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The Sequence Of Events

Locating Noah's Ark
And The City Of Chanoch

          A multitude of treasures have lain hidden for millennia; but, when the LORD leads one to them ... they are very easy to find.
  Deuteronomy 29:29
Matthew 10:26

          Getting Started:  In the early 1980's (i.e. 1980-1983), while being led to search for the hiding place of GOD'S Holy Ark (Sura 2:248; Zechariah 5:4; etc.), the circle/square relationship derived from the Great Pyramid of Giza became of serious interest.

          The Perimeter Of The Base (4 B) Equals the Circumference Of A Circle (2 Pi R) Whose Radius (R) Equals The Altitude Of The Pyramid Of Giza If The Capstones Were In Place.

4 B = 2 Pi R
R =  2B  

John Taylor, Charles Piazzi Smyth
1850's - 1860"s

          That is, a baseline of Giza (B) defines a specific triangle where 'R' is the perpendicular distance from the baseline (B) to the apex of the triangle.   Thus, using this relationship, if a baseline (B) is known, and anchor points can be determined, then the location of the capstone can easily be identified.

          Also, in the case of Giza, the platform for the missing capstone is so large that many "stones" are required to form or support the ultimate capstone.

          Therefore, our search was on!   How many hidden things form the humongous "capstone"?   Was this circle and square relationship deliberately set in the great pyramid of Giza and the capstones deliberately left off to lead searchers to myriad hidden things?

          Yes, Joseph was named Zaphnathpaaneah, one of whose meanings is "revealer of hidden things" (Genesis 41:45).

          Then while using multiples of the baseline (B) found in I Samuel 6:19, we began "playing around" with very interesting results.   For example, we extrapolated to conclude a rather large triangle using two fixed points while the third point of the triangle, due to measuring techniques and distances, provided a dual possibility.

          Initially, this third site was a topic for jesting ... what if anything could possibly be there?   Afterall, at that stage our triangle was based on some rather flimsy assumptions.   Initially, we called it "our Noah's Ark ... a figment of our imagination."   That's what other people called it too!

          However, our jesting soon took on a more serious vein upon seeing Habakkuk 3:3 and that the town of Tayma', Saudi Arabia is only about 60 miles to the South of our mystery point.

          Nevertheless, since the hiding place of GOD'S Holy Ark was our prime interest, we more or less forgot about this and other mysterious points after concluding in 1983 that this site must indeed be Noah's Ark.   At that time all we had was little more than Habakkuk 3:3, the town of Tayma', one (dual) point established by a very unreliable triangle, and a strange understanding.

          The Altar, Pillar, And Boundstone:  Then, in 1984-1985, during a three month visit to Hebron, Palestine ... using other findings together with the baseline of 50,070 cubits (19.79 miles:  I Samuel 6:19), we physically confirmed the existence of a specific Altar that we had earlier concluded must be at a specific location.   That is, high atop the Stone of Abel there should be an ancient Altar, boundstone, or pillar (Isaiah 19:19-20).

          Based on that previously unverified site (that we assumed to be valid) we were led to realize that there were two Holy Arks (See Ezekiel 12:3-7 vs 12:8-12); so, Habakkuk 3:3 must indeed be describing Noah's historic sojourn from Tayma' to Kiryat Arba (Hebron) while carrying the original Holy Ark.   This particular sojourn took place after the flood when the waters had more thoroughly abated.

          O.K., at this stage, we still had not physically verified the existence of an historic boundstone, marker, or witness atop the Great Stone of Abel.   In fact, no one appeared to know what the Great Stone of Abel looked like nor where it was located (I Samuel 6:18).   Therefore, on 10 February 1985 we set out from Hebron to visit that key point where we anticipated finding the Great Stone of Abel whereon was some sort of an Altar, pillar, boundstone, or marker that we had been using as a witness (Isaiah 19:19-20).   Something had to be there.   And, lo and behold, there it was!   It turned out to be the ancient Altar of Ebenezer buit by Samuel (Ebenezer means the stone of help).   It was exactly where we had predicted.   Wow!

          Therefore, perhaps our great triangle to that mystery point North of Tayma' was indeed identifying the site of Noah's Ark.   Afterall, we had used the location of this previously unverified Altar, witness, or boundstone as one of the anchor points of our great triangle.   Now, in 1985, we were standing on it and it was real!

          And, a brief walk Southward from Ebenezer reveals the breathtaking magnitude of the Stone of Abel as a great sheer faced wall of rock arose straight up from the valley far down below.   It's a sight that no visitor to the historic Altar of Ebenezer (I Samuel 7:12) should miss.

          Yet, our initial findings regarding Noah's Ark were still virtually unsubstantiated presumptions.   But at least now we knew that our triangle had a good pedigree.

