Sequence For Viewing Video

  1. If you have required software installed, click on TEMPLE LOCATIONS and enjoy.   That is, you must have both:

    1. .AVI (Audio Video Interleave) video player software.

    2. Non standard compression/decompression software.

  2. If you desire:

    1. Video player software capable of viewing .AVI files, Microsoft's Windows Media Player, is Free.   It plays most multimedia content formats including AVI, Quick time, WAV, Real Audio and Real Video 4.0 and below, Windows Media (formerly Net Show), and much more from one easy-to-use application.   Steps:

      1. Bookmark this page.

      2. Select Microsoft's Windows Media Player and follow brief instructions.

    2. Intel's compression/decompression software, CODEC Installer, is Free.   Steps:

      1. Click here for Intel's Web Page.

      2. At Intel's Web Page select:  "CODINSTL.EXE" (See:  Intel's Read Me File if needed).

      3. Click on applicable region:  North America, Europe, or Japan.

      4. Then follow instructions in your computer manual to download software into your computer.   (Generally a plug-in installation requires you to save the plug-in to your hard drive, then double-click on the saved file to start the installation).

      5. Bookmark this page before shutting down your browser to refresh your browser after downloading the "CODINSTL.EXE" file.

  3. After software is downloaded, return to this page and click on TEMPLE LOCATIONS and enjoy.



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