Best Businesses to Start in the Nineties
Small Businesses With Big Futures!

Have you been dreaming about your independence and can't stop thinking about the daily drudgery of the 6a.m. shift or the hassle and boredom of the 9 to 5 routine? Take the first step today and consider the type of business that would be best suited to your particular needs. You too can join the millions of Americans who have found independence through their own business.

All businesses shown below were especially selected on the basis of: low start-up investment, high profit potential, suitability to operate from home. Each of the 22 Business Start-up Reports covers vital information designed to make your decision in choosing a suitable business as easy as possible.

These important points are covered: Start-up capital required; estimated time to make a profit; estimate of annual revenues, estimate of annual pre-tax profit; key operational and marketing information and much more. All information is based on the latest government and industry data.

Each Business Start-Up Report, 4-8 pages, Retail Price: $5.00 each

  • Messenger Service Cat. No: 51
  • Desktop Publisher Cat. No: 52
  • Information Detective Cat. No: 53
  • Videographer Cat. No: 54
  • Computer Consultant Cat. No: 55
  • Computer Consultant Cat. No: 55
  • Catering Service Cat. No: 56
  • Grocery Shopper Cat. No: 57
  • Household Management Cat. No: 58
  • Maid Service Cat. No: 59
  • Real Estate Agent Cat. No: 80
  • Real Estate Appraiser Cat. No: 61
  • Mail Order Cat. No: 62
  • Day - Care Provider Cat. No: 63
  • Import Entrepreneur Cat. No: 64
  • Party Planner Cat. No: 65
  • Janitorial Service Cat. No: 66
  • Word Processing Service Cat. No: 67
  • Bookkeeping Service Cat. No: 69
  • Errand Service Cat. No: 71
  • Home Inspector Cat. No: 72
  • Mailing List Service Cat. No: 73
  • Private Investigator Cat. No: 74

Business Start-up Fact Finder Manual Cat. No: 68 Retail Price: $8.00

Business Start-up Fact Finder Manual covers all vital information you need to have on a multitude of important facts such as: Taxes, Insurance, Legal Structure of Your Business, Licensing and Permits, Business Plans, Financing Associations that Cater to the Home - Business, Where to Get Help, and Resources.

Entire set of 22 Business Reports and Fact Finder Manual Cat. No: 70 Retail Price: $79.00
Entire set of 22 Business Reports and Fact Finder Manual on Disk Cat. No: 70a Retail Price: $125.00

This order includes full and unlimited reproduction rights.

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