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The City Of Chanoch
  (Founded By Cain)

The Preflood Era's
Sin City


          When Cain killed Abel, Cain was cast out of the Edenic Valley to dwell in the land of Nod, East of Eden (Genesis 4:1-16).

          "And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land Of Nod, on the east of Eden."

                                                       Genesis 4:16

          Scripture goes on to explain that Cain took a wife (obviously one of Adam's daughters) who bare Cain a son called Enoch (or Chanoch).   Eventually, Cain built a city and named it "Chanoch" after his son.

          "... and he (Cain) builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch (or Chanoch)."

                                                       Genesis 4:17

          Genesis then goes on to chronicle Cain's basic lineage down through Lamech's sons and daughter (Genesis 4:18-24).   Note:  The names in this list are very similar to the list of Adam's lineage.   Both even end with Lamech (Cain) and Lamech (Adam) both of whose children survived on board Noah's great ark.   (Compare Genesis 4:18-23 with Genesis 5:3-32).


          Cain and Cain's children were cursed and set up as vagabonds (Genesis 4:12-14).   Thus, they became the rich preflood merchant traders whose headquarters were undoubtedly in Chanoch, the great city founded by Cain.   As merchant traders of old they and their servants traveled throughout the then preflood world whose bounds, according to Scripture and Enoch, extended only from the Indus River Region in the East to just West of the Nile.   Yes, their caravans and baris (ships) were everywhere and great wealth undoubtedly poured into the great city of Chanoch.

          Proof is in the preflood clay tablets, the ancient receipts, uncovered in archaeological digs in places such as Ebla, Mohenjo Daro, Uruk, etc.

          There is even an ancient preflood map of the then known world attributed to Enoch (most probably the Enoch of Cain's lineage ... the traders, vagabonds, and merchants).   That map shows the world as a very limited land area surrounded by ocean waters, a gigantic island encompassing the four river regions.

          O.K., so where is this ancient mercantile city of Chanoch, a very wealthy city East of Eden?


          "And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

          "That the sons of GOD (Adam's lineage) saw the daughters of men (both of Adam and Cain's lineages) that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."

                                                       Genesis 6:1-2

          That is, GOD'S laws were being ignored; and, for example, the males were taking both virgin (legitimate) and non-virgin (illegitimate) women to wife.   That is, when the maiden loses her virginity she is married to that man for eternity if they are among the righteous.   The man, of course, may enter several virgins and therefore have several legitimate wives but the woman has only one virginity and therefore only one true husband.

          Now the sons of GOD were mighty men simply because they were of Adam's lineage and had a favorable position with GOD until they followed after sin.

          Chief amongst the sinful cities, of course, was Chanoch where Cain and Cain's children did as they pleased and were rewarded by Lucifer accordingly (Luke 4:5-7; Ezekiel 28:1-19).   Thus, the city of Chanoch undoubtedly became a major sinner's paradise of the preflood world.   When the men were away their women did play; and, trips in those days lasted perhaps six months or much longer.

          "And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."

                                                       Genesis 6:5

          Therefore, when Noah was 599 years old, in Noah's 600th year (Genesis 7:11), GOD cleansed the earth of all except those dwelling with Noah in the great wooden city wherein GOD'S Holy Ark and The Glory Of GOD dwelt.

          To be more specific, the Edenic Valley sank and the Flood waters came rushing in beginning on the 17th day of the second month of the year 1655 from Creation (Genesis 7:11).   Noah, of course, was shut in the great ark as the gates were closed on the 10th day of the second month (Genesis 7:4,16).   That is, Noah and his charges probably took 7 days just to seal up the city gates.

          Thus, when The Flood got underway all perished except Noah and those with him as The Glory Of GOD remained with them (Habakkuk 3:3).   And, 370 days later ...

          "The Ark came to rest upon Al-Judi...."

                                                       Sura 11:44


          People have been grossly transposing the landing place of Noah's ark to all sorts of wild and weird places.   Afterall, the Legend Of The Fish in the Mahabharata says, there was a long rope (yarn) tied to Noah's ark and the fish (people) hauled Noah's ark to the top of the high mountains (Himalayas).   And that's exactly what people have done through history.   They've moved it with their long yarns, fables, ridiculous stories, and illusions and bound it to the mountains.   See the 187th chapter of Vivaswata in the Markandeya of the Vana Parva in the Mahabharata ... see lines 31, 39-50, 54.          

          Yet, the landing site has been clearly identified as Al-Judi in the chapter of The Koran called Houd (Sura 11).   So, what is Al-Judi (Sura 11:44) all about?

          First, Al-Judi is not translated "The Heights" in Arabic.   In Arabic "The Heights" are translated Al-A'raf.   See:  The Koran (Sura 7).

          Second, the Al-Judi of Sura 11:44 is definitely NOT a mountain.   However, anyone can name a multitude of mountains even the whole Himalaya Range and call it Al-Judi Range; but, that won't change the Al-Judi of Sura 11:44 one iota.

          Third, Al-Judi is not simply a preflood settlement East of Eden whose disobedient occupants were all drowned.   It's a major preflood city, the one most probably founded by Cain, the first child.   Yes, it is very feasible that Al-Judi is the City of Cain.   It should prove to be the largest preflood city in the world ... almost 40 miles across.   And, most of this opulent city has been preserved intact with everything just as it was before The Flood.   Al-Judi, the Sin City of the then known world, was comparable to New York and LA of today.

          "The Ark came to rest upon Al-Judi, and there was heard a voice saying:  'Gone are the evil-doers.'"

