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Cat. No: 0526
How to Buy Foreclosed Real Estate
by Theodore J. Dallow
One of the nation's foremost foreclosure experts carefully explains everything you need to know.
Paperback, 51/2" x 81/2", 152 pg.

Cat. No: 0437
How to Get Rich in Mail Order
by Melvin Powers
Whether you are just starting out, or have been in mail order for many years, this book will give you hundreds of ideas. It is truly one of mail order's all time classics, written by the immensely successful Melvin Powers. Read it and re-real it. Illustrations throughout, 352 pg.

Cat. No: 0922
How to Trace HUD/FHA Mortgage Insurance Refunds
This highly informative book provides you with step by step details of how you can get started in making money on this little known, but highly profitable government program.

Cat. No: 0912
Insider's Secrets to Free Travel
Worldwide travel can be absolutely free Discover how to take the cruises you want at no cost to you! Plus Free Air Travel! Find adventure in London, Paris, Rome, Morocco, or wherever you desire. Insider's Secrets will make your life a fun filled treasure of Free Travel! Others have been working this mother lode of insider secrets for years. They have kept the valuable know-how to themselves. UNTIL NOW! A veteran world traveler has exposed the facts! Now you can do all the FREE TRAVELING you have always wanted to do. Our world traveler has taken his secret notes and put them in an absolutely NEW manual that is also available to you for the cost of a free lunch. Actual names, addresses and phone numbers of companies to contact are provided. PLUS MORE! Discover how to buy a new car in Europe and save 35%... How you can become an importer while overseas... How to book free passage on cruise lines....

Cat. No: 0403
How to Succeed With Your Own 900 Number Business
by R. Mastin
Now you can quickly learn everything you need to know to start your own profitable 900 Number Business. How to make money even while you are sleeping, fishing or watching TV What 900 programs work and why. Pitfalls to avoid. The most cost-effective techniques to advertise and promote your program. Learn the secrets about this phenomenal business which has grown in just a few years from zero to a billion dollar industry with no end in sight. This is truly the best and most comprehensive book yet written about the business of "reaching out and touching" over 200 million phones.
334 pages 1-900-KNOW-HOW! Learn the secrets to success in one of the most exciting and lucrative new business opportunity of recent times

Cat. No: 0466
Money-Making 900 Numbers
by Carol Morse Ginsburg & Robert Mastin
Learn how imaginative entrepreneurs are using 900 numbers to sell information of all kinds over the telephone. From the mundane to the exotic, hundreds of real-life programs covering every possible application are profiled in this book.
Find out what elements make a successful 900-number information service. Learn what programs have been the winners, and the losers.
Find your own niche as a service provider, toll collector on the information superhighway.
Profiles of more than 300 actual 900-numbers programs.

Cat. No: 1012
Mind Your Own Business!
by Stephen Wagner
The Best Businesses You Can Start Today for under $500 by Stephen Wagner and the editors of Income Opportunities Magazine Whether by design or by necessity, more and more people these days are contemplating starting a business of their own. But how? When most of us hear phrases like "start-up costs" or "initial capitalization," our minds immediately conjure figures with lots of zeros in them. And these days, money is tight. While it is true that most businesses do require several thousand dollars to start up, there are certainly some that don't. They really do exist - and some of the very best opportu-nities can be found in Stephen Wagner's "Mind Your Own Business".
What kind of business can you start for under $500? There's no shortage of ideas. From aerobics instruction to credit repair con-sultation, from making photo buttons to oper-ating a writing/editing service, Stephen Wagner has collected and analyzed 100 easy-to-start operations that can be run from one's own home. He also provides an essential overview of the challenges and opportunities of starting on a shoestring budget.
Most small businesses fail because their owners lack experience and business knowl-edge, not money. Armed with a marketable product or service, a basic understanding of small business principles, and some common-sense advice, readers will learn in short order how to get to work right away and start a satisfying, profitable home business. Stephen Wagner's 252-page book is the right place for them to start.
Stephen Wagner is associate publisher and editor of Income Opportunities Magazine, which has a circulation of 400,000 and is the number one periodical in its field. Mr. Wagner lives in the New York City area.

Cat. No: 4012
Stay Home and Make Money
by Russ von Hoelscher
The leading source guide for today's best business opportunities. Full time or spare time you start making big profits in the safety and comfort of your own home. This exciting new book presents you with scores of new, proven profitable ways to have your cake and eat it, too, as the happy owner of a moneymaking home based business. Stay Home and Make Money is really 4 books in one:

Section 1 - How to get started right and avoid all the pitfalls.
Section 2 - Over one hundred home business opportunities that are hot right now
Section 3 - Special Services that people want and will pay you handsomely for.
Section 4 - Special, big profit opportunities in advertising, writing, direct marketing and mail order.

Loaded with today's hottest home business profit-producing plans!

Cat. No: 1007
Ten-Seconds Business Form
From the first day this book is used it will save time and money. Just photo-copy the forms you need, instead of buying or printing them. Ten -Second Business Forms is also an efficient man-agement tool helping with a variety of tasks. It covers any major business task, receivable, recording expenses, organize your work, credit, payroll, and much more. The forms in this book are also an important image-builder that will add an instant look of professionalism to your busi-ness documents and correspondence. Special Comb Binding, 9' x 11", 208 pg.

