Preliminary Statement
And Proposal For

(Edenic Valley Exploration)


          In 1963 a group headed by Jacques Yves Cousteau apparently observed roadways of the Edenic Valley while diving in the Red Sea but did not recognize what they were.   See:  The Andean Highway:

          Subsequent research makes it quite obvious that the major habitations in the Edenic Valley may be spread over an area extending for 300 miles or far more as the Edenic Valley apparently extends perhaps 1200 miles or more in length and up to perhaps 200 miles in width.   (See Phase I of the following proposal).

          Therefore, any endeavors to thoroughly investigate, explore, uncover, and preserve structures of Eden including the City of Aad would encompass a rather extensive undertaking.   Thus, nations, universities, and other organizations might consider pooling their resources for a coordinated effort.

          The following "Call For Participants" and "Proposal For EVE (Edenic Valley Exploration)" are offered to initiate such a unified effort.

          Furthermore, parallel endeavors are suggested to uncover and preserve the City of Chaonch (built by Cain) and Noah's Ark now situated in Northwestern Saudi Arabia (See Phase I of the following proposal).

          Efforts are underway to establish positive identification of an initial portion of Chanoch similar to Phase II herein.   At this date initial photographs reveal little more than barren desert much like the region of Southern Iraq before early archaeologists including H.R. Hall and C. Leonard Woolley undertook their historic excavations.

          Chanoch also could encompass a rather extensive area.   Note:  Chanoch is also depicted on the ancient Nuzi Map.

          So, the following "Call For Participants" and "Proposal" are offered for those seriously interested in Oceanology and Archaeology with respect to the Edenic Valley, the cradle of all humanity.


A Call For Participants 
(See Phase II below)


A Proposal For:


Edenic Valley Exploration

          This is a proposal for an International Consortium (an association, partnership, and fellowship for a common venture) for the Edenic Valley Exploration (EVE) situated beneath the Red Sea.


          The Oceanographic Exploration, Research, and Preservation of the Edenic Valley as an International Marine Historical Park of Significance to all Peoples and Nations of the World.


Phase I:     Discovery of the Edenic Valley (1983) and initial research (completed: 1999).  Completed as part of research re: Noah's Ark.

Phase II:     Call for participants, physical confirmation of findings, and establish International Consortium for EVE.

http://  (to be established by the Director)

Phase III:     Acquire shore based facilities adjacent to field operations for a university type campus as an headquarters for EVE, for oceanographic and archaeological research, working facilities, television studio facilities for documentation, for preservation of artifacts, living facilities for EVE participants, future headquarters for EVE'S International Marine Historical Park, docking and resupply facilities for research vessels, and other related facilities.

Phase IV:      Acquire EVE owned vessels for exploration and operations.

Phase V:       Mapping the Edenic Valley including beneath sediment and marine life encrusting ancient structures.

Phase VI:      Uncovering and preservation of sites and artifacts.

Phase VII:     Establish EVE'S International Marine Historical Park to include shore based museum, submersible buses and/or subsurface transportation system for tourists, and related accommodations.

Phase VIII:     Establish EVE'S International University And Research Campus.

Note:  Phases III through VIII may be implemented simultaneously as practical.

Basis For EVE

Ancient Map Of Edenic Valley

          THE ANCIENT NUZI MAP:  Map of preflood Edenic Valley. Discovered in Yorghan Tepe, Iraq in 1930-31. This clay tablet map has remained unidentified until now. It is the oldest known map in the world. Shows locations of cities in Edenic Valley and City of Chanoch, built by Cain, East of Eden. Details explained. One map is worth 10,000 words. Compare Nuzi Map with modern map.

Matthew 10:26

          "... there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed, and hid, that shall not be known."


See Also Phase I




Supplemental Proposals

          It is proposed that EVE purchase shore based lands not less than ten miles by ten miles fronting on the Red Sea from either Sudan or Ethiopia or perhaps spanning the border.   This would then become the land portion of EVE'S International Marine Historical Park.   Agreements would also be entered into with neighboring nations concerning the purchase of submerged lands within the dominion of neighboring nations in order to form the underwater portions of the Park.   Nations must be guaranteed the right to transit across or through submerged Park lands excepting shallow portions if any.

          The laws of the lands, punishments for wrongdoers, and where and how wrongdoers will be tried must be established.   Terms of the legal code shall be automatically accepted and agreed to by all who enter EVE'S International Marine Historical Park for the duration of their visit.

Advisory Panel

          An Advisory Panel may be established to enable representatives of interested nations, universities, and various other parties to receive on site briefings, to voice suggestions, monitor progress, etc.   However, up-to-date Internet web pages may preclude more than only an annual visit.   The Director's Advisory Panel Deputy could provide periodic reports to panel members, answer questions, etc. and help stimulate international interest via the Internet.

General Overseers Or Trustees

          General Overseers or Trustees may be established not just to monitor progress but also as a point of contact for the Director to air problems, potential problems, and to seek available assistance.


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