Cash Copy - Guide to Marketing Communications

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

How to offer your products and services so your prospects buy them... NOW!

Look at the marketing communications you're putting out... ads, flyers, post cards, cover letters, proposals... and all the rest. Is the first thing you see... your name? Your company name? Your photograph? Your address? Your logo? Then you're producing selfish, "Me-Centered" marketing documents... instead of cash copy... and your sales are suffering!!!

Over 98% of the marketing communications you're producing right this minute are ending up in the trash. They don't get anyone to act. They don't get anyone to buy. Yet because you're spending a pile on producing this junk you think you're "marketing". GET OVER IT! 

The marketing communications you're using are failures unless they get people to ACT... unless they get people to BUY. There is never another reason for producing any kind of marketing communication -- certainly massaging your ego isn't one! 

That's why you need CASH COPY in your office... now! Learn: 

  • the 21 biggest copywriting mistakes you're making -- and how to avoid them;
  • directions for turning your copy around so it's about your prospects... and not about you;
  • how to turn product/service features into the benefits that really get people to buy.
You'll learn how to: 
  • turn every word, every line, each paragraph and page
  • into hooks that motivate your prospects to buy NOW;
  • get and use client-centered testimonials;
  • create offers that motivate buyers...
And much, much more. Thousands of businesses of every kind all around the world are profiting from this book. It's time you did, too. 

Cat. No: 1004

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