The Facts About Chain Letters

A Chain Letter a pyramid scheme, a multi-level marketing program. Which is it? And do you know the difference? Earn $50,000 in 30 days by mailing a few hundred letters. Have you seen this or an even more outrageous headline and do you wonder if it is legal?

Do you also wonder if it really can be done, or is it simply too good to be true? The Facts About Chain letters has your answers. The author of this new book has thoroughly investigated what is legal, what is just a scheme, and how you can avoid being taken. Find out what the Postmaster considers illegal and why, and protect yourself against getting involved in an illegal scheme that can cost you a fine and even imprisonment.

Discover how the chain letter mathematics work and how the originators of these plans often make the big bucks and who ends up losing money. This book is a must read for absolutely anyone who is considering getting involved with any program that looks like a chain letter. The author also shares his own experiences with chain letters.

Catalog No: 0914

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