          GOD'S Holy Ark Enters Captivity:  In 1985 the occupation forces in the West Bank had taken GOD'S Holy Arks (yes, two) captive by their threats, guns, and failure to cooperate (Zechariah 5:4).   Later, we learned that Jewry's leaders intended to keep GOD'S Holy Ark hidden as they were aware that when "Shiloh come" they would lose their world sceptre as rulers over the Sixth World Kingdom (Genesis 49:1,10; John 11:47-53; Revelation 17:10-11; Daniel 5:25-28; etc.).   Nevertheless, "Shiloh" had come, Jewry took "Shiloh" as their prisoner in 1985, and the sceptre has been given unto the throne over the Seventh Kingdom.   But Jewry's troubles are not yet over (Joshua 7:1-26).

          Therefore, when ready, at the end of our three month visit, we quietly left Hebron and left Jewry "holding the bag."   It was their choice to take GOD'S Holy Ark captive ... not ours (Isaiah 40:5; Zechariah 5:4; Nahum 2:7; Sura 2:248; Zechariah 5:9-11; Jeremiah 43:11-13; etc.).

          Mount Ararat:  The 1,000 mile long mountain of lava whose concentrations are identified as "Harrat (name) " on maps became obvious.   And our mystery point (the dual point) was right in the middle of this 1,000 mile long "mountain."   The mystery of Mount Ararat was solved.

          Thus, like a gigantic geometry proof, pieces of the puzzle were gradually coming together.

          The Nuzi Map And Chanoch:  Photographs of the ancient Nuzi Map and a reconstructed drawing of that map had been seen and our conclusions were that it obviously depicted the preflood Edenic Valley now residing beneath the Red Sea.   But, that map was more or less forgotten until copies were recently (December 1998) located on the web.   Then, Wow!, there's that City of Chanoch up in the Northeast corner of the Nuzi Map right where our strange triangle had led us back about 1983.

          And The Koran (Sura 11:44) speaks of Noah's Ark as a great howdah resting upon Al-Judi, the City of Chanoch, the home of Thamoud North of Medina.

          "A voice cried out:  'Earth, swallow up your waters.   Heaven cease your rain!'   The floods abated and Allah's will was done.   The Ark came to rest upon Al-Judi, and there was heard a voice saying:  'Gone are the evil-doers.'"

                                                       Sura 11:44

          Yes, even The Koran helped elaborate on matters as it clearly links the Nuzi Map with Chanoch, Noah's Ark, and the area North of Medina.

          Sounding The Great Trumpet:  In 1998 we began building our web site including a series of web pages dealing with Noah's Ark.   As of February 1999, in addition to an Internet Headlines Page, there were nine Noah's Ark pages explaining our findings, this writing being the tenth page.

          The Internet, of course, makes our findings readily available to practically anyone.   And anyone who wished to help may do so.

          Points A, B, And C:  Back to our original mystery triangle and the two slightly different points established by two different measuring techniques.   We chose as the starting point the midpoint between the two sites (about 7 miles apart) and called this midpoint Point 'A' (i.e. 014° / 62 statute miles from Tayma'), the Western Point 'B', and the Eastern Point 'C'.

Point B
28° 29' 13.2" N
38° 43'  58"   E
Near Center Of Area

  Point A
28° 29' 13.2" N
38° 46'   7.5" E

  Point C
28° 29' 13.2" N
38° 48'  17"   E
Off To East Side

          An Overview Of The Site:  A map upon which Points A, B, and C were drawn shows a whole series of wadis, ravines, more or less flowing Westward to the Gulf of Aqaba.   Two of these ravines flow North-South to bracket the Hill of Pisgah, the Hill in the midst of the ravines.   The wadi to the East side passes through the area of the town or village of Al 'Assafiyah and parallels the road North out of Al 'Assafiyah for about 32 miles.   The Western wadi is about 42 miles to the West of and parallels the Eastern ravine.   Both are canted slightly clockwise:  NNE - SSW.

          Along the South side, counting Al 'Assafiyah as being just North of the Southeast corner, Wadi Tayyal (which originates perhaps 40 miles Northeast of Al 'Assafiyah) flows Southwest passing perhaps 3 miles South of Al 'Assafiyah and continues for another eight or nine miles to the Southwest after crossing the road to Al 'Assafiyah.   At this 8 or 9 mile point the Wadi Tayyal intersects a series of wadis that form an almost straight line flowing WNW - ESE.   Midway along this Southern boundry line is a very distinct 'V' as Wadi Nayyal originates as a fork from this South boundary.   The sides of this distinct 'V' are each about five miles long and the centerline of this 'V' is about 16 miles East of the Western wadi and 16 miles West of where the Southern wadi intersects Wadi Tayyal.   Thus, it is reasonably close to the centerline of this 42 mile by 32 mile area and should offer considerable intrigue to searchers.

          The entire area encompasses about 42 X 32 miles with wadis along the South side and along both the East and West sides.   And, if one were to go Northward the topography continues more or less level.

