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People Can't Live Without Water

Chanoch's Water Supply

Hydrology And Hydraulics Associated With The Black Sea Region

Question #1:

          If a river always flows down hill, then how is it possible for two rivers to flow in opposite directions, one atop the other with nothing in between?   Yes, it's a double decker river with nothing except water separating both.   O.K., one is salt (denser) water and the other is a mixture of salt and fresh.   The salt water being denser (heavier) is the bottom river.   But that still doesn't explain the two different directions of flow.

          If you don't believe it's possible, check out the Bosporus Strait, a relatively narrow gorge between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.   The upper river flowing SSW is about 50 feet deep and flows constantly sometimes even exceeding 5 kns.   Whereas, the lower river flows NNE, is about 350 feet deep, and has a very strong current.   But, again, that doesn't explain the two way flows.   Can you?

Question #2:

          Several major rivers (Danube, Dnieper, "Southern" Bug, Dniester, Don, Kuban, Rioni, Sakarya, and the Bosporus) all flow into the Black Sea.   Now add rain water and subtract evaporation.   Where does all of the abundance of water go?

Question #3:

          What role has the Black Sea region played in the history of humanity from Creation unto the present?

Question #4:

          Why should the Black Sea be of concern to people extending hundreds of miles from the immediate Black Sea region, the Middle East, and perhaps even to victims of the Gulf War Syndrome?

For answers check out:

 PART I:Provides an overview of earth systems whereby sea waters are being continuously converted to subterranean rivers of fresh waters.

 PART II:Discusses the Black Sea as a unique system where people can readily view the Black Sea as a virtual "closed" system and its by-products including petroleum.

 PART III:Deals more directly with pollution, its dire consequences, and proposes a program to further investigate this critical fresh water resource.

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