Selected Verses From
The Legend Of The Fish

31.  "You should (at once) build a strong and huge ark and furnish it with a long rope.   O great Rishi, get into it with the seven Rishis.

39-40.  "O best of the Bharata race, appeared there with horns in its head.   O foremost of men, seeing in the ocean that fish with the horn emerging like a rock as he was told before, he (Manu) threw the noose (made by the rope) on the head of that fish.

41-44.  "O foremost of men, O conqueror of hostile cities, fastened by the noose, the fish towed the ark with great force over the salt water.   O best of men, it dragged him in that vessel in the roaring and bellowing sea.   Tossed by the tempest on the great ocean, the vessel reeled about like a drunken harlot.   O conqueror of hostile cities, neither land nor the four cardinal points of the horizon could be then distinguished.

45.  "O foremost of men, there was water every where; the water covered the heaven and the sky.   O best of the Bharata race, when the world was thus flooded,

46-48.  "None but Manu, the seven Rishes and the fish could be seen.   O King, for many years it diligently dragged the boat on the flood.   Then, O descendant of Kuru, O best of the Bharata race, it then dragged the ark to the peak of the Himalayas.   Then that fish smilingly spoke thus to those Rishis.

49.  "'Without delay bind the ark to peak of the Himalayas.'   O best of the Bharata race, they soon tied the vessel there

50.  "On the Himalayan peak on hearing the words of the fish.   Since that day that great Himalayan peak is called Naubhudhana ....

54.  "By practising severe asceticism, he will acquire this power.   With my blessings, illusion will have no power over him."

(Lines 13, 39-50, and 54, From The 187th Chapter
Of Vivaswata In The Markandeya, Of The Vana Parva
In The Mahabharata)


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