$50,000 A Year From Mail Order Ads by Lee

by Lee Howard

Big, Bold Words
How to write successful advertising copy. From A to Z in content, composition, attention devices, placement. It's all here. By the "ad writer’s" ad writer, Lee Howard. Yes, BIG, BOLD words can sell your offer. But they had better be the right words. And they had better be accurate and true. Now you can get dramatically improved results from your advertising. Lee Howard's dynamic ad-writing manual spells it all out for you. Don't take the word of just one ad-writing expert, either—this manual shows you how the ads of many mail order dealers were prepared and how they get results. YOU can do it, just like they did!

Cash Words
You need cash results from your ad words. A great big beautiful ad doesn't mean a thing if it doesn't roll the dollars into your mailbox. Lee Howard's $50,000 A Year From Mail Order Ads tells you what the cash words are and shows you how to use them. See the dollar-producing sample ads and learn to do the same for yourself. Now this kind of success can be yours.

No Limits
If you can write, Lee Howard can show you how to make your words pay profits for you. No college degree or other special study is necessary to acquire this expertise. It's SIMPLE. If it weren't, many very successful mail order operators wouldn't be in business today. A lack of formal education is no barrier to making mail order profits.

Fortunes With Classified Ads
Howard shows you how others are making a fortune just from classified ads. Small, cheap ones that can bring in the mail order profits when used correctly. But the KEY is - WHEN USED CORRECTLY. Many beginners write and use classifieds incorrectly. A costly mistake! Very costly!

It's the primary reason for many failures. But you can learn the RIGHT WAY, and earn big profits by making your classifieds produce orders.

Display Ad Millionaires
Millionaires have been made using display ads. Spot the top ads of other advertisers - the ones that are really paying off - the ones appearing month after month. Learn how you can do the same with your ads. Mail order may not make you rich overnight, but would a few weeks or months be OK?

Beat The Experts
You can now beat the experts at their own ad-writing game. WORDS! WORDS! WORDS!...Yes—that's all your little ads are. But the RIGHT WORDS can make dollars from ink and paper! And it's all here. If you ever wished you knew all about Mail Order Advertising, then Lee Howard's $50,000 A Year From Mail Order Ads is for you.

Here's What Readers Say
"Lee, it's a great work! You've done it again. Beforehand, I knew it would be a good circular, but I didn't know it would be this good. Every sentence makes sense, and the message is clear...the whole layout is just wonderful."

—Veltisezar Bautista

"Your ads have sold more books for us than all the other ads I have ever used. You have a way with words that makes mail order ads really sell."

—Owen Bates

$50,000 A Year From Mail Order Adstells it all. The tips and advice you give in this manual would cost a client over $1,000."

—Jeffrey Feinman

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