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Watching The Fantastic Evolution

Stupendous Events
Evolving While
The World Sleeps On


  1. Humanity Received Their Double Portion On The Sixth Millennial Day.   This Everyone Can Plainly See.   Scripture Also Calls It Manasseh's Blessings Which Abound Amid Myriad False Prophets, Phony Laws, And Stumbling Blocks Set Up To Mislead The Disobedient.

  2. The Human Shepherd Of The Eternal Congregation Has Been Anointed To Teach And To Lead The Congregation In Preparation For The Glorious Solemn Assembly.

  3. The Second Great 40 Year Exodus Is Underway.   The Spring Of 1998 Marked The Half Way Point.

  4. The Final 42 Year-Hour Is Progressing On Schedule.   The Koran calls it "The Hour Of Doom" For Many; Whereas, For Others It Will Evolve As A Time Of Joy And Gladness.

  5. GOD'S Holy Arks (yes, two) Were Taken Captive (Zechariah 5:4).   The Glory Of GOD Has Been Withheld (Leviticus 26:11-12,14).   Special Troubles Are Now Coming Upon This World.

  6. The Powers From GOD Were Withdrawn From The Throne Over The Sixth Kingdom And Have Been Offered Unto A New Throne, A Dual Throne Over The Seventh Kingdom, Now Displacing The Sixth World Kingdom.

  7. The Eternal Congregation Is Being Established:

    1. The Human Shepherd.
    2. The Little Flock.
    3. The Great Multitude.
    4. The Gleanings (The Late Comers).

    Note:  This Division Appears To Have A Dual Application.

    (See "The Surprise Of Surprises" Which Follows This Page.)

  8. Goliath Lives On And Has Been Robbing And Pillaging While Treasonous Agents Serve And Protect Him (Isaiah 10:13-14; Daniel 8:23-25).   Yes, He's Thieving From People, Corporations, National Treasuries, And Nations With Virtual Impunity.   Will "David" Slay Him With A Single "Stone"?   How Much More Economic Havoc Will He Create?   (Jeremiah 5:15-17; Daniel 7:8,11,20-24; 8:9,23-25).

  9. The Four Great Beasts (Destroyers) Before The Throne Of GOD Can Be Seen.   And The Four Carpenters (Builders) Soon Come To Fray Those Beasts.

  10. The Biblical Altar Of Ebenezer Has Been Found High Atop The Historic Stone Of Abel.   Ebenezer Is A Key Witness, A Boundstone (Isaiah 19:19-20).

  11. The Location Of The Preserved Remains Of The Solomonic Temple Have Been Identified West Of The Valley Of Ben Hinnom (Jeremiah 19:2).   The Design Criteria For The Temple Is Known.

  12. The Location Of Noah's Ark Atop The Ancient Preflood City Of Chanoch In Saudi Arabia Has Been Identified (Sura 11:44).

  13. The Location Of The True Mount Sinai Has Been Identified 200 Miles North Of The Phony Traditional Site.

  14. The Location Of The Preflood Valley Of Eden Has Been Identified Deep Beneath The Red Sea.

  15. The Location Of The Actual Site Where Moses And His Flock Crossed The Finger Of The Red Sea Has Been Identified.

  16. The Seven Seals Were Opened As The 35 Years Of Severe Tribulations Got Underway.

  17. The 14 Preparation Years Are Ended But Most People Are Unconcerned.

  18. The 120th Jubliee Has Ended.   The LORD'S Patience Has Expired (Genesis 6:3).

  19. The Proclamation Of Liberty Has Been Made For Those Entering The Congregation.

  20. The Seventh Millennium And The Third 1,000 Year-Day From The 5 BC Birth Of Jesus Are Underway.

  21. The LORD'S Day Began As The Year Of Trumpets Heralded Its Arrival.

  22. The Long Trumpet Is Now Sounding For A Full 21 Years.

  23. The Congregation, Still Spread World-wide, Has Been Betrothed To GOD; The Virgin Birth Of The Child Has Come To Pass And Woe Unto Those Who Afflict Her (Zechariah 2:8).

  24. The Voice Of The Seven Thunders Are Preparing To Speak.

  25. The Resurrections Of The Dead Are Soon To Commence:  Some To Everlasting Life As They Enter The Eternal Congregation; And, Others To Fire And Damnation As They Now Partake Of The Desolations Of The Lost.

  26. The Year Of Atonement Shall Bring Its Myriad Events.

  27. The Son Receives His Kingdom As The Father Gives His Betrothed Bride, Still A Virgin, Unto His Son.   The Bride Now Becomes As A Daughter To The Father.

  28. The False Messiah Arrives To Greet And To Reign Over His Flocks And Seduces Even One-Third Of The Congregation To Follow Him.   The Eighth World Kingdom Becomes Reality.

  29. Salvation Closes To The Lost Who Then Recognize The False Messiah For Who He Really Is.   The Lost Also Recognize Their Wayward Ways As The Vail Cast Over All Nations And All People Is Lifted.

  30. The Seven Years Of Tabernacles, The Consecration Of The Lost, Evolve.   Thus, The Seven Plagues Are Poured Out And Added To The Ongoing Tribulations.

  31. The Righteous Groom Comes To His Betrothed Wife And His Marriage To The More Obedient Congregation Is Consummated, Made Permanent, In The Year Of The Glorious Solemn Assembly.

  32. A Five Year Selah Or Pause, A Respite, Begins For The Lost Immediately After The Close Of The Tribulations.   Few Amongst The Tares Yet Realize The Magnitude Of Their Predicament.   Their Next Opportunity To Escape "The Fires Of Hell" On Earth Will Not Come Until 1,000 Years Are Completed.   Even Then They May Not Escape.

  33. The Final 42 Year-Hour Now Ends With Two Years Of Terrible Troubles For The Lost Which Introduce Them To Their Perpetual Desolations.   All Are Like Esau Who Forsook His Vast Inheritance For That Bowl Of Pottage, A Few Dainties In Their 70 Year Life-Span.

Wake Up Folks!
Much Is About To Happen!


Fig. 8 of Several                

     Daniel's 70 Years

          The Parable Of The Fig Tree Admonishes People To Know And Understand Events Of This 70 Years.

Matthew 24:32-34,50-51;
Mark 13:28-30;
Luke 21:29-32;
Psalm 90:10

Daniel's 70 Years


"...from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince..." (Daniel 9:25):

          "The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of,

          "And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites:  there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Matthew 24:50-51

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