Cat. No: 4124
The Complete Small Business Loan Kit
by Arnold Goldstein
By correctly assembling a few facts and figures, almost any small-business owner can become eligible for many types of loans from almost any type of lender. This book shows how to assemble and prepare the needed information to get the loan! In addition to advice on obtaining loans from both public and private sources, the book features completed sample forms from the loan department of the Small Business Administra-tion to help guide loan seekers through the paperwork painlessly. Arnold Goldstein, presi-dent of the Consumer Law Foundation, is The author of 45 successful legal- and business oriented titles.

Cat. No: 0527
The Everything Bartender's Book
by Jane Parker Resnick
Featuring over 600 recipes for both alco-holic and non-alcoholic drinks. This comprehensive, two-color handbook is easy to use, and ideal for amateur and professional bartenders everywhere. It makes bartending a pleasure instead of a task. You'll quickly master every type of mixed drink, from classic cocktails to the most trendy shots to the perfect piña colada. Beginning with the basics, you'll learn how to set up a bar, complete with tools, mixers, glasses and garnishes. There's also information on brewing your own beer, a handy survey of the best wines and vintages, special recipes for holidays and parties, safe drinking, hangover tips, and much more. Trade paperback, 41/4" x 7", 288 pg. Two-color illustrations throughout.

Cat. No: 0528
The Great Country Inns of America Cookbook
Although there are many small American lodges and bed and breakfast establishments, there is a much smaller number of truly landmark country inns, whose fame and recognition extend well beyond their local areas. The newly revised second edition of The Great Country Inns of America Cookbook features recipes exclusively from these most famous inns. The recipes were carefully selected to offer a rich representation of the finest in country inn cooking from all parts of the nation. All recipes are organized by food type for easy reference. A brief description of the contributing inn, along with its address and phone number, accompanies each recipe. In addition, many of the inns are illustrated. The traditional foods included - from the simplest lemonades or chocolate brownies to the most elegant in international and regional fare -are a time-honored treasure of our nation's past. Paperback, 8" x 91/4", 420 pg.

Cat. No: 0825
The Magic of Credit! Erase Your Debts Forever!
by George Chelekis
It can be done - if you have the right tools. You can change your mountains of troublesome bills from a nagging worry into a high-powered plan to build your personal wealth and financial security. In his critically acclaimed book, The Magic of Credit, money--wizard George Chelekis shows you step-by -step how to improve, increase, or repair your credit. Have you ever been turned down for a bank loan? The Magic of Credit will reveal the inside secrets of the bank's scoring system and provide you with crucial tips on how to significantly increase your chances for loan approval. Need low-cost credit cards in a hurry? Discover how to get major credit cards when everyone has told you "No" before. Lacking to buy that first home? A new business? The government has lost of money to lend. Find out where to get it at interest rates below those charged by the banks. Have you lost your credit through a string of misfortunes? Plan your strategies for that successful comeback with the tips compiled by one of America's foremost financial advi-sors in this gigantic 381 page manual. Learn how to delete negative points from your credit record that might cause creditors to deny your requests for capital.

Cat. No: 0442
Free Stuff from Uncle Sam
This book tells you how to get your share. Every year, our government hands out billions of $$$ worth of free stuff . . . loans, subsidies, scholarships, grants, etc. This book tells you exactly where to write or call . . . and how to apply - so you can get your share of all these riches. It also tells you where to buy government surplus items (such as cars, boats, cameras, etc.) for "peanuts".

Cat. No: 0439
U.S.A. Coin Guide
Check your coins! There are billions of U.S. coins in circulation . . . many of them are worth hundreds, even thousands of $$$. The U.S.A. Coin Guide tells you which U.S. coins are valuable and tells you how much they are worth. It also tells you how to look for and find valuable coins and how to sell them for the best price.

Cat. No: 0438
105 Ways to Make Money at Home
Need extra cash? This book tells you how to get it! Learn how you can turn your spare time into money. People, just like yourself are doing it - making big money working in a home operated business. This book reveals 105 of the hottest money - making ideas around. It also tells you how to get started, how much to charge, how to get customers and lots more.

Cat. No: 0440
Free Things for Kids to Write Away For
Over 350 free things that kids can write away for. This book tells them where they (or you) can write to get hundreds of $$$ worth of free items . . . all free for the asking. The free items include things like foreign stamps, play money, sports items, coloring books, flower seeds, school supplies, comic books, etc.

Cat. No: 0441
Confiscated Treasures Seized by Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Confiscates BILLIONS in Loot. Seized from criminals, drug traffickers, etc. - valuable assets like sports cars, color TVs, speedboats, luxury condos, etc. Who gets all these fabulous treasures? Anyone can (at bargain prices) - if they know how. This new book tells all . . . what, when, where and how you can get the bargains of a lifetime.
Improve your sales & profits
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Cat. No: 1004
Cash Copy: How to Offer Your Products so Your Prospects Buy Them... NOW!
If you're like most people in business, the professions and non-profit organizations, you're wasting over 98 cents in every marketing dollar. That's because your brochures, cover letters, newsletters, ads, media kits - and all your other marketing communications -- don't turn prospects into buyers and buyers into repeat buyers. STOP THIS NONSENSE! Now use the cash copy secrets of this 480 page mega-resource to get people to buy what you're selling immediately. Thousands of businesses -- from the Fortune 500 to one-person shops -- are profiting from this resource. You should, too! Don't even think of creating another marketing communication without it.

