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The Historic Journey

Noah's Voyage
1655-1656 From Creation

Chronology of The Flood


    1. City Gates Closed:  commence sealing gates for 7 days (Genesis 7:4,10,16).

    2. Flood Commenced:  waters arose for 40 days wherein great land masses were raised to displace waters and cause ocean levels to flood all land areas (Genesis 7:4,11-12,17-20).   This commenced in the 17th day of the 2nd month (Genesis 7:11).   At that time Noah was 599 years old, i.e. Noah was in his 600th year (ordinal) (Genesis 7:11).

    3. Flood Waters Arose And Remained At Maximum Level  until all life perished excepting those within the ark.   And Noah's ark remained afloat above the volcanic mountains.   This phase encompassed 150 days (5 months of 30 days each) (Genesis 7:18-24; 8:3-4).   Note:  In the preflood years the merchant-traders had ships (baris) and they plied their trades between the four river regions.   Therefore, people obviously attempted to survive on these baris but without adequate food and water.   Therefore, the last of these survivors didn't make it beyond the 17th day of the 7th month.   Thus, some people endured a slow and painful death that encompassed up to 150 days.   Remnants of their ancient vessels may well be found wrecked in the mountains and on the ocean bottoms of this world.

    4. The Flood Waters Begin To Abate  on the 17th day of the 7th month (Genesis 8:4).

    5. Noah's Ark Reached The Americas  on the 1st day of the 10th month (Genesis 8:5).   At the end of (200 + 40) 240 days the tops of mountains were seen and the "raven" (disobedient beasts) and the first "dove" (the more righteous) were sent forth.   The more righteous returned to report conditions; whereas, the unrighteous fled from Noah's presence (Genesis 8:6-9).   After all, being cooped up with Noah for 240 days was more than the unrighteous could stand.

    6. Noah Waited 7 Days  and then sent the dove out a second time; but again, the righteous messenger returned, this time with a more favorable report (Genesis 8:10-11).   Note:  The "raven" or unrighteous couldn't be trusted and never did return to Noah with any reports concerning conditions.

    7. Noah Waited Another 7 Days.  During this time certain supplies were being off loaded and transported to a campsite on higher ground.   But during the night of the 254th day cataclysmic actions set Noah's ark afloat and carried it Eastward.   In the morning light those left ashore saw Noah's ark disappear over the horizon to the East as the sun appeared to swallow the great ark.   Thus, the American native legends talk of Quetzalcoatl and Noah dwelling to the East (Genesis 8:12).

      Status:  At this point Noah had completed 254 days, about two-thirds, of his journey.   That is, the journey of the ark began in Eden (now the Red Sea area) then traversed Eastward across what is now Arabia, India, South China, and the Pacific to the Americas (Mexico).   At that time Noah's ark still had 123 days remaining to cross the Atlantic, North Africa, and on to the landing site in Northwestern Arabia.

    8. The 66 Days  involved Noah's crossing the Atlantic before hastening across North Africa and on to Arabia.   Flood waters were drying up (i.e. being absorbed as ocean bottoms sank to both generate currents and to consume Flood waters).   The 600 is obvious as The Flood began in Noah's 600th year (ordinal).   Noah was then 599 years old (cardinal-completed) (Genesis 7:11).   And, The Flood ended in Noah's 601st year (ordinal), when Noah was 600 years old (cardinal-completed) (Genesis 8:13).   Thus, the 600 is obvious and the 66 now evolved as Noah crossed the region of the Atlantic Ocean.   Remember, when one component of the number 666 appears in Scripture always search out the other components lurking nearby.   Thus, the 666 was a significant sign even in Noah's day (Revelation 13:18).

    9. In The 1st Day Of The 1st Month  Noah's ark passed over the western shores of Africa as the low mountains and hill tops became visible (Genesis 8:13).   About now Noah probably wondered what he had seen.   First, Noah had left behind two groups of people in the Central American lands; now, the lands of Africa were emerging.   Both were totally new lands that had risen from the ocean bottoms.   Therefore, if it were not for the daily sunrise and sunsets Noah may have thought he was traversing in circles.

    10. During The 57 Days  after passing the western shores of North Africa, Noah arrived at his Arabian destination atop Al-Judi.   And, on the 27th day of the 2nd month "GOD spake unto Noah saying, Go forth of the ark ..." (Genesis 8:14-17).


          Today the lands upon which Noah's great ark rests are 1,000 feet or more above the modern sea level.   Thus, when Noah's ark landed there were yet some ocean bottoms that still had to sink to swallow up the remaining Flood waters.   The great earthquakes and tumult still had not fully ended.

          After landing, how long the survivors remained with the great wooden ark as home is not recorded in Scripture.   All survivors, of course, were aware that some of their brethren had been left behind in some distant land.   Could it happen again?   Each survivor may have suspected that the Americas were their former river region ... after all, each was familiar with the preflood world and probably didn't even have a vague idea of what the world's post Flood land masses looked like.

          Eventually, people apparently got their bearings, realized where they were, and divided up to return to their respective river region to see what if anything remained.    Thus, the remaining supplies were divided and people set out to find more productive crop growing areas and to start over.

          Ancient preflood records, actual eye witness Flood accounts, etc. ought to be found still stored in the remnant of Noah's great ark.   People, obviously had more than enough necessities to transport to their new homes ... so items such as ancient records were left behind.   The LORD then covered over the ark like a great "cave" or time capsule from the preflood years.   Today, it quietly waits to be uncovered North of Tayma', Saudi Arabia.


