Money Talks, The Complete Guide

To Creating A Profitable Workshop Or Seminar In Any Field

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Talk is now a multi billion dollar business. Get your share of the big bucks. Learn what it takes to make money from your specialized knowledge through workshops, seminars, lectures, speeches, conferences, institutes, and more. Everything is covered here that will help you make money on the talk circuit.

The American Library Associationís Book list calls this incredibly detailed resource "unique". Learn how to make money from "back of the room" sales... even when you don't have a product! And learn how to become a guest on radio or television talk shows in person or via phone. You'll agree! You'll make back your investment from this book several dozen times from just one engagement.

A comprehensive book of 308 pages that will leave you breathless with the possibilities.Don't Delay!

Catalog No: 1763

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