Starting And Operating Your Own Mailing List Business

by Robert Drake

It costs approximately $3 to produce 1,000 labels and the going rate for the rental of 1,000 names is anywhere from $25 to $65. You can cash in on this huge profit margin! Every new or established mail order business needs mailing lists on an ongoing basis. And you can be part of serving this vast demand. Here is a business you can start from scratch in your own time and build into an enterprise of $100,000 plus per year. It's an easy business to start provided you have the proper tools and information. This book will provide a road map on how to get going in a hurry. Detailed information on:

  • The huge market for mailing lists
  • The different types of mailing lists
  • How to obtain names
  • Starting and operating your business
  • How to best market mailing lists for maximum profit

Starting And Operating Your Own Mailing List Business

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