Live" -- a religious TV program, dealt with concocted claims by Jewry to Arab lands in the Middle East.

          Interviewees included:  Benjamin Netanyahu (then Prime Minister Elect of the Jewish State), Ariel Sharon, Benny Begin, and Yitzak Shamir.

          Parties involved endeavored to justify Jewry's false claims to Arab lands even to include the entire Transjordan and more.   And, in their attempts to justify their false claims, they repeatedly alluded to:  (1) "Agreements" (without citing specifics) and (2) "The Holy Bible" (again, without citing specifics).

"... and the cup was found in Benjamin's sack."

Genesis 44:12


          Allusions were made that the Holy Bible authorizes or justifies Jewry's false claims.   These allusions were totally unfounded so the interviewer and his interviewees obviously could not cite specifics that do not exist.   In fact, if the parties had read, understood, and paid heed to the Scriptures the interviewer and interviewees might realize that the exact opposite is true.

          Yes, all would flee "Bozrah," the sheep cote (pen), as dire consequences are foretold and that the day of the LORD'S vengeance has arrived.

          Yes, Bibi, the theft of GOD'S Holy Ark and the destruction of the house of the thief are described (Zechariah 5:4; Jeremiah 43:11-13; etc.).   And Jewry obviously has been suffering consequences for their actions as the Sixth Kingdom has been displaced by the Seventh (Genesis 49:1,10; etc.).

          Yes, there are two Temples to be built in these later days.   The builders are described by the Prophets as "Darius the Mede" and "Darius the Persian."   Scripture describes Jewry's presence when the latter Temple is built in the desolate city.   Yes, the Seventh Kingdom builds the first and the Eighth Kingdom, the Tares, builds the second so intelligent people will act accordingly.

"... and the cup was found in Benjamin's sack."

Genesis 44:12


          Repeated allusions to "Agreements" apparently referred to Declarations made to private citizens (the Rothschilds) by their toadies on Government payrolls.   These would include:

    1. The Jules Cambon Declaration of 4 June 1917 (French).

    2. The Lord Balfour Declaration of 2 November 1917 (British).

    3. A similar Declaration concluded by agents within the Third Reich (German).

          Each Declaration purportedly promised to give Arab lands to the Jewish Canaanites.

          The ludicrousness of such Declarations could be compared to a Catholic Bishop or Cardinal in the employ of the British Government making a Declaration to the Pope declaring that all of England, for example, be given to the Roman Catholics as a new Catholic State, "Vaticanland," because the Vatican is too small and Roman Catholics do not have a homeland as such.

          Then, regardless of what the United Nations, France, the USA, and others may say or do the British Anglicans and others world-wide would never cease warfare with the Roman Catholics until the Catholics returned unrestricted sovereignty to the British.

          Yes, the ludicrousness of a "friend" selling his neighbor's property to another without the neighbor's knowledge nor consent is blatant thievery especially when the buyer is well aware of matters.   Then when the neighbor, their victim, is physically evicted using armed force it's called armed robbery.

"... and the cup was found in Benjamin's sack."

Genesis 44:12


          Scripture describes events as "The burden of the desert of the sea" and "the burden upon Arabia" wherein men and nations dealt treacherously with their Arab allies, brothers, and neighbors (Isaiah 21:1-17).

          The Ottoman Turks reigned over Arab lands for 400 years (1517-1918) displacing the Caliph (rightful successor) with a secular Sultan (ruler) and dividing the lands into a series of provinces including:  (1) Turkey, (2) Syria (lands South of Turkey to the Egyptian Sinai and from the Mediterranean East to the deserts), (3) Mesopotamia (the Eastern portion now known as the Iraqi-Kuwaiti region), (4) Arabia (South of the Syria-Mesopotamia provinces to the Indian Ocean with the Red Sea on the West and the Gulf of Persia on the East), and (5) the Egyptian Province (seized by the British in 1914 and retained as a British Protectorate from 1914 unto 1922).