Cat. No: 4129
How to Make a Whole Lot More Than $1,000,000 Writing, Commissioning, Publishing and Selling "How-To" Information
Now learn the secrets of precisely what it takes to create "how-to" products -- and get other people to produce them for you -- so you make a multi-million dollar fortune. Complete details on how to turn the information revolution into a money making machine for you!. You'll be astonished at just how complete this get-rich-sure resource is ... and how easily you can put it to work for you. 552 pages.

Cat. No: 1793
Money Making Marketing: Finding the People who Need What You're Selling and Making Sure They Buy It
A slower economy means just one thing: you've got to know what it takes to sell your products ... or you're looking at real bad times. Use this 285-page resource to set up a marketing program that does what It's supposed to: sells your product or service. Examines each different kind of marketing. explains how it works, the tricks of the marketing trade ... and what you should be doing to turn all your marketing into money. An outstanding book jam-packed with absolutely "must use" details.

Cat. No: 1763
Money Talks: The Complete Guide to Creating a Profitable Workshop or Seminar in any Field
Talk is now a multi billion dollar business. Get your share of the big bucks. Learn what it takes to make money from your specialized knowledge through workshops, seminars, lectures, speeches, conferences, institutes, and more. Everything is covered here that will help you make money on the talk circuit. The American Library Association's Book list calls this incredibly detailed resource "unique". You'll agree! You'll make back your investment from this book several dozen times from just one engagement. Don't Delay! 308 pages.

Cat. No: 1002
Multi-Level Money; The most complete guide can be utilized by anyone in Network Marketing (MLM)
Step-by-step details for generating all the prospect leads you need. Many people in network marketing have been gulled by "gurus" who advocate what is termed "warm marketing", that is the "system" whereby each independent distributor attempts to recruit family, friends, company co-workers and associates, neighbors, etc. Jeffrey is rigorously opposed to this travesty of marketing which has resulted in thousands of shattered relationships and hurt feelings. Jeffrey provides detailed steps you can take right now to generate prospects who are interested in finding a profitable business opportunity. (Jeffrey provides a detailed analysis of all the means of generating leads, including commercially available alternatives. As in all his books, he "names names" telling you what companies offer value... and which one you should avoid! 

Cat. No: 1001
No More Cold Calls
The Complete Guide To Generating -- And Closing -- All Prospects You Need To Become A Multi-Millionaire By Selling Your Service ... by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Are you a doctor, lawyer, consultant, house-sitter, barber, caterer, dog walker... or any one of millions of other service providers who hasn't yet turned your business into the certain means of making yourself a millionaire? Then this giant 680 page resource has just what you need. Almost 700 pages (16 chapters) worth of precise, tested guidelines on how to turn your service business into a constant wealth-producing machine.

Cat. No: 1754
The Consultant's Kit: Establishing and Operating Your Successful Consulting Business
This is the only book recommended for new consultants by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Use it to launch your profitable consulting practice -- whatever your field. Complete with ready-to-use forms and sensible instructions so you get off to a fast start. 200 pages. Now used by over 25.000 consultants worldwide.

Cat. No: 1753
The Unabashed Self-Promoter's Guide: What Every Man, Woman, Child and Organization in America Needs to Know About Getting Ahead by Exploiting the Media
Would you rather pay your own money for an ad ... or get the time and space free? Millionaires know the answer ... and so should you. Find out how to get constant free time and space on radio and television and on all print media by following the easy-to-read, essential-to-use guidelines in this classic book now used by thousands. Shows you how to get the time and space you want and how to use it so you make money... and get invited back. Millionaires know the secret of how to get more for less. You must, too! Get what you need here. 366 pages.

Cat. No : 1785
Tricks of the Trade: The Complete Guide to Succeeding in the Advice Business
This book has one single purpose; to help you build a consulting practice where you make at least $100,000 a year. Here are the detailed steps you need to turn your expertise into gold -- daily. Absolutely the most useful book ever written on what it takes to turn specialized knowledge into truly substantial sums. 315 pages.

