Mind Your Own Business

by Stephen Wagner

The Best Businesses You Can Start Today for under $500 by Stephen Wagner and the editors of Income Opportunities Magazine. Whether by design or by necessity, more and more people these days are contemplating starting a business of their own.

But how? When most of us hear phrases like "start-up costs" or "initial capitalization," our minds immediately conjure figures with lots of zeros in them. And these days, money is tight. While it is true that most businesses do require several thousand dollars to start up, there are certainly some that donít. They really do exist - and some of the very best opportunities can be found in Stephen Wagner's "Mind Your Own Business".

What kind of business can you start for under $500? There's no shortage of ideas. From aerobics instruction to credit repair consultation, from making photo buttons to operating a writing/editing service, Stephen Wagner has collected and analyzed 100 easy-to-start operations that can be run from one's own home. He also provides an essential overview of the challenges and opportunities of starting on a shoestring budget.

Most small businesses fail because their owners lack experience and business knowledge, not money. Armed with a marketable product or service, a basic understanding of small business principles, and some common sense advice, readers will learn in short order how to get to work right away and start a satisfying, profitable home business.

Stephen Wagner's 252-page book is the right place for them to start. Stephen Wagner is associate publisher and editor of Income Opportunities Magazine, which has a circulation of 400,000 and is the number one periodical in its field. Mr. Wagner lives in the New York City area.

Catalog No: 1012

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