          Then, during World War I, to divert the Ottoman Turks from aiding Germany against the British, the Allies promised the Grand Sherif of Mecca dominion over all lands liberated from the Ottoman Turks by Hussein's Arab forces.   Thus, when Husseini warriors routed the Ottoman Turks from Hail, Medina, Jerusalem, Damascus, etc; the Arabs pressured the Turks into surrendering well before British and Australian forces arrived and the Turks had been prevented from aiding Germany against England.

          For the Arab's role the Grand Sherif, Emir Hussein, had been promised the restoration of the Caliphate with dominion over all lands East of the Mediterranean bounded on the North by the 37th parallel, on the East by Persia and the Persian Gulf, on the South by the Indian Ocean, and on the West by the Red Sea and the Mediterranean [See: (1) The June 1918 Declaration To The Seven (seven Syrian nationalist leaders with copies to both the Grand Sherif and to Feisal his son)(Lawrence's report to the War Office 4 November 1918 filed in British Public Records Office, Cabinet Papers file 27/36); (2) Correspondence from Sir Henry McMahon, British High Commissioner in Egypt, as quoted by George Antonius, Arab historian, in his text, "The Arab Awakening" (page 179); (3) The British Arab Bureau Paper prepared by D.G. Hogarth (filed in British Public Records Office, Foreign Office file 371/6237).   Note Hogarth's paper officially summarized what had been agreed to by the Allies and the Grand Sherif.].

          Meanwhile, when the Grand Sherif, The Emir Hussein, was being promised a restored Caliphate, vile treachery emerged against the Arab peoples as the Allies plotted to double-cross their Moslem Ally.

          In June of 1915 a British interdepartmental committee report, The de Bunsen Committee Report, set the tone for the eventual division of Arab lands.

          "It is worth noting that at this period, when the British were promising to do all they could for Arab independence, the committee (de Bunsen), referring to the advantages of taking Mesopotamia, was writing:  'We could develop oil fields and establish Indian colonists with reference solely to our own (British) interests and convenience.'"

"The Secret Lives Of
Lawrence Of Arabia"
Phillip Knightly and Colon Simpson,
McGraw-Hill Book Company,
1969, pages 80-81

          Thus, the de Bunsen Committee Report of June 1915 initiated the division of Arab lands contrary to official binding agreements made with the then leader of the Arab peoples.

          Next, the Sykes-Picot Secret Meetings were held between Britain, France, and Czarist Russia to formalize plans for the division of Arab lands amongst themselves.   The resultant Sykes-Picot Agreement of August 1916 (secret) documented their plan.   The terms of this agreement were later made public by the Bolsheviks when they took Petrograd in November 1917; but then both Britain and France publicly denied the existence of such an agreement.   Both Sykes and Picot even visited Hussein to deny the truth in efforts to retain Arab support against the Turks.

          While all this had been transpiring Jewry's Declarations had been issued.   That is:  (1) The Jules Cambon (Fr.) Declaration of 4 June 1917; (2) The Lord Balfour (Br.) Declaration of 2 November 1917; and (3) a reported similar Declaration with German agents.   All effectively promised the Rothschild Family to give the Moslem lands of Palestine, etc. unto Jewry.

          Note:  Since the Bolsheviks were financed and under the dominion of Jewry's agents serving the throne of Jewry's world-wide hidden government of the Sixth Kingdom, it is logical that the Bolsheviks acted as they did to expose the existence of the Sykes-Picot Secret Agreement because Jewry's leaders were not a direct party thereto nor were they to acquire the lands described in the aforecited Declarations.

          The Treaty Of Sèvres (1920) then evolved during The Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920) to publicly expose the great double cross of the Arab peoples.   Feisal ibn Hussein (son of Hussein) represented his father, the Grand Sherif, while the Allies now gave him their plans for the division of Arab lands -- plans in total contradiction to Allied promises to the Grand Sherif.