Cat. No : 1787
Web Wealth; How To Turn The World Wide Web Into A Cash For You And Your Business... Whatever You're Selling!
The number of people with access to the World Wide Web is doubling every five months! Estimates of the number of current users range from a low of twenty million to upwards of 60,000,000 people worldwide -- with tens of millions more projected to gain access in the next few years. Within 15 years as many people in the U.S. will be on the Internet as currently have t.v. There will be 5 billion+ Web sites worldwide! At least 1/3 the world's business will be transacted over the Web.
Wholesale Directories

Cat. No: 0629
American Dropshippers Directory
Thousands of products, hundreds of sources who will stock and ship by mail for you. Quick guide to wholesale buying in single units, no investment drop-ship for mail order dealers. This is one of the best of many directories.
A complete guide which explains how to sell products without any cash outlay, without any merchandise investment, and without any inventory expense. The new American Drop-Shippers Directory is the most complete wholesale buying guide to U.S. drop-shipment sources published today. You'll find thousands of unique, profitable items at terrific drop-ship wholesale prices in this giant directory of little known sources.
The drop-ship method of merchandising allows you to sell products without first buying and stocking an inventory of those products. In short, you would take orders and payment for items of merchandise, forward those orders to the source of supply who would, in turn, ship the item direct to your customer at the wholesale price. You pocket the difference between the retail and the wholesale cost of the merchandise. No costly franchises, no expensive courses, no time-consuming searches. Start today to earn profits by the no-investment, drop-shipp method!

Cat. No: 0445
Book Dealers Dropship Directory
This Directory reveals the sources that will drop ship your orders, directly to your customers. No need stocking a single book. 'These firms ale all happy to receive your order and handle everything from there. Less fuss and bother for you. Many of the largest companies in the world use drop shipping. Why not you, too? Free special report "12 Of The Best Mail Order Magazines" is included with each order.

Cat. No: 0261
Hong Kong Sources
You have heard that there are factories in Hong Kong that produces thousands of products at low give-away-prices. But never before have you thought you could get in on these lucrative profits!
Only the big importers knew the addresses in Hong Kong and who to buy from. We went to Hong Kong, found the low cost sources and put them in our Hong Kong Trade Directory.
Yes, you can get samples direct from Hong Kong with this complete Hong Kong Trade Directory. Shipments can be made to you by air practically overnight Your dollars are valuable in Hong Kong. No need to pay high union labor costs in the U.S. or bloated manufacturers' profits.
Find a new mail order item in our Hong Kong Trade Directory ...or find a staple item at a new low price or find a source to have a product made to order for you at cheap Oriental prices, and the top quality that Americans demand!
It's all here in the all new Hong Kong Trade Directory. Make big new dollars with Hong Kong Sources . . . Addresses of 289 Hong Kong manufacturers and suppliers . . . 261 photos of products plus listings of more thousands of products available. All you need is in the Hong Kong Trade directory. Full, complete 64 pages; photos on every page.

Cat. No: 0271
Mexico Trade Directory
Discover the sources in the all new MEXICO TRADE DIRECTORY. There are listings of hun-dreds of different factories and wholesalers, each one handling dozens to hundreds of items. Mexico is a gold mine of products. Now you will have your hands on the key that will open the door to this exciting new market. There are thousands of small factories across the border, looking for your business. They want to sell to you. It's your opportunity.

Cat. No: 0262
Orient Trade Directory
Japan, Korea. Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. All New! Get 4,000 products wholesale, direct . . . from low cost factories in the Ori-ent! High Tech products at lowest prices. Plus you will discover such other items as: Thai Handi-crafts; Toys from Korea; Potpourri Natural Flower and Spice Mix from Sri Lanka; Ozone Deodorizers from Japan; Curtains from Malay-sia; Water Filters from Singapore; plus more, more, more!

Cat. No: 0469
Philippine Trade Directory
Now you can buy directly from Philippine Island shops and manufac-turers. Get Island crafts at a fraction of the prices you pay stateside. Philippines aggressively seek American business and want to hear from you. English is spoken in virtually every shop, so communication is easy. This directory is photo illustrated with addresses, phone and telex numbers for easiest access. Be one of the first to capitalize on this region's aggressive trade policies, Island crafts, cane prod-ucts, shells, clothing, tools, costume jewelry, handbags, and so much more!

Cat. No: 0468
Taiwan Trade Directory
The secret of this age is now available to you. For years the rich and powerful know how to buy at low prices in Taiwan. They know who to contact. Now, I want you to have the same opportunity that they have had!! Let me reveal to you the heretofore unknown addresses of the Taiwan manufacturers that want to sell thousands of products to you at low wholesale import prices. You will be able to write directly to them and order the samples you are interested in. Once you have the samples and can see the quality and place your orders just like the big companies do. This is an exciting new way to get products directly from small Taiwan manufacturers where you can make deals right with the owner. With this publication the Republic of China will be at your fingertips and you can even get products made to order. Below wholesale factory prices on thousands of items. Shipped direct to you. Taiwan labor costs are lowest in all Asia... means the best buys for you. No delay. Planes and ships leave Taiwan every day with bargain products going to U.S. Be one of the smart, insider traders. Get your share of these big profits. Order samples (sometimes free), or buy only small quantities if you prefer. You can beat USA prices and get fast delivery. Only Taiwan offers product prices this low.

Cat. No: 0470
USA Wholesale Sources Directory
Big 64 page directory lists thousands of products available through hundreds of wholesalers throughout the fifty states. You can bay direct in small or large lots from stateside importers, manufacturers and wholesalers at the lowest best prices!

Cat. No: 0420
Wholesale Book Sources
Names and addresses of 500 places to buy hard cover, paperback new & used books. Publishers wholesalers & odd lot dealers who give the small buyer a good price. Start your book store or mail order business with valuable sources in this book.

