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A Prophetic Defeat

The Battle
(Part VI)


          See THE KINGDOMS at Brian's House for additional background and details.


          "And there are seven kings (or Kingdoms):  five are fallen, and one (the Sixth) is (but now it too has fallen), and the other (the Seventh) is not yet come (but today the Seventh has displaced the Sixth Kingdom as these End Times evolve); and when he cometh (again, the Seventh Kingdom is here), he must continue a short space (about 22 years).

          "And the beast that was (Satan, the spirit ruler over the Sixth Kingdom), and is not (is not seen), even he is the eighth (the ruler of the Eighth Kingdom, the tares), and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition."

                                                       Revelation 17:10-11


          David's Throne:  Because of humanity's disobedience, David's throne (Jeremiah 22:2) had been quietly given unto the Canaanites beginning when Solomon was anointed King in lieu of David's legitimate heirs.   Subsequently, Solomon's heirs have occupied this unique world throne as the ancient nation of Canaanites and little horn or power that had been set up to afflict this disobedient world (Jeremiah 22:1-9; 5:15-17; Daniel 7:8,11,20-24; 8:9,23-25; Revelation 13:1-10; etc.).

          The World Of Judah:  This unique throne and world Kingdom (the Sixth Kingdom) had been designated the throne and Kingdom of Judah (Genesis 49:1,8-12; I Chronicles 5:2; Psalm 60:7; 78:68; 108:8; II Kings 17:17-23; Revelation 13:1-10.).   And, since we've all been born in this world of Judah, we're all Judahites in that sense.

          Note:  According to GOD'S marriage laws and His Testimony, Judah had neither legitimate sons nor heirs as Judah, in spite of Abraham and Isaac's admonitions, married a Canaanitish woman (meaning a harlot, a non virgin already married to another) (Genesis 24:3,37; 26:34-35; 28:1,6).   And Judah even went into Tamar, his daughter-in-law, in violation of both GOD'S laws and man's laws.   Thus, Judah had neither legitimate sons nor heirs but Judah's name was carried through history and applied to the Sixth Kingdom signifying this disobedient world.   Remember, Judah was also responsible for selling his brother Joseph into slavery ... an act which obviously earned Judah some very serious consequences (Genesis 37:26-28).   However, even David, an Ephrathite, was called King of Judah (this disobedient world).   (Malachi 2:11-12; Genesis 38:1-30; Jeremiah 17:1-4; etc.).

          The Four Great Powers:  In turn, those reigning upon this all powerful world throne have been served by the four great powers (Social Power, Religious Power, Spirit Power which has dominion, and Political-economic Power).   These powers, of course, are termed "beasts" (destroyers) while serving Satan's world, "the land of the North," wherein all mankind have been caused to dwell because of humanity's disobedience (Deuteronomy 29:28; 31:16-21; 32:16-21).   (Powers called beasts:  Daniel 7:3-7,17; 8:8; Hosea 13:5-8; Revelation 4:6-9; 5:6,8,11-14; 13:2; Powers called Kinds:  Jeremiah 15:3; Powers called winds:  Daniel 7:2; 8:8; Revelation 7:1).

          The Prince Of This World:  Until these End Times, Satan, called Prince of this world, has been ruler over all under GOD (Luke 4:5-7; Daniel 2:28,37-38; 4:30-31; Jeremiah 25:11; John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11; Psalm 89:12; Isaiah 14:4-14; Ezekiel 28:14; 32:7-10; Zechariah 4:14; I Kings 22:19-23; Job 1:6-12; 2:1-8).

          Note:  Satan is not to be cast out of heaven until after the child, the Congregation, is born (Revelation 12:1-9; Ezekiel 32:7-10; Isaiah 14:4-14; etc.).   Until then Satan still has powers over death and much more ... just read the obituary pages.   Remember, the Gleanings (the last to enter the Congregation) are those who must die for their beliefs and witnessing (Revelation 6:11; 13:15; 14:13; 20:4).

