The Complete Mail Order Manual

Everything You Need to Know About Selling Information by Mail and on the Internet

by Peter Schruender

How would you like to start your very own business right out of your own home? No more commuting, bosses, worries about layoffs, or getting along with co-workers, and everything else that goes along with the daily grind of holding a job.

This is exactly what I did. My big dream was then to achieve a level of independence, to work for myself, make my own hours and make my own decisions. It was the best decision I ever made. My only regret is that I did not start my own business years earlier.

I had worked in the hotel business all my life. I very much enjoyed what I did, but although I was in management for many of those years, I was never master of my own destiny. Others would call the "ultimate shots." They decided if they should promote me and when, whether I deserved more money or not, or if I should be transferred and I said: "Yes." Isn't that the way it is for most anyone?

But as I did, you too can change your dependence to independence and you can do it today. All it takes is for you to promise yourself that you will become self-employed, have your own business, and be independent. Once you make that decision you can be on your way to becoming a self-employed entrepreneur.

There are countless different types of businesses that you can start, but most of them cost an arm and a leg to start. If you open a retail store, you need a location, a lease, you will need to spend money on the place, buy an inventory and hire employees and before you know it you will need to spend $50,000 if you have that kind of money. And guess what, you will be working on weekends and most holidays. You will also have to quit your job before you can start your business.

The mail order business is altogether different. You can start it on a part-time basis while you are still employed. You can run it out of your apartment or house. You will not need an inventory or employees (at least not for a while). You can get started for as little as around $1,000. If this sounds like a good deal, believe you me it is. It is a great opportunity and a wonderful business. Selling information is an explosive business opportunity. You can almost sell anything by mail that is sold in a store, but I think one of the best products to sell is information.

The information business consists of thousands of small, medium sized and large companies that sell information in the form of books, directories, reports, tapes, CD's, mailing lists, on computer diskettes, and even electronically. These businesses sell their products by mail and on the Internet. The market for selling information is almost without limits. It seems the more information there is the more people want.

My book will tell you step-by-step everything you need to know to start your own information business

* How to find products?
* How to find customers?
* How to start your business and how to operate it?
* What to name it?
* How much money you need?
* Where you should advertise?
* Should you use mailing lists?

I cover every detail and all of it is based on my personal experience over the last 12 years. I will tell you both the good and the bad and share the mistakes I made when I started my business. These are mistakes you can avoid, so you will reach success and independence as quickly as possible. I will tell you also that to become successful with your mail order business you must be committed over the long term. Everything you have ever heard about starting a mail order business in the spring and making $100,000 in October is false. But starting in 1998 and quitting your job in 1999 or the year 2000 is very achievable.

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