Cat. No: 0467
World Buyer's Guide
Long waited for - an importer's directory that coves not just one or two countries, but... THE WORLD! Why shouldn't you be able to purchase direct from overseas manufacturers just like the big importers like Sears and Pier One? Now, with the WORLD BUYER'S GUIDE, you can. This book brings you the cream of the crop. We've searched the world over to bring you only the best manufacturers of the most unique and innovative products. Hundreds of products and illustrations are shown in this treasure-trove of money making opportunities. Includes bonus selection of numerous suppli-ers who offer their complete catalog just for the asking. This directory will bring you closer to wealth and a profitable import business.
Mail Order

Cat. No: 0365
$50.000 a Year From Mail Order Ads
by Lee Howard
How to write successful advertising copy. From A to Z in content, composition, attention devices, placement. It's all here. By the "ad writer's" ad writer, Lee Howard.

Cat. No: 0402A
Clip-Art for Mail Order Dealers and Small Businesses
This latest edition Clip Art Kit is a must for anyone in mail order and direct marketing. Now you can give your promotional material that extra "pull" to set it apart from the crowd. This ready made material will assist you in preparing professional looking flyers, brochures, sales letters, etc. Included are hundreds of ready-to-use headlines, letterings, selective clip art, borders, coupons, envelope teasers. Beautifully and clearly printed in black ink on white paper (one sided only for easier reproduction). Also included: Easy instructions in how to use clip art effectively, suggestions on when to use colored paper; colored ink and how to get the most out of your printing budget.

Cat. No: 4107
Computer Applications in the Mail Order Business
This brand new report was written for mail order entrepreneurs who are considering the acquisition of a computer for their mail order business. While a new mail order business can be run in its early stages without a computer, as the business grows, a computer can improve both efficiency and profitability significantly.

Cat. No: 0501
Creating Your Own Catalog or Brochure on a Low Budget
Here is an easy to understand guide on how you can create your own catalog or brochure ranging from 4 to 16 pages for a minimum expense and effort. Forget about sophisticated commercial art books on paste up and 200 page books on desktop publishing. This guide was written for those with no experience, little time, and a modest budget. Creating a brochure or catalog that is unique to your offer will put you ahead of the crowd.

Cat. No: 4101
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mailing Lists
Unique Direct Mailing Techniques. If you are planning to purchase a mailing list, this is information you need. Where to find good mailing lists, questions to ask of the mailing list company, different lists available, how to test a list, what response to expect and more. Also covered: Presentation of your offer, the envelope, First Class Mail or Bulk Mail, and other important pointers to make your next mailing successful. Special section on how to cash in on the huge demand for mailing lists by starting your own mailing list company.

Cat. No: 0360
Free Advertising for Mail Order Dealers
by Lee Howard
A complete survey that tells you who to contact, gives examples, and shows you how to get all the free publicity for your product or business. More than 239 approaches to getting your free publicity. Big fat 8" x 11" book.

Cat. No: 4106
How to Acquire, Create and Market Self-Publishing Articles
This detailed report gives you all the details and specific instructions (including sample classified ads and sales letter) to make you a success in Mail Order's most profitable market segment - The Self-Publishing Field.

Cat. No: 4122
How to Make a Fortune With Classified Ads
by Robert Drake
The writer consultant and publisher, Robert Drake, shares his secrets of writing classified ads that will make you BIG money. Many newcomers to the mail order business start out with direct mail-often to their great disappointment. The alternative is using classified ads. Knowing how to write them and where to place them can make you rich. Use the time-tested TWO-STEP APPROACH OR SELL DIRECTLY FROM THE AD? Here are the answers. 

Cat. No: 0317
How to Make Money Writing and Selling Simple Information
A priceless collection of workable techniques that will show you the easy steps to turning your knowledge and experience into marketable books and reports that you can sell at 10 times your printing cost...or more! You must read this book!

Cat. No: 1712
How to Write a Good Advertisement, a Short Course in Copywriting
by Vic Schwab
A must book for any prospective advertiser or direct mail operator. 220 pages of understandable, applicable copywriting gospel. By Vic Schwab, top industry expert.

Cat. No: 4014
How You Can Make a Fortune Selling Information by Mail
by Russ von Hoelscher
Full time or spare time. The -money-making potential of mail order information marketing is tremendous. In this remarkable new book, Russ von Hoelscher, the grand master of mail order and information sales, shows you how to make a fortune in this most rewarding business. Just a partial list of contents:
  • How to find sellable "information" products.
  • The secrets of getting rich with "paper & ink."
  • How to self-publish your own books, manuals, directories, reports, newsletters, tapes, etc., even if you have no previous writing or publishing experience.
  • How to launch your business with very little investment.
  • Why "specialized" information is the key to riches.
  • Space advertising - how to use it to become rich.
  • Successful classified advertising techniques.
  • How to make big money with direct mail.
  • Russ von Hoelscher's master marketing techniques.
  • How famous writer/publisher Melvin Powers has sold over 200,000,000 books - most of them by mail.
  • What the legendary Joe Karbo told Russ about creative market-ing.

