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People Can't Live Without Water

Chanoch's Water Supply
Part III

Hydrology And Hydraulics Associated With The Black Sea Region

          Our proposal for EVE (Edenic Valley Exploration), forming an international consortium delving into the early history of humanity, is but an empty gesture if a large percentage of people are consuming nuclear wastes in their fresh waters:  virtually odorless, tasteless, invisible soluble alkali metals in the form of dissolved cesium 137.


          During June 10-22, 1993 the Russian research vessel Aquanaut conducted a survey of the Black Sea's broad shelf occupying the Northwestern quadrant of the Black Sea.   This survey was conducted by Russia's P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Kasimieras Shimkus, expedition leader.   For that mission the Aquanaut sailed from the port of Gelendzhik on the Eastern shore of the Black Sea and collected core samples both in the vicinity of the Kerch Strait as well as throughout the aforementioned Northwestern shelf.   A Datasonics sonar device labeled CHIRP was also towed alongside to collect bathymetric measures of bottom contours.

          In addition to the team of Russian scientists participants included a team of American scientists (Walter Pitman and William Ryan with Candace Major as assistant) from Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.


          In April 1986 the world's worst nuclear power plant accident occurred in Chernobyl, Ukraine.

          Since then Russian scientists using moored sensors have reported alarming levels of concentrations of dissolved cesium 137 in fresh waters entering the Black Sea.   This should raise very serious concerns since "... this soluble alkali metal would still retain a significant radioactivity well into the twenty-first century." ["Noah's Flood," W. Ryan and W. Pitman (1998) Simon & Schuster (P. 128) ISBN 0-684-81052-2].

          Therefore, a prime objective of the June 1993 mission of the Aquanaut was to retrieve core samples for analysis to determine the extent of radioactivity in the surface layers of the grey mud of the Black Sea shelf.

          Note:  the sedimentary repository on the shelf is described as grey mud; while, the mud in the great basin has been described as black, jelly-like, thick mud as the latter contains an abundance of decaying microorganisms with resulting organic carbons and gases.


          As of the spring of 1999 the nation of Ukraine had five nuclear plants, Atomic Power Plants, including 14 working reactors of which only one is at Chernobyl.

          Formerly, Chernobyl had four reactors when No. 4 exploded on 26 April 1986 sending a cloud over much of Europe and contaminating much of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.   An Associated Press report published 26 April 1999, 13 years later, stated hopes "... that the leaky concrete-and-steel shelter covering the ruined reactor would be repaired...."

          That AP report went on to say, "Work on making the shelter covering the exploded reactor environmentally safe is proceeding slowly ... That work 'might take 50 and even 100 years,' Yuriy Shcherbak, Ukraine's coordinator at Chernobyl ... wrote recently in the Stolichnye Novosti newspaper."


          In view of the hydrology and hydraulics of the waters of the Black Sea (explained in Chanoch's Water Supply, Parts I and II):  the cesium 137 contaminants in fresh waters from the North would flow South and override existing waters until nearing the Turkish coast.   They then continue down and back Northward to revolve as a fluid cylinder atop the great basin of the Black Sea.   During this sequence some of the contaminated fresh waters flow into the Bosporus while most of the cesium 137 contaminated waters mix with the salt waters entering the Black Sea via the Bosporus.   These waters then enter the great drains situated in the depths of the Black Sea's great basin.   They then must pass through distillation units and continue on as reconstituted fresh waters most probably flowing Southward via subterranean waterways to enter either the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and perhaps the Mediterranean.   However, since no physical measures of the subterranean discharges from the Black Sea have been made, there is a possibility that some waters may flow west beneath the Balkans, others North into Russia, and East perhaps into the Caspian.   Some may even enter the Nile, Euphrates, and Tigris Rivers.


          Reports concerning radionuclides in Black Sea sediments recovered from the Northwestern shelf of the Black Sea may be very misleading.   That is, due to the water flow patterns, the concentrations of cesium 137 in sediment would appear to be far greater nearer the Turkish coast and increasing toward the vicinity of the deep holes due to the abundant subterranean discharge from the Black Sea.

          Note that three prime rivers transit through and around the Ukraine region and thus are more subject to pollution from the Chernobyl disaster and aftermath.   These rivers are:  the Dniester, the "Southern" Bug, and the Dnieper.   In turn, the discharge from each of those three rivers appears to override the discharge from the Danube which is slightly closer to the edge or drop off of the large Northwestern shelf of the Black Sea.   The Danube, of course, would appear to be carrying less radioactive materials, if any.   Therefore, radioactive materials in sediments of the shelf, excepting nearer the mouths of the aforecited three rivers, would not reflect the true degree of pollution.

          Now consider the following events.   That is, upon completion of the June 10-22, 1993 voyage of the Russian research vessel Aquanaut into the region of the Northwestern shelf of the Black Sea, the team of American scientists from Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Ryan, Pitman, and Major) were very closely screened by Russian authorities before departing Moscow for home.   That is, their samples (shells retrieved from deep within sediments) were of great concern to authorities.   But, why would Russian authorities be concerned over seashells?   There's plenty more where they came from.

