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The Changing Tide

The Battle
(Part V)


††††††††††When Saul was anointed Captain over the host by Samuel, Saul spent two days with Samuel before being anointed on the third day (I Samuel 9:19 thru 10:1).†† That is, Samuel fed Saul The Word so Saul got an ear full.†† Two years later Samuel again anointed Saul only this time as King (I Samuel 13:1; 15:1).†† The first anointing was a temporary or conditional anointing and the second was permanent as long as Saul obeyed GOD.†† But, as the story goes, Saul didn't obey and, for example, let Agag "off the hook" ... so Saul was replaced.

††††††††††Billy Clinton, of course, has had six years to "get with it."†† Instead, Clinton mocked GOD with a host of abominations, supported International Organized Crime's operations excepting he refused to allow I.O.C. to adversely impact the nation's economy "on his watch," and Clinton generally did as he pleased.†† However, for obvious reasons of distrust, I.O.C.'s agents moved to "teach him a lesson" and to remove him from office in an effort to better protect their subversive and treasonous operations.†† Yet, Clinton has even protected the Nazi lebensraum by the invaders of Palestine and I.O.C.'s seizure of GOD'S Holy Arks.

††††††††††Kenneth Starr's 1998 sex expose' pursuant to Protocol 10:11-13 is a rather obvious lesson for Clinton not to stand in front of a fan while people are throwing wet dung at it.


††††††††††Kenneth Starr along with Clinton's staff and friends had received details of material set forth in the Scams now documented in Brian's House.†† Material was mailed to Starr on 3 February 1998.

††††††††††Earlier (5 years earlier - in 1993), the Clinton White House including George Stephanopoulos and even Clinton's Mom (Virginia Kelley - Lake Hamilton, Arkansas) and others ... all received a series of communications titled, "Let's Pretend" which detailed material now documented in Brian's House as Scams #1 thru #5.

††††††††††Copies of "Let's Pretend" and other material were also hand delivered to US Congressman Dave Weldon's Viera Office (receipts for hand deliveries were obtained).†† Much later, in 1997, copies of Scam #1 had been mailed to every US Senator and to every US Representative in Washington D.C.†† Dave Weldon's office even acknowledged receipt in a letter dated 23 December 1997.

††††††††††Let's face it, giving International Organized Crime (I.O.C.) about $350 billion annually (far more than $1.5 trillion every four years especially when I.O.C.'s agents on Government payrolls are considered) involves robbing the US Treasury.†† Yes, robbing the citizenry via the US Treasury!

††††††††††Paper fiat money, printing press money and accounting notation money can easily be created and distributed from a US Government account in the US Treasury.†† This was demonstrated by Lincoln's "Greenbacks" in the 1860's and "United States Notes" issued by John F. Kennedy ... for which not a dime of interest was paid to I.O.C.'s thieving agents and leaders via I.O.C.'s private Federal Reserve.

††††††††††Now add the other vile Scams that William Jefferson Clinton and his predecessors, and the US Congress, and the US Justice Department, and the FBI, and others have been protecting while serving International Organized Crime as I.O.C. freely pillages and plunders (Isaiah 10:13-14; etc.).

††††††††††Yes, if Kenneth Starr were legitimate he could easily have nailed Billy Clinton and the whole Gang to the cross for treason as they serve and protect, giving aid and comfort to, the enemy, International Organized Crime still waging war against this nation, its citizens, and their corporations.

††††††††††But, why has Billy Clinton continued to stand silent, repentant, like a dummy, in front of that fan while the Gang with their Media Moguls continue to throw wet dung at it?

††††††††††As US President he has the US Constitution and the entire military establishment to back him and to throw the whole gaggle in prison for sedition and treason.†† Remember, those acting as US Senators are holding office illegally and all Federal Judges, the Supreme Court, and all other appointees approved by the illegally constituted US Senates are acting in violation of the US Constitution.†† (See SCAM #4 at Brian's House).†† And, the US House of Representatives are also sworn to uphold the US Constitution rather than serving and protecting International Organized Crime.

††††††††††Yes, Kenneth Starr could easily have nailed Billy Clinton to the cross and downloaded his report from Brian's House for free.†† Instead, Starr has been actively giving aid and comfort to the enemy and Janet Reno is fully aware of matters.†† Her corrupt public servants have the stupidity to demand that citizens not complain to them about corruption in Government.†† Yet, all citizens have the right to petition Government for redress of grievances.†† Yes, Mr. M. Miles Matthews, Senior Management Counsel, US Department Of Justice ... thanks for the e-mail acknowledging receipt of material on behalf of Janet Reno.


