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Eden And East Of Eden

Searching Out
The Cradle Of Humanity


          The Scriptures supported by considerable evidence, especially the Nuzi Map, indicate that the Edenic Valley, now resting beneath the Red Sea, and the City built by Cain situated East of Eden formed the cradle of humanity.

          Subsequently, during the 1655 preflood years, people from this region branched out to establish colonies along the Indus, Nile, and Tigris-Euphrates River regions.   But the Edenic Valley and the City of Chanoch remained as the mother sites.   Then, following the flood, according to the Koran, Noah's ark landed atop Chanoch/Al-Judi (Sura 11:44).   The inhabitants of Noah's ark, The Flood survivors, then returned to reestablish settlements in the respective river regions while Noah (Arba) and his followers departed the area of modern Tayma', Saudi Arabia to settle in Kiryat Arba now known as Hebron (Habakkuk 3:3).

          Since the Scriptures often speak in parables, the preflood peoples and The Flood survivors were identified as either the seed of man (Adam's lineage) or the seed of the beast (Cain's lineage).   And Noah had been instructed to take into the great ark the beasts by sevens meaning people from each of the river regions and by twos (both males and females).   However, basic logic and common sense indicate that Noah did not take elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, lions, leopards, tigers, serpents, etc. into the City of Noah (the ark).   That is, their food, fresh water, the turbulent journey, the length of the journey, etc. would necessitate a humongous craft and enormous provisions to endure for 377 days, most of which were spent on turbulent seas.   Therefore, since GOD created everything during Creation Week, GOD undoubtedly reCreated all life (animals, fowl, fish, plants, etc.) a second time after The Flood.   Oh, Noah's ark apparently provided facilities on board the great ark for a few animals (i.e. milk cows, beasts of burden, etc.).

          Note:  Evidence of Creation and Biblical prophecy as opposed to evolution are everywhere.   For example:  Humans have 20 fingers and toes divided five each amongst two arms and two legs.   Flies each have six legs.   Four legged animals have four legs.   This analogy could go on and on; yet, the organisms within each specie are of the same basic design to rather obviously refute the theory of evolution.   However, let's face it ... Creation, ReCreation, and the Resurrection Of The Dead all exceed normal human logic but so do myraid prophecies that have already come to pass.   Even the roles of GOD'S Spirit World are becoming more and more obvious as certain people, for example, respond in ways that could only be the result of unseen guidance which comes via the Spirit World.


          "Digging Up The Past" by Sir Charles Leonard Woolley was first published in 1930 and later a second edition was published in 1954.   In his preface to the second edition Woolley observed that, although the facts remain fixed, during the nearly quarter century between editions "... that there are few conclusions arrived at in the 1920's which do not need modification today (1954)...."

          Now, in 1999, nearly 45 years after Woolley's observation, the facts still remain fixed but humanity's conclusions vastly differ.   That is, evolutionists speak in terms of millions and billions of years; yet, the Scriptures speak only of a seven day week plus an eighth day from the beginning of Creation and three and one half days from the 5 BC Birth of Jesus.   Therein, each day is 1,000 years, the third and seventh days are one and the same, and the third and seventh day began in the spring of 1996 AD.   Much prophecy, described 2,500 years ago or much earlier, readily exceeded human logic but has come to pass in these latter days.   Those who disbelieve, of course, will have 1,000 years, 1,500 years, or far more to figure it all out.   Nevertheless, it's amazing.

          Even William Shakespeare (1564-1616) recognized that even in his day this world had yet to enter The LORD'S Day, the seventh millennial day.

"... the poor world is almost six thousand years old...."

 Rosalind's Speech
As You Like It
Act IV, Scene i
Lines 127-128

          So, when will Noah's Ark, the City of Chanoch, and the Edenic Valley be unearthed and/or explored?


          The City Of Aad is a principle city in the Edenic Valley now submerged beneath the Red Sea.

          The Koran identifies this prime city within the Edenic Valley as 'Aad'; and, the Nuzi Map indicates that Aad is situated quite close to the Western shores of the Red Sea adjacent to modern Sudan and Eritrea.   Also, the submerged ruins of Aad and the surrounding submerged communities should be either covered with sediment and/or incrusted with marine life to form reefs.   So, how would one go about the task of surveying Aad and eventually the entire Edenic Valley?

          In addition to work already completed (e.g. survey work including soundings made c. 1972 by Woods Hole's Glomar Challenger, etc.) and surface vessels equipped with hull mounted sonar transducers, recording equipment, and various towed sensing devices designed for marine research and surveys; modern technologies have also developed submersibles such as Alvin and Argus for underwater exploration.   However, the Newtsub Deep Worker 2000 is a more recently developed one person mini submarine built by Nuytco Research Ltd., North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:  http://www.nuytco.com/.   The Deep Worker 2000 is also equipped with robotic arms, video cameras, communications systems for maintaining contact with a surface support vessel, sonar, navigation gear, life support systems for 106 hours, an emergency escape system, propulsion systems for 3-4 knots travel, etc. and is capable of operating to depths to 2,000 feet.   Training for operating this simplified mini sub involves about one week of classroom and test dives to learn systems operations and a week of advanced hands on supervised practice using sonar and navigation gear.