Cat. No: 4131
Mail Order Bookkeeping Basics
Here is a quick and very easy to understand introduction to mail order bookkeeping, even if you have never done any bookkeeping. Includes all necessary forms and ledgers ready for you to duplicate. You will be ready to get going the day you receive this practical and comprehensive bookkeeping guide. This edition includes State Sales Tax information - everything you need to know on what to do about state sales taxes.

Cat. No: 0905
Mail Order Dealers' Advertising Rate Manual
MANUAL! The best selling manual for both classified and display advertisers. Over 100 pages of magazines and their abbreviated rate cards. An invaluable reference that will help you organize your ad campaign, select the best advertising buys, and reach the market you're aiming for. This edition has been totally revised to give you the latest information on thousands of publications.

Cat. No: 0436
Making Money With Classified Ads
by Melvin Powers
You can start with less than $100 and make lots of money with classified ads! I did, and I'll teach you how. My personal guarantee to you. I guarantee that if you read Making Money with Classified Ads and you actively participate in the process it guides you through, your creativity will be sparked, your intuition developed, your business sense sharpened, and your feelings about yourself and your life transformed. As you begin to read, it will seem as if you are sitting in my classroom and I'm talking directly to you. You'll be given loads of invaluable, in-depth, nitty-gritty information about how to make it in mail order. Remember, making money with classified ads is easy when you know how.

Cat. No: 0512
Marketing for Home-Based Business
by Jeffrey P. Davidson
How to project a high-level image. How to turn your personal computer, telephone, fax and copier into marketing machines. How personal computers and other equipment can effectively substitute for an expensive staff. The marketing advantage of the home-based business.

Cat. No: 0510
Publish Your Way to Riches
by Robert Drake
Everything you need to know to become a publisher and do it on a limited budget. There are megabucks in knowing how to produce and market informa-tion that everyone wants. If you believe this is only for the big boys, think again. Thousands of new books are published each year and the publishers are reaping in the big bucks.

Cat. No: 4121
Starting and Operating Your Own Mailing List Business
by Robert Drake
It costs approximately $3 to produce 1,000 labels and the going rate for the rental of 1,000 names is anywhere from $25 to $65. You can cash in on this huge profit margin! Every new or established mail order business needs mailing lists on an ongoing basis. And you can be part of serving this vast demand. Here is a business you can start from scratch in your own time and build into an enterprise of $100,000 plus per year. It's an easy business to start provided you have the proper tools and information. This book will provide a road map on how to get going in a hurry. Detailed information on:
  • The huge market for mailing lists
  • The different types of mailing lists
  • How to obtain names
  • Starting and operating your business
  • How to best market mailing lists for maximum profit

Cat. No: 1003
The Complete Mail Order Manual
by Peter Schruender
How would you like to start your very own business right out of your own home? No more commuting, bosses, worries about layoffs, or getting along with co-workers, and everything else that goes along with the daily grind of holding a job.
The mail order business is altogether different. You can start it on a part-time basis while you are still employed. You can run it out of your apartment or house. You will not need an inventory or employees (at least not for a while). You can get started for as little as around $1,000. If this sounds like a good deal, believe you me it is. It is a great opportunity and a wonderful business. Selling information is an explosive business opportunity. You can almost sell anything by mail that is sold in a store, but I think one of the best products to sell is information.

Cat. No: 0914
The Facts About Chain Letters
A Chain Letter a pyramid scheme, a multi-level marketing program. Which is it? And do you know the difference? Earn $50,000 in 30 days by mailing a few hundred letters. Have you seen this or an even more outrageous headline and do you wonder if it is legal? Do you also wonder if it really can be done, or is it simply too good to be true? The Facts About Chain letters has your answers. The author of this new book has thoroughly investigated what is legal, what is just a scheme, and how you can avoid being taken. Find out what the Postmaster considers illegal and why, and protect yourself against getting involved in an illegal scheme that can cost you a fine and even imprisonment. Discover how the chain letter mathematics work and how the originators of these plans often make the big bucks and who ends up losing money. This book is a must read for absolutely anyone who is considering getting involved with any program that looks like a chain letter. The author also shares his own experiences with chain letters.

Cat. No: 0520
The Small Business Legal Kit
by J.W. Dicks
Sample forms, both filled-out and blank, provide any entrepreneur with the tools needed to start up and run a small business. Every form is easily adapted to specific needs, and is fully explained with descriptions and examples. 300 pg..

Cat. No: 1744
The Success How-To's of Money-Making Direct Mail
You'll know what the experts know when you finish reading this dynamic book. You'll discover, understand and immediately put to use the direct mail success strategies and techniques that generate maximum response and profit. Techniques like constructing your offer, choosing the right format that will induce prospect intrigue, interest and involvement. How to find, select, and use the most responsive mailing lists, how to test, how to construct your copy, order form and envelope for host order pulling results.

Cat. No: 4125
Ultimate Sales Letter Strategies
by Robert Drake
The right kind of sales letter can propel the response rate of your offer from a mediocre 2% - 3% to 15% - 20% and even higher. Robert Drake has been writing sales letters for aver 20 years-for industry as well as mail order firms. Here are his simple techniques which can be used by anyone. Know how to create headlines your reader will be compelled to read and how to create a P.S. that will serve as your second headline.
Self-Help & Inspirations

Cat. No: 2073
Dynamic Thinking
by Melvin Powers
This inspiring book can change your way of life. The methods for achieving success, self-mastery, self-confidence and personal happiness are Clearly explained. When followed with enthusiasm and faith, one will reach their pinnacle of success.

