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Origin And Date Of The Nuzi Map

          The City of Noah was built around the first Holy Ark Of The Covenant.   That is, the original Holy Ark, apparently assembled under Adam, had been transferred to Noah's custody before The Flood which began in 1655 from Creation (2350 BC).   Noah, of course, began building his great ark, his city, 120 years before The Flood (1535 from Creation / 2470 BC) (Genesis 6:3).

          Remember, The Glory Of GOD remained with GOD'S Holy Ark even throughout The Flood (1655-1656 from Creation) and even accompanied Noah when he sojourned from Tayma (Saudi Arabia) to Kirjath Arba (Hebron) after The Flood (Habakkuk 3:3).

          However, long before The Flood, Cain had been evicted and banned from dwelling in Eden.   He then married one of Adam's daughters and began to build the City of Chanoch named after Enoch their first child (Genesis 4:16-17).

          The preflood world was flat (i.e. like an orange) without high mountains and deep ocean bottoms.   The world land area before The Flood was limited to a very large island that encompassed the four river regions from Egypt to India.

          Cain's children, of course, were destined to be wanderers:  the preflood explorers and colonizers, the preflood merchants and traders, the workers, etc.; while, Adam's lineage were the ruling class, the priests, and kings, the managers, and overseers.   As such, Adam's lineage were also custodians of GOD'S Holy Ark and received tithes and sin offerings from Cain's lineage.

          Thus, as the preflood world population grew so too did the colonies and settlements.   And, after several generations, Cain's lineage had been allowed to revisit the Edenic Valley and to make annual visits to the site where GOD'S Holy Ark and The Glory Of GOD resided.

          It should also be noted that children of Lamech (Cain) survived The Flood with Noah (Genesis 4:19-22).   So, people from each of the three other river regions obviously acquired maps to facilitate their annual journeys to the Most Holy Site of the preflood world.   Thus, ancient maps such as the Nuzi Map were born.

          Now, the circle shown in the center of the Edenic Valley should represent the site of Noah's City wherein the original Holy Ark and The Glory Of GOD resided.   Therefore, the date of the Nuzi Map should be within the 120 years before The Flood (i.e. 1535-1655 from Creation / 2470-2350 BC).   And, most probably closer to 1535 from Creation (2470 BC).

          Additional copies of the Nuzi or similar maps may be found on board Noah's ark along with other historic records of antiquity.


Reorientation And Site Identification By
George D. Brown

Map Of Preflood Edenic Valley
(Now Beneath The Red Sea)

Link To Map Of Red Sea For Comparison


Redrawing Of Ancient Nuzi Map From:
Link To Photo Of Original Clay Tablet


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