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Kamikaze Attacks Continue

The Battle
(Part II)


          The Battle (Part I) points out obvious motivations behind the Seditious and Treasonous attacks by Kenneth Starr and others as they endeavor to bring down the Clinton Presidency using White Water, sex, etc. while carefully guarding and protecting the true scams robbing the People, the National Treasury, and Nations everywhere.

          One response dated 17 August 1998 (1713 hours) from after a series of vituperative namecallings referring to President Bill Clinton, Polley stated:  "The faster we get rid of him the better."


          Yes, who are "We"?   "We" certainly cannot be the U.S. Citizenry who would reelect Clinton tomorrow if a legitimate election were held... especially if he were to start cleaning up the vile scams.   So, again, who are "We"?

          The 1897 Protocols explain:  Protocol  22,  23,  and  24  to be specific.

          Protocol 22 reiterates that the powers of GOD stand in evidence that the organization controls the world sceptre (Also see Protocol 11:8).

          [Protocol 22, of course, refers to the throne over the Sixth Kingdom (Judah) that both the Scriptures and history affirm.   However, Scripture goes on to explain that the leaders of the organization, the throne over the Sixth Kingdom, lost the sceptre beginning when GOD'S Holy Ark was taken captive by their agents in 1985 (Zechariah 5:4; Genesis 49:1,10; Malachi 2:11-12; Jeremiah 17:1-4; etc.).]

          Protocol 23 describes their ruler (the ruler on the throne of the Sixth Kingdom:  Revelation 17:10-11) as being GOD'S chosen agent (See 23:4).

          [Again, Scripture reiterates that GOD is in charge and "... the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will ..." (Daniel 4:17,25,32; 2:21; 5:21).]

          Protocol 24 discusses the right of passage, how the organization will determine who sits upon their world throne.   Protocol 24 describes their world leader as a dictator who reigns through force and terror to serve the will of the organization.

          [Again, Scripture establishes that the throne over the Sixth Kingdom (their leader) would lose the Powers from GOD beginning when GOD'S Holy Ark was taken captive (Genesis 49:1,10; Daniel 4:30-31; Zechariah 5:4).   And this happened beginning in the Spring of 1985.]


          The organization, of course, had a big hand in establishing Bill Clinton as the U.S. President.   Actually, they had given the people two options:  their other choice was Bob Dole, a long-time servant of the organization.   (See Protocol 10:10-13).

          When Bill Clinton was "elected" he too served the behind-the-scenes organization:  promoting all sorts of abominations.   However, as matters progressed he began learning more and more about the vile scams being conducted on behalf of the behind-the-scenes organization ... International Organized Crime (I.O.C.).   At the same time, Clinton also recognized that he had mysteriously inherited powers from GOD as world ruler over all ... as ruler on the throne over the Seventh Kingdom.   But, he also came to learn that the throne over the Seventh Kingdom is a dual throne to be shared by two families, two powers ... the Christians and the Moslems.   And, Daniel 11 speaks of these battles between the North and the South.   (See THE KINGDOMS in Brian's House).


          Meanwhile, as Clinton awoke to his special position as world ruler, the organization operating behind-the-scenes (the former servants of the throne over the Sixth Kingdom) realized that Clinton's powers exceeded theirs, and they had not established him as their ruler upon the world throne (Jeremiah 22:2).

          Thus, I.O.C.'s agents have undertaken to regain their world sovereignty and to blackmail or otherwise remove Clinton as world leader.   In the process, they naturally have studiously acted to protect their vile scams ... their Achilles' heels.

          Unfortunately for the two Kings ... neither has sought out their proper anointing and as such have suffered the consequences.   Remember, Saul the first King lost his powers from GOD when he refused to obey the Word of GOD via Samuel.   Also, obviously, neither has sought to bring forth GOD'S Holy Arks over which The Glory Of GOD (Shiloh) should be manifested (Genesis 49:1,10,24; Isaiah 40:5; Zechariah 2:5,10-13; Leviticus 26:11-12; etc.).   And, not one stone has been prepared for the End Times Temple (Haggai 1:1 thru 2:19).

          Oh, yes, International Organized Crime's vile scams continue unabaited.   So, the great battle rages on and on.



          For extensive details behind the Kenneth Starr, Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton affair that Ken Starr, the Media, the Justice Department, and the U.S. Congress have been covering up see Brian's House:

          When will David step forward to destroy Goliath and to save both King Saul and the people?   What will Kenneth Starr say when he is forced to talk?   Goliath's vile scams, that Starr is well aware of, speak loud and clear!

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Fig. 13 of Several                

Liberty Has
Been Proclaimed

On The Day Of Atonement

(10th Day Of 7th Biblical Month)
Of The 120th Jubilee Year
(i.e. On 3 October 1995).

Genesis 6:3
Leviticus 25:9-10; 23:27; Luke 4:18-19
Nahum 1:12; Isaiah 61:1-3; 42:6-7; 49:9
See Jeremiah 34:1-22

Liberty Proclaimed
Jubilee Year
Of The 120th Cycle

Year Of
Solemn Assembly



21 Years


Nahum 2:3
Exodus 12:1-14
Isaiah 61:1-3

Half Hour

Revelation 8:1
Isaiah 26:19-21

The Long Trumpet

Exodus 19:11,13,16,19
Ezekiel 33:3-6
Revelation 8:7

The Final 42 Year-Hour

Like Pharaoh In The Days Of Moses:
GOD'S Command To:  "Let My People Go"
Has Been Ignored!
Nevertheless, Liberty Has Been Proclaimed.

Leviticus 25:10

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