How You Can Make A Fortune Selling Information By Mail

by Russ von Hoelscher

Full time or spare time. The money-making potential of mail order information marketing is tremendous. In this remarkable new book, Russ von Hoelscher, the grand master of mail order and information sales, shows you how to make a fortune in this most rewarding business. Just a partial list of contents:

  • How to find sellable "information" products.
  • The secrets of getting rich with "paper & ink."
  • How to self-publish your own books, manuals, directories, reports, newsletters, tapes, etc., even if you have no previous writing or publishing experience.
  • How to launch your business with very little investment.
  • Why "specialized" information is the key to riches.
  • Space advertising - how to use it to become rich.
  • Successful classified advertising techniques.
  • How to make big money with direct mail.
  • Russ von Hoelscher’s master marketing techniques.
  • How famous writer/publisher Melvin Powers has sold over 200,000,000 books - most of them by mail.
  • What the legendary Joe Karbo told Russ about creative market-ing.

Catalog No: 4014

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