          The Elevated Land Of Pisgah:  After recognizing the existence of prolific ravines surrounding the area on three sides it was observed that the ravines traversed from the area as a broad swath of wadis about 80 miles wide flowing Westward generally passing on the North side of Tabuk and on to the Gulf of Aqaba.

          Therefore, the terms Pisgah and Ashdothpisgah described "the Hill" or plateau of Pisgah, the ravines of Pisgah, and the springs of Pisgah.   Thus, the 42 X 32 mile area between the wadis or ravines appeared to be void of wadis or ravines, without mountains, and generally flat.   One gentleman who visited the area of Point 'B' reported "... the area is fairly flat with scattered hills around...."

          Tunnel In - Tunnel Out:  There should be an ancient tunnel commencing perhaps 30 miles more or less North of Point 'A' and traversing South perhaps to Point 'B' or slightly West of Point 'B'.   The purpose of this tunnel was to bring fresh water into Chanoch, possibly into the Temple and other reservoirs under the city.   Now when waters flow in then waste waters must flow out.   Therefore, there should be one or more sewer outflows as evidenced today by fresh water springs.   Perhaps, one of these springs provides waters for Al 'Assafiyah.   Remember, the Scriptures refer to the springs of Pisgah.

          Electronic sensing devices should be able to detect and perhaps follow this ancient water-sewer system.

          Tayma' Is To The South:  In turn, the name Teman (or Tayma' in Arabic) also means "the South" or "to the South" (Strong's 8487 and 8486).   Here Joshua 12:3 links together both Ashdothpisgah and Tayma' (to the South).   This also agrees with Habakkuk 3:3.

          The Road North Out Of Tayma' makes a broad pot belly bend bulging Eastward through Al 'Assafiyah as it circumnavigates the Hill or plateau of Pisgah.   Thus, over the centuries travelers avoided this area and preserved its anonymity.

          The Search Area:  Point 'B' is situated almost midway between the East and West wadis (i.e. about 20 miles from the East wadi and 22 miles from the West wadi) and about 14 miles North of the wadis that form the South boundary.   This places 'B' quite close to the center of the Hill of Pisgah.   Whereas, 'C' is about 7 miles to the East of 'B' and 'A' is the midpoint between 'B' and 'C'.

          Therefore, since 'B' appears very close to the center of the area between the wadis, 'B' appears to be the most likely or prime site.   Any search of Point 'B' should extend a mile or two to the West and about seven miles to the North of 'B' to be sure to encompass the midpoint of Pisgah.   Then, if nothing is found using at least a good two box (antennae) metal detector or better equipment, perhaps a restart at 'A' working to Point 'C' is in order.   Note:  Point 'C' is quite far to the East side of the midpoint and cannot be considered a prime possibility.   But who knows?   The City of Chanoch should extend throughout the area with features beneath A, B, C, and beyond in all directions.

          The Brass Dome:  The circle centered in the Nuzi Map of the Edenic Valley may well represent the brass dome atop the center of Noah's Ark.   The brass dome would have covered GOD'S Holy Ark near the center of Noah's Ark.   And this dome may be overlaid with gold.

          If there is indeed such a brass dome it should be quite easy to locate even if covered with several feet of earth.

          Remember also, if Noah's Ark is as a howdah directly atop the City of Chanoch, Chanoch would rest at a strata below Noah's Ark.   If that's the case, Noah's ark should readily stand out above the remains of the City of Chanoch.   And Noah's Ark should be relatively close to the surface as it waits to be uncovered.

          Perhaps one of those "scattered hills" encases tell Noah; or, perhaps those "scattered hills" may even encase buildings of Chanoch.

          Preliminary Research:  The 42 mile by 32 mile area constitutes almost 1400 square miles, a most formidable challenge at first appearance.

          Our efforts to date have been limited to assembling available evidence regarding Noah's Ark and its relation to the Valley of Eden and the City of Chanoch.

          Material gathered, of course, indicates that onsite investigations are indeed merited and should produce positive results.

          Visiting The Site:  This writer has never visited Saudi Arabia and has no immediate plans to do so.   That is, the ancient City of Chanoch and Noah's Ark will be found and their excavation and preservation will require considerable labor, time, and funds.   Besides, Government authorities will undoubtedly take over so why not let them start on or near the ground floor.

          No, we have never seen any individual photos nor a photo or other survey of the area.   Photos would be nice to see but may provide little other than an historic record whose value grows with time.   At this stage it's all buried.

          Again, Noah's Ark should be relatively easy to find with little more than a two box (antennae) metal detector.   And, searchers should readily identify Chanoch using similar electronic sensing devices.   Test holes should confirm matters.   Yes, there are also more than 100 miles of wadis that border the area to examine and nearly 1400 square miles wherein a great city lays buried!.   So enjoy!

          Throngs can search and search but never find; whereas, when another is guided, to him belongs the prize.
  Deuteronomy 29:29
Matthew 10:26


The Koran Ties It All Together


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