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Reentering Temple History - A
Part II:

Online Bible King James Version

Matters Related To
The Temples


          Remember, Allegro, Castor, and Milik -- the three initial translators of the Copper Scroll, disagreed on the amount of gold, silver and other treasures hidden in the approximately 60 caches described in the Copper Scroll.   The first said 91 Tons, the second said 138 Tons, and Milik said, "No! there's more that 200 Tons."

          The Copper Scroll, of course, was prepared during King Nebuchadnezzar's siege of the Solomonic Temple. The amphitheatre had been destroyed and King Zedekiah had taken refuge within the Solomonic Temple fortress. At that time Nebuchadnezzar and his invaders were sealed out. That is, the Temple's outer elements (the side chambers, the towers, and the porch) had been collapsed atop the inner Temple with the porch being collapsed within itself to protect and preserve the inner Temple which included the Holy of Holies, the golden entry tunnel, the golden staircases, and the throne room. Zedekiah then escaped from this sealed tomb by going underneath Nebuchadnezzar's forces via the water-sewer tunnel but soon was caught in the plains of Jericho. At that time the Copper Scroll was cut in half by the Babylonians and discarded as a Jewish religious scroll.

          Later, the two halves of the Copper Scroll had been recovered and eventually placed in the Qumran caves where it remained until discovery by the Bedouin shepherds about 1948 and later opened in 1952.

          Note: Since King Zedekiah escaped via the Solomonic Temple's water-sewer system, the scroll, using metaphors to describe hiding places of Temple Treasures, had been made of copper to survive immersion in the water-sewer system.


          Ancient writings indicate there are several hatches leading from underground chambers into the Temple. However, three and perhaps four are solidly blocked by tons of rock and earth. And of the others, only one appears accessible from the water-sewer system.

    1. If the hatch beneath the Tower of Furnaces through which Jeremiah was lowered into the sewer (dung ... eon -- dungeon) (Jeremiah 38:6) were accessible, Zedekiah would have used it to escape and there would have been no need to make a scroll out of copper.

    2. The hatches beneath "the chambers of the slaughter knives" leading to the subterranean spaces, animal pens, etc. beneath the court before the Temple appear to have been blocked when the side chambers were collapsed.

    3. The hatch leading from the Tower of Furnaces to the stairway to the immersion pool beneath the Holy of Holies was apparently also blocked when the Tower of Furnaces was collapsed.

    4. One alcove (exedra) hatch apparently leads to the Scribes' storage vaults, treasury vaults, etc. and would not logically be accessible to the moist water-sewer course.

    5. One alcove (exedra) hatch apparently leads directly to the sweet water cisterns and passage to the immersion pool before passing under the gas barrier wall that Zedekiah had to duck under to escape.


          Subterranean access to each Temple from the underground chambers enter the preserved remains for example via double latched hatches opening into alcoves (exedras) beneath the golden staircases. These alcoves open out into the entry tunnel or hallway between the now sealed porch and the Holy of Holies.

          The danger is that anyone entering via these hatches must know where both keys and latching mechanisms are hidden and/or insure that others wait below to reopen the hatch should it close.

          Josephus, for example, spoke of people sent into the sealed second Temple to recover certain treasures. They, of course, went in but never came out. The message should be obvious. Booby traps, fools traps, are not new!


          No discussion of the Temple would be complete without mention of GOD'S Holy Ark Of The Covenant which resided in the Solomonic Temple's Holy of Holies for about 397 years. That is, when King Nebuchadnezzar was preparing to come against Jerusalem the LORD instructed Jeremiah to remove the Holy Ark from the Solomonic Temple and to hide it until these end times (Jeremiah 43:8-13; II Maccabees 2:4-8).

          And in these end times the hiding place has once again been revealed. Actually, there are two Holy Arks which were promptly taken captive, sight unseen, by Jewry's guns, their threats, and total lack of cooperation (Zechariah 5:4; Nahum 2:7; II Samuel 20:18-20). That is, Jewry's leaders recognized that Jewry loses their world sceptre when Shiloh (GOD'S Holy Ark) come (Genesis 49:1,10; Psalm 78:60; Revelation 17:10-11; etc.). So Jewry's leaders have been in no rush to cooperate. Therefore, the two men sent to search out matters completed their investigations and quietly departed leaving Jewry holding the bag. It was Jewry's choice!

          Remember, Jesus and others have been murdered in a blind effort to preserve Jewry's seat on the world throne, David's throne (Jeremiah 22:1-9, espec. 22:2; John 11:47-53; etc.). However, in 1984-1985 the two men, a father-son team, were sent to search out the hiding place. That's when they found that there's two Holy Arks hidden until these end days. Jewry then took the two Holy Arks captive and Jews everywhere have been suffering the consequences (Zechariah 5:4; etc.).

