The Unabashed Self-Promoter's Guide: What Every Man, Woman, Child And Organization In America Needs To Know About Getting Ahead By Exploiting The Media.

By Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Hey, promoters... stop using your own money to sell your products/services. Now learn how to get your message carried free by television, radio, in newspapers, magazines and newsletter... here and around the world. Use the new Revised Second Edition--just published--of Jeffrey's celebrated book.

Thousands and thousands of people around the world are already profiting from this book. They range from people running small businesses to two sitting members of the United States Senate, from people with the most idealistic motives to those who have no other motive than simply wanting to get filthy rich. Members of state legislatures and celebrities with well-known names are using this book to build their stature and promote their interests... entrepreneurs swear by it because it promotes their products and services to targeted markets.

You need this book if you're:

  • running any kind of business entity;
  • selling any product or service;.
  • running any charitable or nonprofit organization;
  • a professional who's tired of laboring in obscurity!

You get 364 of Jeffrey's characteristically information-dense pages. Learn how to:

  • create Quintessential American Success Images... and avoid Failure Images;
  • produce the documents you need to deal with the media. It's all here from media advisory, standard media release, biographical documents, fact sheets, chronology, position papers, prepared statements, media schedule, clip sheet, announcements, etc. Every form you'll ever use when dealing with the media is already done... and immediately available for you;
  • create and maintain a media Self-Promotion Network; produce all the print articles you'll ever need... you get exact formats the print media use every day and how and when to use them;
  • handle every kind of media interview... including hostile ones;
  • get just the right photographs... and how to use them;
  • constantly appear on radio and television programs... and know what to do to promote your products/services when you get there;
  • get "waves" of media"... not just isolated, single-shot appearances;
  • create and promote books through free media... yes, there isn't an author or publisher in the world who should be without this book!
  • use negative media... to enhance your image.

And much, much more.

"Jeffrey yours was easily the most notorious, re-quoted, re-played, and reinterpreted session of our conference. Thank you for helping us to create an unforgettable event." John Friedlander, Director, Macintosh Consultants Network

I have learned an incredible amount of useful information from several of your books." Kathy Wolf, MFCC, Marina del Rey, CA

"Your materials are works of art. Masterpieces. By far the best ever. I need more!" Donald Gohn, St Louis, MO

Catalog. No: 1753

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