Its family reunion time again
What can we do where do we begin
There are stories to tell and memories to pass
Things you always wanted to know but dare not ask

William Henry was Great Great Grandpa Raborns name
But most are not sure from where he came
Was it from North Carolina or was it from South
Raised on cornbread and tatters shut your mouth

He married Mariah, John and Hannah Smiths youngest child
They were married and lived in Grove Hill Alabama for most the while
Then William and Mariah I am not sure why
Decided to give Arkansas a try

So they loaded up the wagon with their kids and every thing
Looking forward to what a new land would bring
There would have been nine of them and the wagon all packed
Heading for the new land leaving Alabama not looking back

Mariahs parents they were both dead
If William had family living it has not been said
What lay ahead they did not know surely wanting to stay
And yet also wanting to go

Their children The oldest John 15 at the time
Nancy 14 was next in line
Followed by Rebekah 12 and George who was only 10
Oh! please wait thats not the end
Sarah 8 William JR 6 and David 2
Soon to be added one brand new

Mariah Elizabeth was to be an Arkansas girl from the start
she rode the wagon next to Mariahs heart

William and Mariah as they grew in their wealth
Hard Arkansas living took a toll on poor Williams health
58 years on earth was all he was given
Seven of that spent on trying to make an Arkansas living

Poor Mariah what a burden she carried
When William died none of Their children had yet married
The next year Nancy took a husband and then John took a wife
Mariah tried hard to get on with her life

Try as she may it just wasn't meant
Four years later after Williams death an angel for Mariah was sent
Some times For better some times for worst
She only spent 50 years of living on Gods green earth

Mariah and William are all part of our unknown pass
But what dose it matter you may wish to ask
To you I have one thing to say If they hadnt loaded the wagon
There would be no need of bragging you wouldnt be here today

David the youngest boy of Williams and Mariahs Clan
Grew up in Arkansas to become a good man
At age 21 he married Talitha Jane Edmondson
For 60 years and the rest of his life she was his loving Trusting wife

David and Talitha had good seasons and bad
And hard times that at times were so sad
Ten children were all born alive but only four survived
One of the six lived to be seven
Before she left this world to join the others in heaven

David, Edward, George and younger sister Hassitine
All grew up to carry on the line
So if you will all look around your are sure to see
Children Grandchildren and one of them is me

The surviving four have now gone on too
Leaving behind the passing of time up to me and you
We have here today three branches
I would be taking my chances to get everything right.

So I stop here with out any fears or unwanted tears
To just say good night With a wish in my heart before we depart

May you always remember January comes after December
With a brand new start
Make the best of your days in all of the ways
But make your family a part of your heart

Charlotte "Raborn" Brown

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