          The Treaty of Sèvres constituted a mock treaty unfairly and treacherously forced upon Arabs as if the Arabs had been a part of the defeated Axis Powers instead of a key victorious Ally.   Again, Arab leaders did not consent to and never were a consenting party to the Treaty of Sèvres which subdivided Arab lands previously occupied by the Ottoman Turks and liberated by Husseini warriors under the leadership of Feisal and Abdullah ibn Hussein together with Lawrence of Arabia their friend, companion, and advisor.

          Note again, it was Husseini warriors that defeated the Ottoman Turks not the British, not the French, not anyone else.   In fact, when British regulars attempted to push up the Euphrates River they were totally captured by the Turks.   And Husseini forces were key to their rescue.

          Yes, when British General Allenby later marched triumphantly through the Joppa Gate into the old city of Jerusalem, Allenby was taking credits for the Arab victory under Feisal ibn Hussein, his brother Abdullah, and Lawrence who had already moved on to liberate Damascus and force the Ottoman Turk surrender.

          However, despite the Arab victories the Treaty of Sèvres established Lebanon and Syria under French mandates while Palestine, Transjordan, and Iraq including the cities of Kuwait and Mossel were established under British mandates.   The only lands to be given to the Arabs were the Arabian waste-lands most of which were then in the hands of Abdullah al Aziz ibn Saud who with British support, via a Col. Shakespeare in Britain's Kuwaiti Office, began conquering the eastern nomadic tribes of Arabia in 1901.   Ibn Saud, of course, had allied himself with the Wahhabi family to gain "religious" respect and support then effectively sat out the war against the Turks.

          Now, in 1920, Abdullah al Aziz ibn Saud was loosed against the Husseini family when Feisal ibn Hussein, representing his father, the Grand Sherif, at the Paris Peace Conference refused to agree to the terms of the Treaty of Sèvres; and, Feisal's father the Grand Sherif of Mecca, King of the Hejaz (the Western Arabian province), would not double-cross his people and similarly refused to agree to the ridiculous terms of the Treaty of Sèvres.

          Therefore, immediately, all Allied support of the Grand Sherif ceased while ibn Saud was well armed, financed, and loosed by the British to drive the Husseini family from Arabia.   And the British authorities even spied for ibn Saud detailing plans and activities of Husseini warriors attempting to defend against ibn Saud.   Note, most Husseini warriors had been discharged after the Ottoman Turk surrender two years earlier and had gone home to their respective families and tribes.

          It is important to realize that two basic divisions of Islam are the Sunni and Shiite Sects.   The Shiite Sect claims that their ruler must be descended from the union of Ali (Mohammad's cousin) and Fatima (Mohammad's daughter).   This lineage identifies the Caliph (rightful successor and leader of Islam) whose dominion is the Caliphate.   Whereas, the Sunni Sect reiterates that since all true believers are brothers anyone can be their leader.

          Thus, when Abdullah al Aziz ibn Saud and his Wahhabi religious advisors were paid to evict the Grand Sherif, Emir Hussein, heir to the Caliphate; the Sunni Wahhabi family were established as the Islamic religious authority over Mecca and Islam, and the Ibn Saud family were established as the secular rulers, Kings over Arabia, living in wealth and splendor.   So, when the Grand Sherif refused to double-cross the Arab peoples the differences between Shiite and Sunni were used to divide and conquer.


          Now in these end times the Saudi and Wahhabi laws still direct the beheading of anyone openly opposing the crown and/or religious authorities.   So, by their own laws -- what will be the fate of those and their heirs who went against the Caliph and Caliphate to usurp, establish, and maintain their thrones over Islam to complete the double-cross of Arab peoples?

          What will happen to others and their heirs propagating the double-cross of Arab peoples, seizing their properties, homes, businesses, etc.?

          Yes, Bibi, what will happen to the wicked of this world now that the LORD'S Day of vengeance has arrived? Isaiah 51:17-23; Psalm 73:1-28; etc.).

"... and the cup was found in Benjamin's sack."

Genesis 44:12

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