          Seven Spirits Of GOD:  Even the Seven Spirits Of GOD (Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Honors, Glory, and Blessing) were placed in Satan's hands to give to whomsoever he wished (Luke 4:5-7; Daniel 2:28,37-38; Revelation 5:6,12).   How else did International Organized Crime's leading families and I.O.C.'s chief servants become so immensely rich while blatantly thieving, plundering, and pillaging?   Yes, those who served "the system" have been greatly rewarded.

          The Vast Army:  Because of the aforcited powers and the "easy money," a very great cadre of people had been assembled world-wide to serve Satan's evil ways (Jeremiah 25:11; Revelation 17:12-17).

          For example, in the Political-economic Beast's arena:  the inner circles of the Rothschild Empire, the last of the rulers upon the throne over the Sixth Kingdom, have included the Bilderbergers and other lesser groups that handled specific tasks world-wide; whereas; other organizations operated across-the-board within a specific nation or group of nations.   For instance, agents within the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) have been freely operating within the United States and have permeated all Government agencies at all upper levels to carry out the wishes of their superiors.   The result has been:


A Government Of International Organized Crime;
A Government By International Organized Crime;
A Government For International Organized Crime.

          Yet, many of the lower echelons have not known whom they have been truly serving and why. Nor have they realized the consequences of their actions ... consequences to themselves and to their children.

          The Transfer Of Powers:  When agents of the throne over the Sixth Kingdom seized GOD'S Holy Arks, that throne lost the powers from GOD (Zechariah 5:4; Genesis 49:1,10; Jeremiah 17:1-4; 22:1-9; Malachi 2:11-12; Amos 2:4-5; 5:25-27; Isaiah 14:5; etc.).   However, the myriad servants of the former throne have continued to do their thing in "abject servitude" as the "worm" (a very, very slow process) ate through the staff holding up Solomon's corpse.

          The Koran (Dawood Translation) provides a very graphic description of the evolving situation:

          "And when We had decreed his (the throne over the Sixth Kingdom's) death, they (the world) did not know that he was dead until they saw a worm eating away his (Solomon's) staff.   And when his corpse fell down, the jinn (evil spirits influencing wrongdoers) realized that had they had knowledge of what was hidden they would not have continued in their abject servitude."

                                                       Sura 34:14-15
                                                       Sheba (Saba')
                                                       Isaiah 41:14; Psalm 22:6

          So, the powers from GOD had been withdrawn from the throne over the Sixth Kingdom (Judah) beginning when GOD'S Holy Arks were taken captive in early 1985 (Zechariah 5:4; Genesis 49:1,10; Daniel 4:30-31; etc.).   In turn, these powers from GOD were offered unto a new authority to hold the sceptre upon the world-wide throne of David over the Seventh Kingdom (Jeremiah 22:2; Isaiah 14:5; Revelation 17:10-11; etc.).

          Thus, when Bill Clinton failed to seek his anointing, GOD turned Kenneth Starr and others against Clinton.   And Kenneth Starr's whole seditious (rebellious) and treasonous operations have been to serve I.O.C.'s endeavors to regain lost powers ... a very futile endeavor at that.   Nevertheless, Starr carefully avoided any mention of I.O.C.'s vile scams although Starr had been made fully aware of matters.   Instead, Starr carefully crafted and endeavored to defile, maliciously embarrass, and to bring down the legitimate administration using sex, pornography, and whatever.   And the Media Moguls serving I.O.C.'s warfare have been fully and knowingly supporting Kenneth Starr's vile efforts without ever mentioning a peep about the vile scams set forth in Brian's House.


The Seventh Kingdom
(The Two Families)
Belshazzar's Death
(Daniel 5:30)

          Again, check out BRIAN'S HOUSE from start to finish and you'll know what's about to happen before it does.   And make sure you're "on the right side of the fence."


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