          The true reason for Russian concern appears to be the "alarming levels" of dissolved cesium 137 detected by moored sensors.   The true or actual levels of alkali metals in waters of the Black Sea are being hidden from the public and nations.   Again, why else would Russian authorities be so concerned over seashells?   ("Noah's Flood," pages 140-142).

          What did core samples taken nearer the mouths of the three rivers reveal?   And, why has it taken more than five years to publish a report regarding findings?   Has that report suffered severe editing and revisions, a white wash?   Yes, how bad are the actual levels of dissolved cesium 137?

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                  [This text provides a discussion of other potential causes of the Gulf War Syndrome including the use of radioactive depleted uranium (DU).   DU is being distributed across the landscape and around the world.   Much has been sold to other nations including Thailand, Taiwan, Bahrain, the Jewish State, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Korea, Turkey, Kuwait, Britain, and France.   Russia, of course, has an ample supply of it's own.   Much is destined for the manufacture of ammunition and other weaponry.   Governments obviously are not concerned with people being radiated and the consequences of radionuclides being stored in human bone marrow and in brain tissue ... otherwise DU would not now be a commodity liberally distributed worldwide.].


          Some people may have been consuming radioactive contaminated waters for years without knowing it.   For others it may be just a matter of time before their water sources are contaminated.

          Nations that should be overly concerned appear to be those to the South of the Black Sea.   This includes:  Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and nations through which the Nile flows.

          These nations should be very concerned.   Their subterranean water supplies may originate from the vast outflow of Black Sea waters.   Remember, water via the surface rivers flowing into the Black Sea far exceeds surface outflow.   Therefore, there must be vast subterranean discharges.

          Explaining The Mystery Of The Gulf War Syndrome:  It is very probable that in 1991, five years after the Chernobyl disaster, that soluble alkali metals, dissolved cesium 137, had already reached underground fresh water supplies in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and/or waters of the Persian Gulf.

          So, were US Troops in the Gulf region exposed to contaminated water supplies in 1991?   What waters did the afflicted use for bathing, for foods, for drinking?   Did they go swimming, if so where?   But why some individuals and not others?   Radionuclides are stored in bone marrow and in brain tissue.

          What is happening to other people dwelling in the region?   Note that more than 80,000 U.S. Gulf War Veterans are suffering from Gulf War Syndrome plus thousands of British Veterans.   Furthermore, as of the end of March 1998 9,000 US Gulf War Veterans had died according to the US Department of Veteran's Affairs.

          Also, the whole world is aware that King Hussein of Jordan died of terminal cancer in 1999.   Was his premature death a result of Chernobyl's pollution of the Jordanian water supply?   This matter is very serious.   If King Hussein's cancer was induced by dissolved cesium 137 in Jordan's water supply, did not additional radiation therapy expedite the King's death?

          Again, these radioactive waters represent a great mountain burning with fire ... it's deadly:

          "And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; ... and their fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp (everyone can see it), and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters (humanity's great water supply); And the name of the star is called Wormwood:  and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter."

Revelation 8:9-11


          Our proposal for EVE (Edenic Valley Exploration), forming an international consortium delving into the early history of humanity, is but an empty gesture if a large percentage of people are consuming nuclear wastes in their fresh water:  virtually odorless, tasteless, invisible soluble alkali metals in the form of dissolved cesium 137.

          EVE, of course, requires surface research vessels, as well as a variety of submersibles capable of venturing into depths of perhaps several thousand feet, laboratory facilities, teaching facilities, a variety of modern electronics instrumentation, and a whole lot more.   To do this requires the cooperation of people, nations, organizations, and funds to support such endeavors.

          Therefore, EVE engenders all of the wherewithal to undertake parallel investigations of Chanoch's Water supply.   However, time, naturally, is of the essence when whole nations of people are unknowingly consuming waters potentially impregnated with radionuclides whose legacies are malformations, cancers, other afflictions, and premature deaths.

          EVE offers people, organizations, and nations a common program to resolve matters, an opportunity to participate, and a vehicle to implement:

      1. What must be done.

      2. How to do it.

      3. The wherewithal to do it:
               What's available.
               Who has it.
               What's needed.

      4. Schedules:
               Initial preparations.
               Emergency measures.
               Longer term measures.
      5. The consequences of inaction.

      6. Funding.

          The latter item, funding, involves matters of concern and potential benefits extending worldwide.   Nations, for example, readily expend hundreds of billions to wage wars ostensibly for the benefit of humanity.   And, trillions of dollars were expended in preparations to wage such wars.   Again, the U.S. of A. also pays a billion dollars a day as "interest" to "borrow" paper money; but, only a few days of that "interest" could finance this much needed program.   Other nations have great building programs but the greatest of magnificent structures are of little or no benefit to those afflicted and dying or the premature dead due to waters polluted by radioactive or other materials.

Yes, People Can't Live Without Water!

          Our proposal for EVE (Edenic Valley Exploration), forming an international consortium delving into the early history of humanity, is but an empty gesture if a large percentage of people are consuming nuclear wastes in their fresh waters:  virtually odorless, tasteless, invisible soluble alkali metals in the form of dissolved cesium 137.

For:  Noah's Ark, City Built By Cain,
and Edenic Valley Exploration (EVE)

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