Cat. No: 4010
How to Achieve Total Success
by Russ von Hoelscher
Over 100,000 copies In print worldwide - an international bestseller! Hidden in the deep recess of your mind is an awesome source of power that can quickly transform your life. This amazing Force is within all, but only a few are consciously aware of it and know how to use it. HOW TO ACHIEVE TOTAL SUCCESS clearly explains what IT is, how IT works and how you can use IT. You will discover and master simple, yet extremely effective mind dynamic methods that allow you to control and direct your most precious asset-your mind-to achieve your goals and make your life a rich, romantic, and rewarding experience. Now you can take control of your life and succeed! HOW TO ACHIEVE TOTAL SUCCESS is a mastery of life, miracle-multiplying success course, all in one huge, 422-page volume. You can't miss if you will work with this!

Cat. No: 2085
How to Develop an Exceptional Memory
Memory is the most Important function of the human mind. Without it, we would be paralyzed by indecision and confusion because all future actions are based on past experience. This book outlines quickly mastered memory systems, including: How to easily remember names and faces. How to make rapid calculations. How to remember 100 objects.

Cat. No: 2084
How to Develop a Winning Personality
Here is a complete, psycho-logically sound and eminently workable program of positive action for increasing your effectiveness in the whole area of human relations in friend-ship, in romance and on the job. It outlines specific and practical techniques for breaking through the barrier of resistance. You are shown how to project the personal qualities that attract friends and lovers.

Cat. No: 2023
How to Understand Your Dreams
This book will teach the reader something about his dreams. "The apparently innocent dreams", points out Freud, "turn out to be quite the reverse when we take the trouble to analyze them. " This book analyzes actual dreams and explains what you can find out by your own dreams. Fascinating and interesting.

Cat. No: 2098
This book shows and clearly explains a new way to get more living out of life. This book is considered by many to be the best self help inspirational book ever written. It deals with the new science of self psychology. Tells how to tap your hidden power within you.

Cat. No: 2100
Secrets of Secrets
Make the impossible dream come true. You have a sleeping giant within you who can do anything. U.S. Anderson tells you how you can awaken this giant-the potential power of your subconscious mind. Step by step, you are taught the mental magic that is the dynamic source of all success.

Cat. No: 2103
Cybernetics is a magic word today. It has changed American life more than anything else, and you can use it to change yours. This book will teach you how to program your brain with techniques and ideas that will allow it to operate at its highest capacity and you will solve problems and attain your ambitions with scientific precision.

Cat. No: 2105
Think and Grow Rich
The legendary Napoleon Hill, adviser to two presidents and a friend of the richest and most famous men of the 20th century, spent 20 years compiling the ease histories and money-making methods contained in this book. No man ever utilized more success techniques, and the result was predictable. This book has become one of the best sellers of all time.

Cat. No: 2106
Three Magic Words
Just three words - and an idea so simple, so startling, so unique, it can change your life and make you happy as you have never been before. This unusual book by U. S. Anderson offers you the key to the inner peace and serenity that is locked within you.

Cat. No: 2111
Your Thoughts can Change Your Life
Do you feel cheated? ... Yes, literally cheated ... because people with less talent than you seem to achieve success, happiness and contentment with apparent ease? Successful people follow positive programs, and this book offers you step-by-step instructions which will lead you to your goals.
Self - Help Legal Kits
All legal kits are valid and legal in all 50 States and the District of Columbia

Cat. No: 0907
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Kit
Debts holding you down? No relief in sight? We may have the answer you've been looking for! As soon as you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with the courts, your creditors will be con-tacted and must, by law, stop harassing phone calls, letters, etc.

Cat. No: 0923
Child Support Enforcement Kit
Are you a single parent - divorced, separated or never married with children to support? Are you owed back payments for child support? If so, you need to have the Child Support Enforcement Kit.

Cat. No: 0926
Credit Repair Kit
Have you damaged your credit? Do you have no credit established at all? You need the Credit Repair Kit!

Cat. No: 0928
Home Sale Kit
Planning to sell your home? You can save thousands of dollars by selling it yourself - without a broker!

Cat. No: 0908
Incorporation Kit
If you plan to incorporate a business, and you would rather put your $500, $1,000 or more into your business, instead of paying an attorney to do the paperwork, you need to have the Do-It-Yourself Incorporation Kit.

Cat. No: 0911
Living Will Kit
We all know a long and serious illness can quickly wipe out our assets and cause us to become a burden to our loved ones. If you want to make sure Uncle Sam will never be in a position to decide how long you'll live and to ensure that you'll die with dignity, the kit gives you the guidelines you need.

Cat. No: 0906
No - Fault Divorce Kit
Divorce can be a troubling time... but if you and your spouse can agree on all matters of ending your marriage, this kit can help lessen the burden and save you time, heartache, and hundreds of dollars in legal fees.

