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The True Rebirth
          Part III

The Southland

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Josiah's 18 Years

          Josiah Prefigures The Human Shepherd:  Scripture speaks of Josiah's great Passover as the greatest of all Passovers ever held (II Kings 23:21-22; II Chronicles 35:17-18).   And, what Passover could be greater than Passover Year wherein Liberty was proclaimed for the eternal Congregation in the year 6000 from Creation? (Genesis 6:3; Leviticus 25:8-10; 23:5; Exodus 12:1-14,21-39,43-48; Colossians 2:16-17).

          This Passover Year occurred in the 18th year of the Human Shepherd's reign (i.e. 1995-1996 AD Spring to Spring:  6000 from Creation).   The Shepherd's reign began 18 years earlier in the Spring of 1978 AD as 5983 from Creation began.   This beginning, of course, is identified as the start of the 40 year Exodus concluding with the glorious Solemn Assembly (Leviticus 23:36, 39; Nehemiah 8:18; Micah 7:15).   Then in the eighteenth year there was that very special Passover Year (Colossians 2:16-17; Exodus 12:1-14; etc.).

          "In the eighteenth year of the reign of Josiah was this passover kept."

II Chronicles 35:19
II Kings 23:23

          These 18 years are prefigured by the woman with the spirit of infirmity for 18 years that Jesus healed on the sabbath day (Luke 13:11-16).

          Then following the fourth year of the Shepherd's reign two other very significant events began with the year 5987 from Creation (i.e. Spring of 1982 AD):

          Moving The Dial:  Note:  At the point where The LORD'S Day began the sundial has been moved ten degrees (years) into the future restoring the years removed when the dial was moved backward in the days of Ahaz (II Kings 20:8-11; Isaiah 14:28; 37:3; 38:8).   That is, Ahaz died in 3385 from Creation that's when the dial was moved ten years backwards to 3375.   Then Daniel's 2625 years were added thru the year 6000 (Daniel 12:11-12).   Finally, when the LORD'S Day began the dial had been advanced ten years to 6010 from Creation (Atonement Year) to restore the ten years removed in the days of Ahaz (Isaiah 38:8).

          This restoration of the ten years (moving the dial) now moved events associated with the Separation of the Lambs, Passover Year, the historic Second Exodus, etc. ten years into the future.

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Steps To Josiah's Birth ... Time bridges including Joshua's 3 days

          Josiah's Birth:

          "... Behold, a child shall be born unto the house of David, Josiah by name (prefiguring the Human Shepherd); and upon thee (the altar) shall he offer the priests (Religious Power's wise ones) of the high places that burn incense upon thee (the altar), and men's bones shall be burnt upon thee."

I Kings 13:2
Psalm 89:19-37

          Jeremiah's 70 Years:   So, when was "Josiah" born?   In order to derive Josiah's birth year it is essential to establish Isaiah and Jeremiah's 70 years using the several links of the chain that tie that 70 year interval to the modern calendar and to Daniel's 70 years.   That is, the Scriptures translate matters unto modern times, as prefigured by Jeremiah.   But first recognize that Jeremiah speaks of two 70 year intervals:  (1) the 70 year life span of people (Psalm 90:10; Jeremiah 25:11; 29:10); and, (2) a particular 70 year interval (Jeremiah 25:12; 29:10).   Other references to 70 years include:  Isaiah 23:15,17; Daniel 9:2,24-27; Zechariah 1:12.

          Also, Jeremiah's 70 Years that commenced in the Spring of 1918 AD are not the same as Daniel's 70 years which commenced in the Spring of 1948 and Daniel's years continue for 70 years through the Spring of 2018 (i.e. through the Solemn Assembly in 6022 from Creation).   However, note that Jeremiah's 70 years began 30 years before Daniel's commenced.   That is, as mentioned, Jeremiah's 70 years began in the Spring of 1918 (i.e. as 5922 from Creation ended) and continue through 5992 from Creation (i.e. unto the Spring of 1988 AD).

          Joshua's Three Days:  Let's start with "Joshua's Three Days" (3,000 years) (Joshua 1:11) which began with Israel crossing the Jordan River in 2578 from Creation and continued for 3,000 years through crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 5577 from Creation.   Note 2578 is year one.   And the end of 5577 corresponds with the Spring of 1573 AD which is well beyond Columbus' initial arrival in the New World in 1492 AD.

          Joshua's Three Days form an important foundation for the sequence of intervals that follow like links of a chain.   During Joshua's Three Days, Scripture admonishes:

          "This Book of the Law shall not depart out of thy mouth...."

Joshua 1:8

          "Israel's 390 Year Iniquity" (Ezekiel 4:4-5,9), the next link of the chain, commenced after Joshua's 3000 years.   The crossing of the Atlantic was prefigured by the River Jordan overflowing its banks during harvest (Joshua 3:15; Jeremiah 50:44).   Note that the drop from the Sea of Galilee unto the Dead Sea is about 600 feet in about 60 miles so the Jordan would not really overflow its banks.   Scripture is telling readers to open their eyes.   Also, the house of Israel had been dispersed amongst all peoples even amongst the blacks of Africa, the yellow races of the Far East, the White races of Europe, etc. (See GOD'S Marriage Laws and history).   Therefore, this 390 year period of iniquity then flowing from 5578 thru 5967 from Creation (i.e. 1574 unto 1963 AD, Spring to Spring) refers to the whole world.   Finally, note:  in 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated and in 1963 Kennedy was 46 years old.   This is a major clue that directs attention to this area.   Therefore, our next link in this chain is:

          "Building The Temple" (John 2:20) carries us 46 years backwards in time from 5967 to 5921 from Creation, (i.e. 1917 AD the year JFK was born).

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Fig. 10e, The Burden Of Arabia.
Fig. 10f, Isaiah And Jeremiah's 70 Years Versus Daniel's 70 years.

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