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Searching For GOD'S Holy Ark
† † † † † † † † † †††Part I

The Stone Of Abel
And The
Altar Of Ebenezer

ISAIAH 19:19-20

††††††††††"In that day (these End Times) shall there be an altar to the LORD (the Altar Of Ebenezer) in the midst of the land of Egypt (both Jerusalem and Beth Shemesh, 14 miles west of Jerusalem, were 'in Egypt':† Revelation 11:8; Jeremiah 43:13), and a pillar (a boundstone) at the border thereof to the LORD.

††††††††††"And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the LORD of hosts (relating to GOD'S Holy Ark) in the land of Egypt:† for they shall cry unto the LORD because of the oppressors (the occupiers promoting their Nazi lebensraum while falsely professing to be Israel), and He shall send them (their victims) a savior, and a great one, and he shall deliver them."

Isaiah 19:19-20


††††††††††After the death of Samson in 3008 from Creation (i.e. at the end of the 390 Year period of Judges) but before Saul was anointed captain over his inheritance in 3019 from Creation (I Samuel 10:1); Hophni and Phinehas, sons of Eli the high priest, had brought GOD'S Holy Ark from Shiloh unto the camp of the Israelites.

††††††††††At that time, the early Israelites were camped in Ebenezer and were doing battle with the Philistines.†† The Philistines, of course, knowing that GOD'S Holy Ark had been brought into the Israelites' camp, feared that the Ark of GOD would bring the Israelites special powers, etc.†† Therefore, the Philistines quickly mounted a deliberate attack, slew Hophni and Phinehas, and seized GOD'S Holy Ark.

††††††††††Meanwhile, by then Samuel had been established as prophet of the LORD; and, Samuel had forewarned Eli of dire consequences for the disobedience of Eli's sons (I Samuel 3:1-21).†† So, as the story goes, when Eli heard the news of the Philistine seizure of GOD'S Holy Ark and of the death of his sons, Eli fell over backward, broke his neck, and died at age 98 (I Samuel 4:1-22).

††††††††††Does Eli's age of 98 symbolize events of the year 1998 AD?


††††††††††It wasn't long before the Philistines realized that they had done wrong in seizing GOD'S Holy Ark.†† For them GOD'S Holy Ark became a real "hot potato."†† Therefore, the Philistines sent it from place to place hoping to get rid of curses coming upon them.†† Thus, the five Philistine cities (nations) tried to "pass the buck" to one another.†† And, after the LORD had smitten enough of the Philistines with great destruction, with deaths, and with "emrods in their secret parts" (hemorrhoids and other personal afflictions); the Philistines conspired to once and for all rid themselves of GOD'S Holy Ark.†† They, therefore, resolved to send it back to the rightful custodians along with their trespass offerings (I Samuel 5:1 thru 6:18).


††††††††††Early in 1985 GOD'S Holy Arks (yes, two) were taken captive, prisoner (Zechariah 5:4).†† This time the thieves were International Organized Crime's agents.†† That is, by their guns, their threats, and their failure to cooperate they indeed seized GOD'S Holy Arks.†† It was their own choice; so, those sent to search out the hiding place quietly finished their undertakings and departed the Middle East.†† Thus, I.O.C.'s agents were left "holding the bag."†† Subsequently, great troubles are coming upon them, their families, and those serving them (See Brian's House, SCAM #5).

††††††††††Indeed, since 1985 their world throne over the Sixth Kingdom has already departed from them (Daniel 4:30-31).†† Yes, they lost their special powers from GOD which were then given unto a new group as the throne over the Seventh Kingdom ascended to world dominion (Zechariah 5:4; Jeremiah 25:15-17,29-33; etc.; again, see Brian's House, especially THE KINGDOMS).

††††††††††Meanwhile, people and nations everywhere are experiencing all sorts of troubles and disasters.†† But most people, unlike the Israelites in the days when Achan stole from GOD in Jericho (Judges 7:1-26) ... most people either don't really understand why or don't believe.†† But it's happening again.


††††††††††Scripture relates that the Philistines built a new cart, hitched up two freshly calved cows, put their calves in a stall, put GOD'S Holy Ark on the cart, and turned the cows loose.†† Now a cow will not voluntarily leave her calf.†† But, in this situation, the two cows went off down the road which led toward the ancient town of Bethshemesh and to the Great Stone Of Abel.†† Thus, GOD'S Holy Ark was returned along with trespass offerings from each of the five Philistine cities (nations) and their rulers (I Samuel 6:1-18).