          The whole story is indeed fascinating. Nevertheless, both Holy Arks will eventually be brought forth (Ezekiel 12:3-7,8-12; Nahum 2:7; Zechariah 5:9-11; Leviticus 26:11-12; Isaiah 40:5; etc.) but first there are a few matters to be rectified. Meanwhile, world troubles are continuing to increase progressively until people start obeying the Word of GOD. So, it behooves the elders and leaders to wake up (Malachi 4:5-6; Leviticus 26:11-14; etc.).

          Song of Solomon, of course, describes events as they occurred in 1984-1985: the Rose of Sharon (the Holy Ark), the hole in the wall, the ancient steps, the lattice, and even the watchmen (the soldiers) about the city. Song of Solomon even points out that it is optional as to when GOD'S Holy Ark is brought forth (Song of Solomon 2:7; 3:5; 8:4; Leviticus 26:11-14; etc.). Meanwhile, a whole host of events are evolving on schedule.


          Yes, two Temples are to be built in these end times: the first by "Darius the Mede," who will build it well away from the bloody city; and, the second by "Darius the Persian" described as "Cyrus" who will build his Temple in the bloody city.

          Haggai repeatedly warns people to get busy and to build the LORD'S house. But few pay heed. The Religious Beast tells people that they don't have to do so. How true! At this stage it is all voluntary, no one HAS to do anything.

          But Ezekiel points out that those building the second end times Temple do so with tears of remorse and regret as they didn't help when they should and could have helped (Judges 5:23; Exodus 23:20-25). Thus, in the end, disobedient people will have no choice but to serve "Cyrus" and help build his Temple.

          Note: "Cyrus" was anointed yet he held the LORD'S left hand as the LORD held "Cyrus'" right and all the doors had been opened for "Cyrus" "... though thou hast not known Me" (Isaiah 44:28; 45:1-5; Ezekiel 28:14; etc.).

          Indeed, as the tribulations increase the Congregation has experienced their punishments first (Jeremiah 16:18; 11:18-19; 21:14; 30:11; Amos 3:1-2; Matthew 24:8; Mark 13:8; Isaiah 51:17-23; 59:15; Ezekiel 34:8,22-31). Then there's the overlapping period when tribulations began to expand upon the lost as their double the double punishment got underway (Jeremiah 17:18; 11:20-23; 25:12,18,29-33; Zephaniah 1:1-18; Isaiah 57:1-21). Also, after a point those who seek to enter the Congregation will be required to die for their beliefs and witnessing (Revelation 6:11; 13:15; 20:4). Finally, as the severe tribulations grow more and more severe salvation will be closed, shut off. Meanwhile the Congregation will be protected and the lost will obey or else!


          For people interested in gaining swift reentrance into the Solomonic Temple, for example, one might consider and/or search out Edward Robinson's account in "Robinson's Palestine" which contains an account of Robinson's 1838 exploration of Jerusalem.

          Therein, Robinson explains that he and his companions were examining what then was called the "Pool of Siloam." Suddenly the waters began rising up over one man's boot tops as he stood on a previously dry lower step of the pool. This "curious" sudden rising of the pool waters apparently was an actual observation of the Solomonic Temple's water-sewer system still automatically flushing a few thousand years after Zedekiah's fateful escape from Nebuchadnezzar.

          "Impossible!" you say. Then perhaps you'd rather believe the fantasia related to Robinson. That is, in response to Robinson's inquiries, local people revealed that the waters of that pool arose or flowed about three times daily in the rainy season and perhaps once every other day or less in the dry season.

          The mythical explanation was to the effect that a dragon or great serpent controlled the spring waters and the waters flowed whenever he slept, etc. Thus, the Pool of Siloam has been named "Dragon's Pool" or "Serpent's Pool." It is also more correctly called "Sultan's Pool," the ruler or King's pool, in the King's garden. And the city and Temple wastes provided well fertilized water which would grow just about anything. Today these waters are being pumped into Jerusalem's city water supply.


          Catherwood, Robinson's cartographer, drew up a rather detailed map which accompanied Robinson's Report. Therein Catherwood depicted the "Pool of Siloam" as being slightly north of the bend leading into the north-south portion of the Valley of Ben Hinnom. Therefore, this true Pool of Siloam should not be confused with the phony traditional Pool of Siloam at the junction of where the east-west portion of the Hinnom Valley joins the Tyropoean and Kidron Valleys.

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