How to Start and Operate a Home-Based Word Processing or Desktop Publishing Business

by Michele Loftus

There are over 20 million personal computers in use in households throughout the United States. How many owners have not at least toyed with the idea of turning their skills on the keyboard into a real business - at least on a part-time basis? Word processing is perhaps the single most common PC application. And with today's rapid advances in desktop publishing technology, it is possible to deliver sharp text and graphics output for customers at prices that make typesetting firms cringe. Michele Loftus shows how, with minimal investment, computer owners can establish an independent business. She offers pertinent advice on making the right advertising decisions; obtaining clients; developing a business identity; setting prices; keeping the books; rating and selecting software and equipment; and keeping client relationships strong. Michele Loflus's book will show readers exactly how to establish a profitable business in this expanding field, stay a step ahead of the competition, and satisfy customers so they come back for more.

Catalog No: 4126

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