Cat. No: 0924
Premarital Agreement Kit
Preparing a premari-tal agreement is more common today than ever before. This agreement can be used in conjunction with a Last Will and Testament or other form of estate planning. So, if you're going to be getting married soon, you may need the Premarital Agreement Kit.

Cat. No: 0910
Revocable Living Trust Agreement Kit
Avoid probate with a revocable living trust! The advantages of living trusts over wills are considerable. The process is much quicker, cheaper and more private than settling a will and it may save on estate taxes.

Cat. No: 0925
Tenant Legal Rights Kit
Have you had trouble with your landlord? Most people don't know their legal rights as a tenant. If you have questions regarding your rights, the Tenant Legal Rights Kit is what you need.

Cat. No: 0909
Will Kit
If you don't have a will when you die, the court will decide the outcome of your estate! The kit will allow you to set up trust funds, decide who will be the guardian of any minor children and/or leave assets to your surviving spouse or any other beneficiary you choose.
Best Careers for the Nineties

Cat. No: 0052
Knock 'em Dead - The Ultimate Job Seeker's Handbook
by Martin Yate
Over 1,7 million Knock 'em Dead books sold! Over 200 great answers to tough interview questions How to get interviews when interviews are tough to get The latest on electronic job-search resources How to handle negotiations, references, drug and psychological tests Conducting a job search while you're still employed - and what to when you face layoff or down sizing. 300 pages.

Cat. No: 0054
Resumes that Knock 'em Dead
by Martin Yate
Over 1,7 million Knock 'em Dead books sold! Completely Revised & Expanded Every resume in this book produced a real job The very best resumes and cover letters for all jobs Great resumes for professionals, college grads, and career changes Easy-to-follow steps to make any resume knock 'em dead Plus the latest on electronic job-search resources. 215 pages.

Cat. No: 0057
Fire-Fighter's Exam Preparation Book
by Norman Hall's
Guaranteed methods to score 80% to 100% or your money back. Everything you need to know. All major exams. Complete practice exam - Answer keys - Self-scoring tables proven tips for boosting scores - Passing the physical exams memory aids to help you master the recall test plus everything you need to know about fire fighting as a career. 312 pages

Cat. No: 0053
Police Exam Preparation Book
by Norman Hall's
Guaranteed methods to score 80% to 100% or your money back everything you need to know thoroughly covered in one book complete practice exams - Answer keys and self-scoring tables proven tips for boosting scores - Passing the physical exams memory aids to help you master to observation and recall test PLUS: Everything you need to know about a career in law enforcement. 256 pages.

Cat. No: 0056
Postal Exam Preparation Book
Completely Revised. Guaranteed Methods To Score 80% To 100% Or Your Money Back. Everything You Need to Know All Major Exams Thoroughly Covered in One Book: Clerks, Carriers, Rural Carriers, Distribution Clerks, Mail Handlers. 296 pages
Best Businesses to Start in the Nineties

Cat. No: 0070
Small Businesses With Big Futures!
Have you been dreaming about your independence and can't stop thinking about the daily drudgery of the 6a.m. shift or the hassle and boredom of the 9 to 5 routine? Take the first step today and consider the type of business that would be best suited to your particular needs. You too can join the millions of Americans who have found independence through their own business. All businesses shown below were especially selected on the basis of: low start-up investment, high profit potential, suitability to operate from home. Each of the 22 Business Start-up Reports covers vital information designed to make your decision in choosing a suitable business as easy as possible. These important points are covered: Start-up capital required; estimated time to make a profit; estimate of annual revenues, estimate of annual pre-tax profit; key operational and marketing information and much more. All information is based on the latest government and industry data
Each Report, 4-8 pages
Cat. No: 69 Bookkeeping Service
Cat. No: 56 Catering Service
Cat. No: 55 Computer Consultant
Cat. No: 63 Day - Care Provider
Cat. No: 52 Desktop Publisher
Cat. No: 71 Errand Service
Cat. No: 57 Grocery Shopper
Cat. No: 72 Home Inspector
Cat. No: 58 Household Management
Cat. No: 64 Import Entrepreneur
Cat. No: 53 Information Detective
Cat. No: 66 Janitorial Service
Cat. No: 59 Maid Service
Cat. No: 73 Mailing List Service
Cat. No: 62 Mail Order
Cat. No: 51 Messenger Service
Cat. No: 65 Party Planner
Cat. No: 74 Private Investigator
Cat. No: 60 Real Estate Agent
Cat. No: 61 Real Estate Appraiser
Cat. No: 54 Videographer
Cat. No: 67 Word Processing Service

Cat. No: 68
Business Start-up Fact Finder Manual
Covers all vital information you need to have on a multitude of important facts such as: taxes, insurance, legal structure of your business, licensing and permits, business plans, financing associations that cater to the home - business, where to get help, and resources
Home Publishing Business
This opportunity is not only feasible, but extremely practical. You don't receive reprint rights to a book that will cost you thousands of dollars to put into production. You'll be dealing with "how-to" reports and manuals of 2-9 pages each. You don't even have to staple them. Just fill your orders with the printed sheets and watch the bucks roll in! Print for just pennies ...sell for dollars.
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