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Why Wait For Spring Break?

Who Will Be Next To Visit
Noah's Ark?


          Noah's Ark, of course, is the historic survival ship that safely conveyed early ancestors of all postflood humanity across the great flood of 1655-1656 from Creation.  It's far more important than the Titanic, the Queen Mary, the Queen Elizabeth, the Mayflower, and all other historic ships wrapped into one.

          Remember, your ancestors helped build it or they wouldn't have been on board.   So, it belongs to everyone (Deuteronomy 29:29).   And, today people can readily visit this phenomenal site just North of Tayma', Saudi Arabia.

          Yes, Noah's Ark has been found.   Now you too can visit it.


          Start by examining basic clues:

Clue #1:
      Where will Noah's Ark NOT be found?

      Everyone knows where the phony Mt. Ararat is located in Eastern Turkey.   The real name for that decoy is Agri Dagi (Dagi means mountain).   And Noah's Ark won't be found there because it's not there.

Clue #2:

      O.K., how many ways can you spell "Ararat"?

    1. Ararat (See it's easy).

    2. Hararat:  Har means mountain sometimes shortened to 'ar.   The middle 'a' (the article) represents the preposition 'of.'   And 'rat' is the meaning you'll soon discover.

    3. 'Arrat is the same but without the preposition and the 'H' has been dropped too.

    4. Harrat means mountain of lava.   (So now you know).

Clue #3:

      Where can we find Harrat?

      Mountains of lava are world-wide.

Clue #4:

      So, which one applies to Noah's landing site?

      Try the 1,000 mile long mountain of lava from Mecca to Damascus whose concentrations are called "Harrat   (name)  ."   On maps of Arabia "Harrat            " is everywhere along that 1,000 mile long path.

Clue #5:

      But where on this 1,000 mile long mountain is Noah's Ark?
      Right smack in the middle.   Yes, it's in the Hejaz in Northwestern Saudi Arabia.

Clue #6:

      The Koran says that Noah's Ark landed atop Al-Judi (Sura 11:44).   So, what is Al-Judi?

    1. Al-Judi is a name given to several mountains in Eastern Turkey and in Northern Iran only they spell it Mt. Cudi.   But none of those decoys are Al-Judi of Sura 11:44.

    2. Al-Judi is an ancient, a colossal, preflood city of wayward people who refused to obey GOD.   Thus, Sura 11 describes Noah's Ark as a great howdah placed upon the back of Al-Judi.   That is, a howdah is that big box, a big burden, upon the back of an elephant or camel for carrying passengers.   The howdah usually has seats, a railing for people to hold, and a canopy for shade.

Clue #7:

      Where is the ancient preflood city built by Cain located?
      Remember, Cain named his city Chanoch or Enoch after his firstborn.

      It's East of Eden (Genesis 4:16-17).

Clue #8:

      Where is the preflood Valley of Eden?

      Today it's deep beneath the Red Sea.

Clue #9:

      Did Noah build an Altar to the LORD upon landing?

      Indeed, Noah built a great Altar unto the LORD when Noah's Ark came to rest atop the city built by Cain.   Yes, it was like Noah adding the top layer on an extensive layer cake; and, when everyone departed the Ark, the LORD added the frosting that hid it from everyone until these End Times.   It's described both by the great Altar in the court before the Temple and by the Hebrew 'ôben, the dual of 'eben.   Both describe that layer cake and the great howdah upon Al-Judi.

Clue #10:

      What does Habakkuk 3:3 mean when it says, "GOD came from Teman (Tayma', Saudi Arabia) and the Holy One from mount Paran"?   GOD has been around a long, long time before Teman; so, what is Habakkuk 3:3 telling us?   Why did GOD come from Teman?   And, where is Paran (the ornament in the desert of Arabia)?


          Enough clues and answers.   By now you should be homing in on Noah's Ark like an arrow to the bulls eye.

          Yes, you too can learn all about Noah's Ark, the ancient records, priceless artifacts, the gold, silver, gems, and even two ancient preflood Temples hidden in Tell Noah.   Know what Noah's Ark looks like and what lays beneath it.

          You could spend a fortune to go miles beneath the ocean to visit the broken Titanic; you can climb Mount Everest like many others have done; or you can visit Noah's Ark resting atop Chanoch, the ancient preflood city of Cain.   Visiting "The Hill" of Pisgah surrounded by the ravines and the springs of Pisgah makes ancient, ancient history come alive.

          Today, you too can travel to Noah's Ark on the Internet and know exactly where it's resting.

                    In North America


                    In Europe


          Then, with coordinates in hand and an inexpensive Global Positioning System (GPS) indicator, you can go direct to the very spot.

What An Experience For Spring Break!

          Or you can go early, pull an Harrison Ford, and beat the others.   Yeh, what an experience for spring break.   You can even buy an Arab headdress in the Suk, rent-a-camel, and do it in style.   Oh, and don't forget to learn a few words in Arabic, you know:  up, down, giddy up, whoa, go this way, go that way, faster, slower, etc.   Afterall, that camel only knows Arabic.


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