How to make a whole lot more than $ 1,000,000 writing, commissioning, publishing, and selling How-To information

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Jeffrey Lant's book on how to make real money from information products - audio cassettes, special reports, booklets and books - is already used by thousands of people worldwide who want to make big money from problem-solving information.

Just updated with new information on how to make even more money from "how-to" information in the '90's, this book is a "must" read for anyone who is wants to make money selling information products.

This book - in 578 detailed pages - contains everything you need to make money - and we do mean everything! Noted book maven Dan Poynter calls this volume "definitive" and has been recommending it to all his clients for years. When you start using it you'll know why...

  • create the information products people want to buy NOW;
  • produce products you can profit from for a lifetime... not just a season;
  • produce your products fast, accurately and for the least money. This book is packed with the names, addresses and phone numbers of people who have the services you need, do good work and charge reasonable rates;
  • make tens of thousands of extra dollars from end-of product catalogs; save money - and avoid costly problems - by following Jeffrey's product production guidelines.
  • save money -and avoid costly problems--by following Jeffrey's product production guidelines.

There's lots more...

turn your personal computer into the most effective product production and customer service center imaginable;

get other people to produce money-making products for you so you can make your million-dollar fortune even faster;

get all the free publicity you can handle for your products from radio, television, newspapers, magazines... in this country and abroad; master lucrative direct response marketing so you bring your message to just the right people - and get them to buy your products fast! Profit from individual mailing pieces and catalogs like the one you're reading and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year!

make big money through card decks, lead-generator programs, workshops and speeches, bookstores, libraries, overseas rights, exhibits... and more.

It's all here!

You have NEVER seen a resource this detailed on precisely what it takes to cash in on the worldwide information revolution.

What's more, this book is packed with dozens of specific names, addresses and phone numbers of people who can help you NOW to get started, produce your products, sell your products, and develop your info-empire. Every service you'll ever need is covered... and you get specific recommendation of reputable, inexpensive vendors and people who can help!

Whether you want to get into information selling part - or full-time; whether you want to concentrate on it... or just make it part of your line, you cannot afford to be without the one resource you must have to profit from information products.

"I've read about 4 or 5 of your books and I'm an admirer of your work. All of them are masterpieces! Thanks for your help on our way to riches." Carlos Velazco, Miami, FL

"I recently purchased your "HOW TO MAKE A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN $1, 000,000.." and "MONEY MAKING MARKETING".. I've never purchased such detailed material before. J. Murphy, Leavenworth, KS

Catalog No: 4129

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