          Since GOD'S laws have been around from the beginning, it can only be assumed that Noah, being righteous, complied therewith.

          Now, each Biblical Year commences with the day of the first New Moon following the Vernal Equinox (i.e. when the apparent sun moves north across the equator).   Therefore, the Biblical Year automatically inserts a 13th month whenever a 13th New Moon occurs before the Vernal Equinox.    Also, since each month begins with the day of the New Moon, the duration of a month may vary from 29 to 31 days depending on where an individual is on the globe as the time of the New Moon varies relative to local sunset.

          Therefore, since Noah was on an around-the-world journey under very adverse weather conditions ... you might call it an emergency situation, it can be assumed that Noah utilized a 30 day month for chronological purposes throughout his journey.   At least that's how this chronology has been prepared.


          People have endeavored to explain events by concocting all sorts of false phenomena and ridiculous theories ... the earth's rotation speeded up or slowed down, a meteorite landed wherever, the earth's orbit got bigger or smaller, the polar ice cap covered the earth, etc.   So, let's get serious!

          A sabbath is a period of time divided into seven equal parts.   There is a seven day sabbath of 24 hour days, a 24˝ year sabbath wherein each "year" is 3˝ years (42 months or 1260 days), a 70 year sabbath wherein each segment is 10 years, a 49 year sabbath wherewith the Jubilee year is the 50th year, and a 7,000 year sabbath wherein the seventh 1,000 Year-Day is The LORD'S Day.   Again, in each case the seven intervals are equal.

          According to the Book of Jubilees and other texts there were 6,000 years from the beginning of Creation unto when the LORD'S sanctuary, the eternal Congregation, has been prepared (Jubilees 1:24-29).   The year 6001 from Creation then heralded the beginning of The LORD'S Day which began in the Spring of 1996, at sundown 16 April 1996 (Eastern Time) to be more precise.

          This may be verified via a number of avenues that are not the object of this presentation.   However, it should be noted that the Third 1,000 Year-Day from the 5 BC Birth of Christ is exactly the same as the Seventh millennial day from Creation, The LORD'S Day.   And, everyone can count 2000 years from 5 BC.

          Meanwhile, unbelievers, like the multitudes of Al-Judi, are rather oblivious as to prophetic events now evolving.   And, like those of Al-Judi, many shall remain totally unprepared; whereas, the wise, like Noah and his followers, will be ready and know what's happening and when.


    1. Before The Flood, if the highest land elevations above sea level were only 2,000 feet more or less then 15 cubits above the highest point would be in the vicinity of 2,030 feet.   However, if as certain "experts" profess, the great mountains of this world were millions of years old: in order for The Flood to exceed the tops of the highest mountains by 15 cubits, Flood waters would have had to have been perhaps 30,000 feet deep above today's sea level.   Thus, the difference between 2,030 feet and 30,000 feet on a global scale would require perhaps more than triple the volume of waters on earth.   Whereas, the 2,000 foot level appears more feasible, the 30,000 foot level does not.

    2. Where did all the water come from to create The Flood?

    3. Where did all the water go after The Flood?

    4. How did native Americans get to America?

    5. The Flood waters:

      1. Arose to a maximum and remained there until the 157th day.

      2. Then after subsiding for 83 days unto the 240th day the Central American (Mexican?) mountain tops were seen.

      3. The Flood continued subsiding for another 80 days (14 + 66) at which time Noah apparently saw low mountains and hills of North West Africa.

      4. The Flood waters then continued subsiding for still another 57 days wherein Noah's ark came to rest upon Al-Judi.   Noah and his followers then disembarked.

    6. How can the "experts" (the theologians et al) manage to raise Noah's ark to the top of Agri Dagi in Eastern Turkey? ... today it's 16,800 feet above sea level!   Others say it's only near Agri Dagi and only half way up.   Nearly all purport that when Noah's ark landed in Turkey there were still between 6,000 feet to 16,800 feet of Flood waters upon the earth.   That's water more than one to three miles deep above today's sea level.   Smile again!

    7. Remember, in order for the oceans to swallow waters displaced by the vast new continental land masses, great quantities of material had to be removed from deep beneath the ocean bottoms.   Thus, individual mountains and whole mountain ranges had to be pushed upwards in areas where before the flood there was nothing but uniformly shallow ocean waters.   Therefore, instead of the earth being flat (i.e. smooth like an orange) as it was in the preflood era, the earth suddenly acquired extensive mountain ranges and high hills to adorn its vast new continents.   And ocean bottoms sank to fill the vast voids created when the land masses were pumped up.   Thus, the Flood waters were collected from off the land masses.

    8. Hydrodynamics that raised great land masses utilized steam power.   That is, water has the peculiar traits of: (1) expanding when heated from a liquid to a gas; and, (2) being capable of absorbing vast quantities of energy when the steam is heated.   One can compare the unpressurized steam from a tea kettle to Clark Kent, the weak comic book reporter.   Whereas, when the steam is enclosed and more heat is added, the super heated steam absorbs energy to become like superman.   Remember, your high school physics formula teaches that Pressure times Volume equals a Constant times Temperature (P X V = R X T).   So, if the Volume is restricted and the Temperature of a few thousand degrees of the earth's core is applied then the Pressure says that something must give.

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