                                                       Sura 11:44

          Fourth, let's examine the title of Sura 11 called Houd in English and Hud in Arabic.   In more modern English Houd or Houdah is more commonly Howdah, i.e. it's that big box with a canopy and railing placed on the back of an elephant or camel for transporting people.   And the Howdah is related to Noah (Noah's ark) as the Houd was delivered (Sura 11:58); and, also to the Sinners (Al-Judi) upon which the Houd came to rest (Sura 11:32-33,60,44).

          Thus, just as the howdah is the burden upon the beast, Noah's great ark came to rest as a great howdah upon the back of Al-Judi.   Yes, for 4,348 years unto 1999 AD, Noah's ark has been a great canopy atop the preserved remains of the preflood city of Cain called Al-Judi and Chanoch.   The Koran attests to this fact.   And, the top of Noah's great ark should be just under the surface.   And Al-Judi should be well encased in the earth or clay below.   Note also, the beast is always much larger than the howdah.

          A sad note is that the former occupants of Al-Judi most probably died when volcanic emissions began prior to the great Flood.   Yes, gassed to death by the extensive erupting lava fields in the Hejaz region before they even knew what was happening.   Then The Flood came and floated their bodies away leaving everything they owned behind.   It's just another very strong lesson for everyone that the promises of GOD are indeed real.   The fate of Al-Judi is simply a preview of events to come upon the disobedient of this world.

          "The Ark came to rest upon Al-Judi, and there was heard a voice saying:  'Gone are the evil-doers.'"

                                                       Sura 11:44


          Yes, in these latter days, the LORD has made it very, very easy to find Noah's ark.

          That is, Noah's ark was built using the same design criteria as the Levitical City with a great amphitheatre like structure in the center.   However, Noah's city was made of timbers overlaid with pitch as a gigantic floating raft.

          Its location is described by the word "Minyas" meaning small or low.   That is, it's not upon some high mountain or difficult to reach site (thank you Mr. Nicholas of Damascus).   That's only common sense.   Nicholas also described it as "Baris" which says it's heavy, yes, and like an Egyptian barge, coptic baris.   See:  bark meaning a ship.

          Berossus called it "Cordyaeans" from which is derived the common word corduroy, a very durable cloth with which yesteryear's children are very familiar.   And, corduroy is made of ribs like wales (ridges).   And wales are heavy planks or strakes extending along the side of a wooden ship exactly as Noah would have had to construct his vessel.

          Oh, we can't forget Josephus.   Josephus stated that Noah's ark remains in the country called "Carroe."   Note:  carro in Italian and carrus in Latin, like Carroe, mean "vehicle."   They form the root of carriage ... So, of course, Mr. Josephus how dumb do you think we are.   Noah's ark is the vehicle and it's in the country of the vehicle.   So ... let's get serious!

          In the center of the Levitical City is a colossal brass dome overlaid with gold that enclosed the Temple Amphitheatre.   This included the Temple, the inner and outer courts of the Temple, and the seating for the flock (I Kings 8:1, 5, 22; II Chronicles 6:12-13; 7:3).

          Thus, with the modern Global Positioning System (GPS) people can easily go direct to the area and start looking.   Remember, "Tell Noah" should be found centered near:  014° and 62 statute miles north of Tayma', Saudi Arabia.

          That's very probably "the heights" described as Al-A'raf in Arabic.   Actually, "The Heights" described in Sura 7 of the Koran refers to two groups of people:  The more obedient versus The more disobedient, Believers versus Unbelievers:  their differences, warnings, conflicts, destinies, etc.   So in this sense Al-Judi represents one of the heights.

          If one looks at a map of the region, the road north out of Tayma' (that traverses through Al 'Assafiyah) makes a 120 mile long pot belly arc or bulge as it circumnavigates what must be a substantial hill.   Otherwise, the road would go straight.   Also, there are a series of wadi from the East and others from the West that flow around the heights and join to the South.   From the East to the West Wadi is about 40 miles to enclose a large circular area much like an Altar described by the Hebrew  'eben.   And, with Noah's ark sitting atop Al-Judi, there is actually a second disc atop the lower portion to form the Hebrew 'ôben, the dual of 'eben, much like the Altar of Ebenezer atop the Great Stone Of Abel.   Remember, Noah built an Altar to the LORD (Genesis 8:20).

          Therefore, if Noah's ark has such a colossal brass dome enclosing the central portion of the vessel, most basic metal detectors manufactured today could locate Noah's ark in the blink of an eye.   And perhaps searchers will not even need a metal detector if they scuff their feet at the top of Tell Noah.

          Again, to reach the center of Tell Noah, set your GPS indicator to the coordinates of point 'A' then head West for about 3 miles.   Be very observant before passing point 'B'.

Point A
28° 29' 13.2" N
38° 46'   7.5" E
 Point B
28° 29' 13.2" N
38° 43'  58"   E

          ... and your GPS indicator will tell you the precise direction and how far you have yet to go.

          Smile, when you arrive at Al 'Assafiyah about 55 miles North of Tayma', the road continues on an arc always remaining about 20 miles from the center of the site.   It doesn't come any closer and there is an obvious reason why that road goes around.   And, I doubt if the road was made to go around just to make camels walk an extra 50 miles.

          Again, Happy Hunting.   And don't be caught worshipping in Cain 's palatial opulent temple full of gold, jewels, and images.   It's undoubtedly directly underneath Noah's great ark, the howdah upon Cain's city of Chanoch.   Also, Cain's jewel laden tomb is probably within that temple too.

          So, smile again!


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