††††††††††When the two cows arrived at their destination with their mission completed, GOD'S Holy Ark was set down upon the Great Stone Of Abel, which stone remaineth even unto today (I Samuel 6:18).†† That is, the Great Stone Of Abel is a mountain of rock that the ancient roadway apparently traversed right across the top; whereas, a modern paved road now traverses slightly downhill from the peak which now is enclosed as part of a large pasture.†† Yes, today one can duck through the wire fence and in less than ten minutes (twenty minutes if one stops to eat lunch) ... one can easily reach the high point of Abel.†† It's undoubtedly the very spot to where GOD'S Holy Ark was returned by the Philistines nearly 3,000 years ago.

††††††††††Upon visiting the high point upon the Great Stone Of Abel on 10 February 1985, situated atop the high point was an ancient altar also described as a boundstone, a pillar, and a witness.†† This altar is described by the Hebrew 'Űben the dual of †'eben.†† Yes, it's the Altar of Ebenezer located at Bethcar (the home in the meadow or pasture) (I Samuel 7:11-12).

††††††††††Ebenezer is called "the stone of help"; whereas, the dual of †'eben is 'Űben meaning a pair of stones; described as a potter's wheel or a midwife's stool (two horizontal discs with a support between) (see John Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #72, #68, #69, #70).†† Also, the Hebrew †'Ízer (the second part of Ebenezer) means aid, help, from '‚zar meaning to surround, protect, or aid (See Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #5828, #5826).

††††††††††So, the Altar of Ebenezer upon the Great Stone Of Abel consists of two concentric circles (discs) of stones filled with earth, one atop the other:† the larger about 40 feet across forms the base, the smaller disc atop the base is about 14 feet across.†† Again, both circles of stones are filled with earth and a small heap of stones marks the center.†† The stones that form the base circle or disc are more or less oblong rocks about 12 to 18 inches in diameter with some being 24 inches more or less in length.†† The circle of stones forming the upper disc are slightly smaller.


††††††††††The high point of the Great Stone Of Abel, a humongous rock, is situated midway between the modern towns of Sidot Mikha and Gefen.†† Gefen is to the West and Sidot Mikha is to the East.†† O.K., in traversing from Sidot Mikha, go to the large water tank that the road bends around and continue Westward for a few hundred yards to the low point (dip) in the road.†† Then just duck through the fence and proceed to the high point of Abel on the South side of the road.

††††††††††Abel doesn't appear to be much of a rock as viewed from the paved road.†† But, after arriving at the Altar Of Ebenezer, don't miss the fantastic view.†† That is, take a few minutes to walk further South (slightly downhill) and the tremendous size of Abel suddenly becomes rather obvious.†† That is, you are now at the top of the face of Abel.†† And from the top of the huge cliff forming the face of Abel (on the South side) the view is breathtaking.†† On a clear day one can see the Mediterranean Sea and for miles to the South and Southwest.†† It's a view that no visitor to the top of Abel should miss as it clearly displays the tremendous size of Abel.


††††††††††When one looks through a window they are witnessing whatever is taking place or exists on the other side of that window.†† Thus, a window represents the location of a witness.

††††††††††Ebenezer is clearly described as a witness and Ebenezer is situated upon the high point of the Great Stone Of Abel.†† But, what is Ebenezer a witness to or for?†† Isaiah 19:19-20 answers as Isaiah declares that there is to be "a sign and for a witness unto the LORD of hosts," referring to GOD'S Holy Ark (Numbers 10:34-36; I Samuel 4:4; II Samuel 6:2; I Chronicles 13:6).

††††††††††Beth Shemesh (the house of Shemesh or house of the sun) starts the explanation:

††††††††††Shemesh means "to be brilliant," "the sun," by implication "the east," figuratively "a ray" (i.e. an arched ray) and "a notched battlement":† + east side (-ward), sun (rising), + west (-ward), "window" (see John Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #1053 and #8121).

††††††††††Thus, John Strong's definition of Shemesh is saying:† from the battlement in the East (i.e. the Solomonic Temple) an arched ray goes westward to the window (the place where a key witness stands).

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