††††††††††During Clinton's 12 years as Governor of Arkansas, the citizens of Arkansas had a very significant complaint.†† That is, the citizens subsequently made it quite clear that Bill Clinton had raised Arkansas' taxes more than all previous Arkansas Governors combined.†† However, the Media Moguls kept such information more or less under the rug during the 1992 election as Clinton had been set up as one of I.O.C.'s chosen candidates.†† (Again, see Protocol 10:11-13 quoted in The Battle PART†I).


††††††††††Brian's House elaborates on the End Times schedule now evolving.†† And within that schedule the Scriptures explain that "the cup," representing the LORD'S wrath, is to be taken from the Congregation and is to be given unto the more disobedient (Isaiah 51:21-23; Jeremiah 25:15-17,26-28; Lamentations 4:21-22; etc.).

††††††††††Even Daniel elaborates on ongoing events which involve that "raiser of taxes":

††††††††††Then shall stand up (be seen) in his estate (politics) a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom (the throne over the Seventh Kingdom now in power):† but within few days (a short time - a few years) he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle."

Daniel 11:20

††††††††††The word "destroyed" is from the Hebrew sh‚bar which is also translated "bring to the birth" (Isaiah 66:9).†† Thus, sh‚bar foretells of big changes.

††††††††††"And in his (Clinton's) estate (or place) shall stand up (be seen) a vile person, to whom they (I.O.C.) shall not give the honor of the kingdom:† but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

††††††††††"And with the arms of a flood (and a flood comes swiftly wiping out everything in its path) shall they (I.O.C.) be overflown from before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the covenant."

Daniel 11:21-22†

††††††††††I.O.C.'s leaders reigned from behind-the-scenes upon the world throne over the Sixth Kingdom as "the prince of the covenant."†† Now, "the prince of the covenant" †"shall be broken" when that "vile person" emerges in the estate of the "raiser of taxes."


††††††††††If Bill Clinton were declared vile by I.O.C. and their myriad Media Moguls ... how much more vile will that "vile person" be that's mentioned in Daniel 11:21-22?†† Certainly the show isn't going to be very tame especially for I.O.C., their myriad agents, and their multitude of other servants aiding and protecting I.O.C.'s criminal operations.

††††††††††Remember, Daniel even fainted and was sick for days after experiencing the vision of Daniel 8:23-27.†

††††††††††O.K., Saul was easy on his enemies and even lost the grace of GOD; so, I.O.C. really lost out when Billy Clinton didn't get anointed.†† Now watch what happens when this vile person appears "in his (Clinton's) estate"!

††††††††††"... the most High ruleth in the Kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will, and setteth up over it the basest of men."

Daniel 4:17

††††††††††Again, check out Brian's House from start to finish and you'll know what's about to happen before it does.†† And make sure you're "on the right side of the fence."

Fig. 16 of Several††††††††††††††††

Confirming The Count
Of Years

(Part I)

Jesus' Age 30
In Tiberius' 15th Year

Tiberius' 15th Year
(Ordinal:† In Progress)


Ordinal AD Yrs.

Ordinal Years*

Cardinal Years*

Jesus' Age 30
(Cardinal:† Completed)

(*Years From Creation)

Luke 3:1,23

††††††††††GOD'S Holy Days, the birth of John, Zecharias' ministration, etc. attest that Jesus was born in mid summer (i.e. o/a Summer Solstice 4001 from Creation:† 5 BC).

††††††††††Secular records indicate that Herod died in 4 BC (Matthew 2:15,19).

††††††††††Luke establishes that Jesus was 30 years old (cardinal:† completed) in Tiberius Caesar's 15th year (ordinal:† in progress) (Luke 3:1,23).

††††††††††Secular records reveal that Tiberius' co-regency with Augustus (Octavian) began in 12 AD; therefore, Tiberius' 15th year was 26 AD (11 + 15 = 26).

| 15 |
AD Years

Tiberius' 15 th Year

11 AD = Zero Reference

††††††††††Luke provides a convenient calendar conversion factor:

Jesus' Age 30
Tiberius' 15th Year
Conversion Factor
(For AD Years)


From Creation (Card.)
AD (Ord.)

The Biblical vs The Old vs The New

††††††††††In 1752 AD much of the world began converting from "The Old System" to "The New System."†† That is, instead of the Biblical system which starts each year with the day of the first New Moon following the Vernal Equinox, much of humanity utilized 25 March as New Years Day.†† This has been called "The Old System."†† However, in 1752 AD much of the world began counting each year as commencing on 1 January.†† Thus, using 1 January as New Years Day is called "The New System."†† Therefore, the aforecited conversion factor matches the completion of years from Creation (i.e. cardinal:† completed years) with the spring of AD years (ordinal:† years in progress).†† This compares the Biblical Years from Creation with "The New System" that people are accustomed to recognize.

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(A Prophetic Defeat)

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