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The secret of this age is now available to you. For years the rich and powerful know how to buy at low prices in Taiwan. They know who to contact. Now, I want you to have the same opportunity that they have had!! Let me reveal to you the heretofore unknown addresses of the Taiwan manufacturers that want to sell thousands of products to you at low wholesale import prices.

You will be able to write directly to them and order the samples you are interested in. Once you have the samples and can see the quality and place your orders just like the big companies do. This is an exciting new way to get products directly from small Taiwan manufacturers where you can make deals right with the owner.

With this publication the Republic of China will be at your fingertips and you can even get products made to order. Below wholesale factory prices on thousands of items. Shipped direct to you. Taiwan labor costs are lowest in all Asia... means the best buys for you. No delay. Planes and ships leave Taiwan every day with bargain products going to U.S. Be one of the smart, insider traders. Get your share of these big profits. Order samples (sometimes free), or buy only small quantities if you prefer. You can beat USA prices and get fast delivery. Only Taiwan offers product prices this low.

Catalog No: 0468

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