          Today, even undersea buses for tourists are in use throughout the world .   They, of course, are the Model T's of future such submersibles.   For example, see:  http://ussubs.com/.

          Thus, as wisdom progresses regarding undersea archaeology and oceanography, the knowledge and understanding of technologies are also advancing to enable humanity to investigate and to view what heretofore has been physically beyond human reach.

          The Location Of Aad:  The Eastern shoreline of the Red Sea in the Jeddah area (i.e. about midway up the East side of the Red Sea) the land protrudes into the Red Sea.   The Western shoreline, opposite Jeddah, in the Port Sudan area and slightly Southward shows a matching bend to the West.   Just off shore in this region is where the Suakin Archipelago is located.   Thus, in this region the whole Red Sea curves Westward like the top of a very lazy 'S'.

          Today that same curve of the shorelines may be seen in the great rift traversing down the spine of the Red Sea.   That rift, of course, occurred 882 years after The Flood.   That's when Moses and his charges crossed over the Red Sea as the 40 year Exodus got underway in the year 2538 from Creation.   Also, indications are that the rift followed the river bed of the ancient Jordan River which then extended throughout the Edenic Valley.   Furthermore, to cause that ancient river to bend opposite the Jeddah bulge there apparently was a low ridge traversing Northeast - Southwest half way or wholly across the midst of the Edenic Valley between the Jeddah bend and the region of modern Sawakin, Sudan.   Further evidence of that cross Valley ridge may be revealed in future bathymetric measurements of the Red Sea floor.

          The Nuzi Map does not show this curve in the sides of the Edenic Valley.   However, the Nuzi Map does reveal this same curve in the river flowing through the center of the Edenic Valley.   Therefore, the center of the Edenic Valley, shown on the Nuzi Map as a circle with something in the center of it, appears to be opposite modern Jeddah (i.e. midway between Jeddah and Port Sudan).

          If proportions were correct, the Nuzi Map portrays the main city within Eden (Aad) as being South of the aforecited mid point.   How far South remains to be confirmed.   That is, on the Nuzi Map the city of Aad appears to be perhaps as far South as the Dahlak Archipelago to the Northeast of Asmara, Eritrea or nearer the Sudan/Eritrean border or even further to the North perhaps nearer the Suakin Archipelago and Port Sudan.   It is very probable that ruins will be found throughout this entire area.

          Now the Tekeze River (not shown on many modern maps) flows into the Atbara River which is one of the three main tributaries of the Nile River.   And, it appears that the Tekeze River is the river that is clearly shown on the ancient Nuzi Map as being very close to Aad.

          Today, the Tekeze River begins in modern Ethiopia on the Ethiopian/Eritrean border, traverses Westnorthwest through Ethiopia and Eritrea, and then flows into the Atbara as it enters the Sudan.   The Atbara then flows Northwest through Sudan until it meets the Nile at the town of Atbarah, Sudan.   This city of Atbarah is located on the Southeast corner of the big bend of the Nile (i.e. South of the 5th cataract or waterfall).

          Thus, the Nuzi Map reveals that the Edenic City of Aad is in very close proximity to the Tekeze River which begins due South of the Dahlak Archipelago.   Therefore, any search for Aad should thoroughly examine the Dahlak Archipelago and the area just North of the Dahlak Archipelago.   Yes, the Nuzi Map clearly places Aad in that location.

          The City Of Chanoch:  The city built by Cain is much more accessible than the submerged Edenic Valley as Chanoch is situated in the desert of Northwestern Saudi Arabia.   With Chanoch people can walk atop the remains of the city now resting beneath the desert wilderness.   Even the topography may reveal where portions of the city and nearby communities reside.

          Remember, the mounds of Iraq, for example, went unrecognized for millennia and were not disturbed until the mid 1800's and early 1900's.   It was then that the youthful science of archaeology recognized discoveries by people such as Heinrich Schliemann, J.E. Taylor, Authur Evans, Henry Layard, Emile Botta, Randall MacIver, R. Campbell-Thompson, H.R. Hall, Charles Leonard Woolley, T.E. Lawrence, and many others.

          Thus, when the non-descript mounds of Iraq, for example, were investigated the ancient cities of Nineveh, Carchemish, Nimrod, Ur, El 'Ubaid, etc. reappeared.   Nevertheless, the preflood Edenic Valley, the City of Aad, the City of Chanoch, and Noah's ark have remained well hidden until recently even though the Nuzi Map, for example, had been found in 1930-31, nearly 70 years ago.

          Today electronics devices offer researchers opportunities to conduct rather comprehensive surveys of what rests beneath the ground even before the first bucket of earth is removed.   Thus, people have been given the where-with-all to search out what has remained hidden for millennia.

          Indeed, "... there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known."

                                                       Matthew 10:26


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